How to Relieve Stress Based on Your Moon Sign

As we’ve learned from our exploration of Moon signs, they are vastly different from our Sun signs and carry different significance in our lives.

While our Sun signs have more influence over our general behavior, our egos, and how we identify ourselves, our Moon signs relate more to our inner selves. Much like the Moon exists in the sky the entire day but is only visible at certain times, our Moon sign influences the things we do not always let others see – our fears, needs, and emotional responses.

When we are experiencing negative influences like conflict and stress, it is unlikely our rational, ego-driven Sun sign will guide our reactions; our Moon, however, holds the power over our instinctual responses and behaviors. When in crisis, it makes more sense to cater to the needs of our fragile Moon sign.

Read on to discover the best emotional release, based on your Moon sign!

Aquarius Moon – Volunteer Work

Though somebody with a Moon in Aquarius might consider themselves immune from emotions or stress, they’re fooling themselves – they feel the pressure like the rest of us. Unlike other signs though, this Air Moon has even less ability to process those negative feelings and may sometimes be avoidant of dealing with their triggers. Doing acts of service takes an Aquarius Moon out of their own problems for a while, and rejuvenates their soul by making them feel useful, which is ultimately the best stress relief.

Pisces Moon – Meditation

This sensitive Water Moon is constantly absorbing the energy of those around them, and can easily become overwhelmed when stressed. They feel deeply, and get lost in their emotions with nothing to ground them. For the Pisces Moon, establishing stability in times of stress is critical; if they do not address their feelings, small worries can quickly become catastrophes. Whether they choose to take a guided meditation class, or just download an app, reflecting on their emotions is key for a Pisces Moon.

Aries Moon – Hit the Gym

Those with an impulsive and brash Aries Moon placement should be careful during times of negative emotion and tension; it’s far too easy for them to act out destructively. Without a healthy outlet for their intense feelings, an Aries Moon risk burning out in the heat of their own fire. Getting physical and doing a high energy workout, like a Zumba or spin class, gives this Fire Moon some distance from their problems and with this clarity comes the ability to step outside their emotions to find a rational decision.

Taurus Moon – Quiet Night In

Taurus Moons crave stability and order and often feel overwhelmed by negative emotions. Dealing with stress is not always easy for this Earth Moon, and they’ll sometimes use their famous stubbornness to avoid an issue until it goes away- which isn’t healthy. In order for them to regroup, a Taurus Moon needs to spend time alone, in the comfort of a safe space with their favorite things. Once they feel stable and grounded, it allows them to focus and apply their considerable will to tackle their issues.

Gemini Moon – Journaling

The mercurial temperament of a Gemini Moon leads to a lot of conflict in their ability to express themselves; when stressed, they may feel they’re not being heard or understood. When not channeled in a positive way, they can feel lost. Having a way to process their racing thoughts and conflicting emotions is key for this Air Moon, so consider journaling. Not only does this allow the Gemini Moon to organize and prioritize their needs, but it forces them to self-reflect- which is not typically their strong suit.

Cancer Moon – Clean the House

As the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, those with their Moon placement in this Water sign are quite emotionally intuitive and grounded. They’re usually at home in their emotions, but can feel vulnerable and exposed when stressed. Reclaiming a sense of security and comfort is key for a Cancer Moon in trying times, so they should work out their worries around the home. Not only does it appeal to their desire to ‘retreat into their shell’, so to speak, but it allows them to problem-solve while they polish and sweep.

Leo Moon – Spend Time with a Loved One

The opposite of Cancer, Leo is ruled by the Sun – so they often struggle to accept their emotional Moon and the feelings it creates. A Leo Moon may feel neglected or unappreciated in times of stress and resort to negative attention-seeking behavior to soothe their vulnerable ego. What this Fire Moon truly needs in times of crisis is a cheerleader, to remind them that they’re strong; spending time with a best friend or family member who believes in their power is key to getting a Leo Moon back on their best behavior.

Virgo Moon – Bullet Journaling

Those with a Virgo Moon are satisfied by logic and structure, which is why everything falls apart in times of stress. When their lives feel chaotic or disorganized, this Earth Moon will internalize that pressure and feel entirely overwhelmed. Having the creative outlet of a bullet journal is a great coping mechanism for a Virgo Moon since it allows them to create a plan of attack for tackling the problems in their life, but also has enough creativity and artistic flair to make it feel fun, instead of like one more chore to handle.

Libra Moon – Yoga

It might feel contrived to suggest this Moon placement visits the yoga studio, but Libra Moons crave balance and harmony even more deeply than a Libra Sun; when they feel out of control and have discord between facets of their lives, it creates unbearable anxiety for them. Not only will yoga give a Libra Moon the chance to calm down and release their tension, but it also allows them to unify their mental, emotional and physical selves enough to ignite their Air influenced creative problem-solving skills!

Scorpio Moon – Watch a Sad Movie

As the most intensely guarded of the Moon signs, Scorpio Moons cannot abide by letting their walls down; in times of stress, they’ll often retreat into themselves and completely disconnect. Instead of confronting their issues, this Water Moon tends to bottle things up until a massive meltdown occurs. In order to avoid this, the Moon sign should give themselves a safe outlet to feel their emotions, and watch a sad movie – crying is a healthy release, but Scorpio Moons would feel weak crying over their own problems.

Sagittarius Moon – Try Something New

Even as a Moon sign, Sagittarius is thrill-seeking and adventurous. During times of stress though, this may lead a Sag Moon to engage in avoidant behaviors or run away from their problems. Feeling like they need to escape is not uncommon for this Fire Moon when they’re upset. Allowing themselves a small break is exactly what the Sagittarius Moon needs though, so trying something new is perfect for them. Start a new hobby, watch a new movie, cook a new food, just something outside of the norm – even just a long walk around the neighborhood will do wonders for helping them calm down.

Capricorn Moon – Bake a Treat

Especially within a Moon placement, Capricorn finds satisfaction through achievement. When they perceive a lack of success in their external lives, a Capricorn Moon may need to find different avenues of accomplishment. Something small and easily attainable but that still requires a level of precision is the key to unlocking this Earth Moon’s inner peace. The attention to detail and meticulousness needed for baking is a perfect outlet for this Moon sign – with the added bonus of having a sweet treat at the end!

Next time you are experiencing turmoil and strain in your life, take the time to reflect on the personality of your Moon sign to better address your emotional needs. By using these suggested self-care activities, you’ll hopefully find clarity and stability through nurturing your inner self.

Sometimes, the only way we can work through pain is by being vulnerable.

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