Read Your January 2024 Angel Card Reading for Essential Guidance This Month

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The month ahead is adorned with an elevated level of finesse, shaped by astrological shifts ushering in a transformational era. Our lives are set to undergo significant changes in 2024 and beyond. How better to start this new era than with the assistance and support of our angel guide?

Our spiritual journey is intricately woven with the guidance of our angelic spiritual squad, carefully selected guides contributing to our personal growth. This spiritual squad carries a clear mission of assisting and guiding us through life’s intricate complexities. Similarly to astrology, angels act as cosmic navigators, guiding us to fulfill our divine plan.

While guardian angels remain steadfast protectors, it’s essential to recognize the extra support provided by other celestial beings at various stages and seasons of our lives. Whether on a monthly, daily, or yearly basis. There is divine assistance flowing all around.

Now, let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through January’s astrological shifts.

Your Angel Card for January 2024


Lelahel #6

New beginnings await you in January when the angel Lelahel steps into your life to provide guidance. With Lelahel’s influence, you can expect clarity, understanding, happiness, and good fortune.

With this angel’s assistance, you can express yourself through your talents and accomplishments. There is no doubt that Lelahel will provide a month filled with insight and a clear vision of the opportunities to come. You’ll find joy and success as you authentically express yourself, drawing on your unique abilities. This angel also reveals those who wear masks and issues related to unnecessary spending.

You can work with this angel for the following guidance this month:

  • Activates crown and solar plexus charka
  • Bring harmony to unstable situations by restoring balance
  • Enhance personal fulfillment and well-being by prioritizing self-care
  • Utilize your interpersonal skills and connections to achieve social success
  • Discover hidden sources of wealth and those who are engaged in illicit acquisition
  • Develop the ability to withstand periods of emotional scarcity or a lack of love by developing inner strength.
  • Emotional Power Day is January 14th, and Regency hour is from 1:40 AM to 1:59 AM


Damabiah #65

This month marks the beginning of a powerful year for you, Taurus, as a Full Moon appears in your emotional sector and Uranus turns direct in your sign.

You will be guided gently on your social and spiritual ladder ascent by the angel Damabiah. The angel also emanates unconditional love. Although there were challenges last year, the amount of self-love gained is immeasurable. Embrace the supportive energy of Damabiah and look forward with confidence.

This angel supports the following:

  • Assist in managing doubts and uncertainties
  • Encourages meditation and relaxation for overall wellness
  • Transform negative situations into positive ones
  • Mark January 1st as a day of heightened emotional power
  • Recognize the Regency hour from 9:20 PM to 9:39 PM for enhanced influence


Poyel #56

Get ready for a powerful year ahead, Gemini, as major transformations are in store for you. With the assistance of your angel guide, Poyel, you have access to new levels of support and fortune.

Poyel creates a refreshing atmosphere in any setting with his positive energy and ideas. This month is all about showcasing your talents to the world. Poyel encourages you to manage your finances more effectively and address issues related to poor resource utilization. Take advantage of this opportunity to change your financial habits positively and bring new life to your endeavors.

Embrace the positive energy surrounding you and allow it to fuel your creative endeavors with Poyel’s guidance. Make the most of this month of growth, both personally and financially.

Poyel can also help with:

  • Promoting abundance in all areas of your life
  • Cultivating humility and modesty in your interactions
  • Spreading joy to those who are feeling down or in a bad mood
  • Seeking knowledge and embracing its power
  • Regency hour is 6:20 PM to 6:39 PM


Manakel #66

Cancer, welcome to 2024! This month, You will likely experience changes in your relationships, stability, foundations, and finances.

You are being guided into the new year by the angel Manakel, who offers stability, confidence, and healing for health concerns. Your dream state will enhance, and you will be liberated from stagnant patterns, boosting your confidence as you move forward in the coming year.

Furthermore, Manakel’s influence can be felt in the following ways:

  • Mind, body, and spirit healing
  • A deeper understanding of oneself and others
  • Developing a sense of selflessness and compassion through the cultivation of altruism
  • Assistance in obtaining justice and fairness in various aspects of your life
  • Life guidance to help you live a beautiful and fulfilling existence
  • Emotional Power Day is January 2, and Regency hour is 9:40 PM to 9:59 PM


Yelahiah #44

Welcome to January, beautiful Leo! This month begins with the year’s first full moon in your sign. You are about to embark on an initiation guided by the angel Yelahiah, enabling you to resolve long-standing conflicts.

You will experience victory and peace in your life as a result of Yelahiah. Let Yelahiah’s strength guide you during this period of transition. Trust that you are being guided towards a more harmonious and successful path as you navigate these changes.

Additionally, under Yelahiah’s influence, Leo, you can expect:

  • A guide to success in a variety of areas of your life
  • Regency hour is 2:20 PM to 2:39 PM
  • Activates and heals the heart chakra
  • Liquidation of karmic debts, paving the way for a new beginning
  • You are encouraged to cultivate loyalty and confidence within your relationships and endeavors
  • Developing a deeper understanding of the Universe’s boundaries and limits


Mehiel #64

Virgo, enjoy exciting adventures, financial prosperity, harmony, and protection from dark energies in January. With faith and trust, you will be guided by the angel Mehiel.

As you follow Mehiel’s guidance, Virgo, you can expect a month filled with dynamic energy and positive influences. The angel not only supports your adventures but also brings prosperity and harmony to your life. As a result of taking Mehiel, you can increase your mental abilities, boost your imagination, and increase your intelligence.

Additionally, the period was characterized by a greater interest in writing, publishing, and technology.

Under Mehiel’s influence, anticipate the following:

  • Creative ideas and inspiration flow abundantly
  • A vibrant and vivid life experience filled with positive energy.
  • Mental ability development, enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Assistance in finding a harmonious balance between your feelings and thoughts
  • Furthermore, take note of the Regency hour from 9:00 PM to 9:19 PM, during which Mehiel’s energy is particularly potent. This angel also activates the sacral chakra, promoting creativity and emotional balance


Vasariah #32

Welcome to the new year, sexy Libra! As this month unfolds, you will experience fresh changes in your home life and inner world. As you navigate challenges and find solutions, the angel Vasariah will guide you throughout the upcoming month.

The Vasariah stimulates your speaking abilities and enhances your capacity to listen to others, facilitating better communication with your loved ones. With Vasariah by your side, be prepared for a major spiritual upgrade. This is a time of growth, improved communication, and elevation.

As a result of Vasariah’s influence, you can expect the following:

  • As luck graces various aspects of your life, positive opportunities will come your way
  • A greater ability to forgive others and an increased sense of kindness within yourself
  • Topics related to judges, lawyers, or the practice of law, indicating potential legal resolutions or insights
  • Your past, present, and future are revealed through access to cosmic memory
  • Insights into moral and ethical issues are provided by knowledge of good and evil
  • Take note of the Regency hour, from 10:20 AM to 10:39 AM, during which Vasariah’s energy is particularly potent. This period is suitable for connecting with your monthly angel and harnessing positive influences for the day ahead


Veuliah #43

Hello, passionate Scorpio! Welcome to 2024! This month marks a significant shift, bringing you prosperity, wealth, abundance, and joy. You have succeeded in your efforts, and the angel Veuliah is guiding you toward newfound success as you navigate this period. Additionally, Veuliah brings the gifts of peace and unconditional love, assisting you in maintaining harmony and fostering deep connections in your life.

Moreover, Veuliah’s presence introduces peace and unconditional love into your life. Whether personal or professional, Veuliah’s energy encourages you to navigate with grace and compassion. This angel also rules Scorpio and is your divine guide. As you experience this positive shift, remember to stay focused and grounded.

Furthermore, under Veuliah’s guidance, you can expect assistance in a variety of practical aspects, including:

Furthermore, under Veuliah’s guidance, you can expect assistance in a variety of practical aspects, including:

  • Opening of your conscience, providing peace and clarity of thought
  • Support in business, finance, banking, and management matters, facilitating smooth operations
  • Guidance in handling loss, greed, or theft issues, promoting ethical decision-making
  • The infusion of unconditional love fosters a positive and compassionate approach to challenges
  • Take note of the Regency hour, from 2:00 PM to 2:19 PM, during which Veuliah’s energy is particularly potent. This period is an opportunity for guidance and heart chakra activation. Use this time to focus on love, compassion, and ethical considerations in your endeavors


Lehahiah #34

Welcome to the new year, bold Sagittarius! In the month ahead, you will experience a renewed sense of order and discipline in your life and a greater interest in the arts. Lehahiah will harmoniously influence the month, blending structure with creative exploration. This angel’s energy introduces a sense of divine justice into your life, fostering a fair and balanced approach to your endeavors.

Furthermore, Lehahiah’s guidance fosters trust and forgiveness, enabling you to navigate relationships and situations more openly and forgivingly.

Additionally, Lehahiah encourages the following:

  • Collaboration, teamwork, and mutual support are promoted
  • Establishing a harmonious and trusting environment through respect in relationships
  • A sense of detachment from issues with superiors, allowing for a smoother professional journey
  • Assisting in combating laziness, infusing energy and motivation into your endeavors
  • It is the infusion of strength and knowledge that empowers you to overcome challenges
  • Take note of the Regency hour, from 11:00 AM to 11:19 AM, during which Lehahiah’s energy is particularly potent


Nithael #54

Happy Birthday, Capricorn! The month ahead will bring exciting new artistic endeavors, healing opportunities, and the promise of great inheritances. During this journey, you are guided by Nithael, who supports you in celebrating another year of life. With Nithael’s influence, you will find stability, integrity, and a sense of responsibility in your life, laying the foundation for a fulfilling and balanced month.

Furthermore, Nithael provides you with the gifts of self-confidence and inner youth, empowering you to face challenges with a renewed sense of confidence and vigor. Let this month be a month to grow, express yourself artistically, and fulfill your responsibilities with grace and confidence.

Nithael’s guidance will also support the following areas:

  • Protects against high-risk situations
  • Self-control, discipline, and resistance to temptation
  • Promoting authenticity through genuine and honest communication
  • Enhancement of your personal and professional prestige, elevating your status
  • Providing support to learn to navigate the powers of seduction, enabling you to assert yourself with charisma and grace
  • Take note of the Regency hour, from 5:40 PM to 5:59 PM, during which Nithael’s energy is particularly potent. This period is suitable for connecting and harnessing this angel’s positive influence


Eyael #67

Welcome to a new year and the start of your birthday season, Aquarius! An auspicious time has come for you, marked by deepening connections and powerful transformations. Guiding you through this star-studded birthday season is the angel Eyal.

Eyal’s influence facilitates positive energy and aligns you with your desires. Additionally, Eyal aids in major transformations and promotes music, joy, science, and solitude.

Eyal rules your sign, providing enhanced support in these areas of your life:

  • Enhances your ability to attract favorable circumstances by fostering a positive mindset
  • Promotes intellectual growth by enhancing science and history knowledge
  • Create harmony in your interactions by promoting understanding
  • Allows you to approach others with empathy and kindness by encouraging compassion
  • Guides you through challenges and ensures your well-being
  • Regency hour is from 10:00 PM to 10:19 PM


Rochel #69

New beginnings, fresh successes, and increased happiness await you in the new year, Pisces. As you step into this promising new year with faith and trust, you will be guided by the angel Rochel.

Providing a clean slate for positive experiences, Rochel specializes in cleansing and transforming karma. Additionally, this angel enhances intuition, guiding you towards insights and understanding. Rochel can help you find lost or stolen items, even aspects of your soul.

Since this angel rules your sign, you can expect enhanced help in the following areas:

  • Boosts memory and aids information retention
  • Ensures your efforts are fair and balanced by facilitating justice
  • Assisting in wealth matters and promoting financial well-being
  • The promotion of righteousness and the encouragement of ethical and moral behavior
  • Guiding you through the process of rediscovering your divine self and fostering spiritual growth
  • Take note of the Regency hour, from 10:40 PM to 10:59 PM, during which Rochel’s energy is particularly potent. Additionally, mark January 5th as an emotional power day, aligning with your angel guide for deeper emotional insights

Tips for Connecting With Your Angel Guide

Here are some essential tips to remember when connecting with your angel guide.

  1. Daily Meditation Practice: Incorporate daily meditation into your routine to quiet the mind and create a space for spiritual connection. Set clear intentions. Ask your monthly angel guide to speak with you during these sessions. Be open to receiving insights, messages, or feelings during this quiet and receptive state.
  2. Journaling for Guidance: Keep a journal dedicated to your interactions with your monthly angel guide. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and any signs or symbols you encounter regularly. Keeping track of patterns and understanding guidance over time is possible with this practice.
  3. Rituals During Regency Hours: Take advantage of your angel guide’s regency hours. You should focus your attention on connecting with the angel during these specific times. To enhance your receptivity to their energy, create rituals or practices like prayer, meditation, or even simply sitting in contemplation.
  4. Pay Attention to Signs: Be mindful of signs and synchronicities throughout the month. It is possible for your angel guide to communicate with you through symbols, numbers, or even nature. You should keep an open mind and pay attention to anything that crosses your path that is unusual or particularly meaningful. Strengthening the connection and allowing for clearer guidance are two benefits of this increased awareness.
  5. Manage Your Emotional and Mental State: Understand that your emotional and mental state can influence the nature of your connection with your monthly angel guide. The guidance you receive may be clouded by negative emotions or thoughts. Maintain a positive mindset by staying strong and focused on self-care. Focus on your mental and emotional well-being, engage in activities that bring you joy, and practice mindfulness.

Ultimately, your monthly angel guide is a steadfast companion dedicated to helping you navigate life in alignment with your higher self. Your guides are here to bring you joy, happiness, and success as you begin a brand-new year. You can use this energy as a beacon to clarify your path, come up with creative solutions to challenges, and navigate subtle shifts in energy.

To connect with this month’s angelic support, consider incorporating the practices mentioned above. Open your sacred space by invoking pure light energies and inviting your guides. Nurturing this connection empowers you to navigate the year with grace, success, and wisdom.

So, be patient, stay open, and trust in the guidance unfolding as you deepen your connection.

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