Jupiter Direct in Capricorn: How Will it Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Jupiter turns direct on September 12th (hooray!) and this is good news for us. The planet of fortune and expansion has been retrograde since May, which has obstructed its natural energies.

Jupiter is a benefic planet (meaning it’s the planet everyone likes – Jupiter would be the cool kid in the classroom that everyone gets along with). Where Jupiter is in your birth chart is the area where you will tend to attract the most fortune.

Even Jupiter has its off-days. For the last four months, this planet which is known for bestowing luck, good fortune, prosperity and opportunity on everyone has been experiencing blips and uncertainties as it appears to be moving backwards.Thankfully, that is all swiftly coming to an end as the planet moves direct~

With all of that being said, what does Jupiter direct mean for you as an individual? Let’s dive in and explore which sign this planet is currently in, and how it is going to affect your unique zodiac sign.

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Which Zodiac Sign is Jupiter Currently in?

Jupiter is currently in the sign of Capricorn.

As it is stationed in Capricorn all year, this means this Earth sign’s hardworking and realistic energy is stifled. It means we are more inclined to come up against hurdles and obstacles in our professional lives, probably feeling lazier than usual, unrealistic and ungrounded with our ambitions, and being sloppy in regard to our goals.

On a collective level, we have seen how Jupiter retrograde has affected us due to COVID-19 – almost everyone has had their work ethic disrupted in some way, which has forced us to adapt to the best of our ability. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and freedom, much like the sign it rules over, Sagittarius, and during lock down we have found ourselves restricted.

How Will Jupiter Direct Affect Your Sign?


Things are about to soar for you, Aries.

Jupiter turning direct will be particularly welcome for you as your ruler, Mars, turns retrograde on September 9th, which may bring issues with self-confidence and doubt. However, Jupiter’s benevolent influence will bring you a desire to push through, even if doubt overcomes you.


You’re likely to shift into a more spiritual mindset when Jupiter turns direct, Taurus.

You’ve focused a lot on the physical these last few months (you’ve had to), but Jupiter direct helps to bring new ways of thinking, especially on a spiritual level, which can result in greater abundance for you for the rest of the year, and enable you to embrace higher vibes.


It looks like you’re going to experience a financial shift, Gemini, and this is likely to be a welcome one for you.

However, your success depends on how well you plan and save. Preparation is everything. Learn from your lessons the past year; don’t tell yourself they were for nothing. Some kind of caution has been learned so be sure to apply it to the coming months.


An emotional shift is imminent, Cancer.

You’re ready for balanced partnership, whether it’s in work, relationships, your ideals and community, or with yourself. Lessons have been learned, but there is still emotional inner work you need to do. This can be accomplished with Jupiter’s benevolent influence. Insecurities or jealousies will require attention.


Things are about to get jam-packed for you, Leo, and the beneficial influences of Jupiter bring you new and fresh creative ideas which can manifest into something spectacular!

The warning here is not to burn yourself out – you may become so consumed with enthusiasm, you might end up making errors you’ll regret. It’s also important for you to harness your inner confidence as Mars goes retrograde and could be feeding you self-doubt.


This Jupiter direct encourages you to put hard work into the love and relationships area of your life, Virgo.

There’s something special about Jupiter direct this year which can enhance and strengthen your bonds on a soul level. So remember to go with the flow and try not to question things too much. Trust your instincts.

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There’s a lot of focus on your home and living environment with this Jupiter direct, Libra.

A sense of being “ungrounded” during Jupiter retrograde may have thrown you out of the loop. Jupiter direct brings you a greater sense of stability, and the ability to see things more clearly. This will include redefining your life in certain areas and expanding your wisdom.


Focus towards your goals is tremendous, Scorpio.

You have keen drive and concentration when Jupiter goes direct, especially in areas of your professional life. Be careful not to let your emotions get the better of you or overwhelm you. This can result in moments of doubt and stagnation. Have confidence in yourself.


This has been an up and down year for you, Sagittarius, but your ruler Jupiter is back on schedule!

Things are looking up for you now. Your focus and drive is stronger, and there’s also some incoming good news. The important thing is not to get carried away – continue to be cautious. It’s a good idea. Stay away from an excess of materialism.


Great news – Jupiter turns direct in your sign again and you have luck on your side from now, Capricorn.

This is a particularly good time for work projects and long-term goals. Intriguing discussions around this time can lead to something spectacular in the future. It’s a time of opportunity for you, so reach out and grab it.


It’s your sense of self that Jupiter wants you to reflect on now, Aquarius.

Don’t waste your emotional energy with negative thinking or obsessive thought patterns. Now is the time to focus on you and harness your best qualities. Projects require your attention and relationships require balance. Take control and practice mindfulness as much as possible.


Jupiter direct brings you into closer contact with your community and working towards a common goal, Pisces.

When this goal is for the benefit of humanity, you are harnessing your talents to their best ability and Jupiter will reward you for this. Do things from the heart and go with what your inner self tells you. There is great potential for change for the better.

Use Jupiter Direct to Your Advantage

With Jupiter turning direct, our fortunes take an upward turn and we are able to see positive outcomes in even the most dire of situations. Jupiter’s change in direction comes at a good time as Mars goes retrograde on the September 9th, and this can bring issues of insecurity and self-doubt to the forefront.

Therefore, concentrate on the areas laid out for your sign in this article. Remember to stay positive and to harness your talents to the best of your abilities. Jupiter rewards those who work with his energies – go forth and trust yourself!

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