Last Quarter Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

Working with the phases of the Moon can be a powerful part of individual spiritual practice, and as the light of the Moon grows and dims, we work with it in different ways.

The New Moon invites us to set intentions, look ahead to new beginnings, and be purposeful with where we are putting our energy. Waxing phases are all about that slow, gradual build, continuing to make choices that help us grow and expand towards our larger goals. By the time we reach the Full Moon, we celebrate all that we have achieved, honoring our successes and accomplishments.

When the Moon is fully illuminated, we have the light and the space we need to explore our own shadows, to look into our subconscious, and consider what we perhaps have been avoiding.

Today, we discuss the last quarter Moon phase in Libra on January 6th, 2021, and how we can turn to the Tarot for insights using a last quarter Moon in Libra Tarot spread.

About the Last Quarter Moon

As the brilliance of the Moon’s light slowly fades from view, we find ourselves moving into the last quarter Moon phase, which is traditionally one of letting go and forgiveness.

This waning phase is represented in the Major Arcana by the archetype of Judgement, a Tarot card that can be difficult to work with for some.

The second to last card in the Fool’s journey, appearing right before the completion of the World card, Judgement invites us to consider what we have been carrying with us all this time, the energies and emotions that have become part of us.

Are we ready to evolve past those pieces of ourselves? Why are we still holding on to them?

Both this Tarot card and this Moon phase want us to forgive ourselves for any lingering guilt, anger, fear, uncertainty, or doubts that we’ve been clinging to.

What are you ready to release and leave behind? And how will that act of forgiveness clear the way for your next stage of growth?

If this feels heavy, intense, or powerful, that’s because it is. Judgement is not an archetype for the faint of heart, but it also invites reflection and change, giving us space for awareness and depth.

What has been coming forward for you in this lunar cycle? In the wake of the Great Conjunction and the shift into the new calendar year, what have you been eager to let go of?

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About Libra & Justice


Right now, the Moon is in Libra, the sign of Cardinal Air that is associated with Justice.

This archetype of truth, clarity, and purpose feels well-suited to Libra, a sign that is eager to hear all perspectives and embrace the beauty and pt is both around and will of us. We often think of Libra as the peacemaker, the mediator, someone that can empathize with different viewpoints and understand shifting opinions.

And while Libra’s desire for beauty and harmony is easy to focus on, Justice brings out another aspect of this sign that is important to remember: that of clarity.

Libra isn’t afraid to see things how they truly are to show that our actions, decisions, and opinions impact both us and the people and situations around us.

How do we wield our magic? What do we know to be true, and how does that knowledge impact our choices?

Looking at Judgement and Justice together, we are being asked to forgive ourselves for the ways that we have perhaps been unable to find balance in certain areas of our lives.

How are you adjusting to changing circumstances, shifting goals, personal growth, and loss? What are you ready to walk away from?

Both of these cards connect to control and perspective, urging us to get in touch with the places that we have power and the energies that are bigger than us.

What do we have the ability to release? How do our actions impact the people and structures around us?

With this last quarter Moon in Libra, we can use Tarot to help us gain clarity around what we are working to balance, what may be fading from our focus, and what we need to keep in mind as we move towards our next new moon.

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Last Quarter Moon in Libra 3-Card Tarot Spread

Whatever ritual you may do to mark this Moon phase, this simple three-card tarot spread can help you dig a bit deeper into what you may be being called to release and what opportunities for new growth might be building.

The sample reading below that uses it can help you understand what this spread can offer you and ways to interpret each position in your own reading.


Card One: Something That is Finding Balance

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is a card of clarity and insight, a flash of awareness and truth that changes everything. And while this shift in perspective can sometimes feel dramatic and other times can feel obvious, the new perspective we gain with this card is powerful, offering us opportunities for growth and evolution.

In this position, the Ace of Swords indicates that our intellectual self is coming into balance, as we begin to view both the world around us and ourselves in a new light.

What have you been discovering, recognizing, acknowledging? What new information or knowledge has shifted your path forward? How are you balancing the mind and body, head, and heart?

Card Two: Something That is Fading

Maiden of Pentacles

A card of new beginnings and planting seeds, the Maiden of Pentacles is a child of Earth, eager to explore and learn. Slow and intentional, curious, and grounded, this page usually indicates the start of a new journey. Yet, in this position, we are considering something that is fading, something that we are releasing.

If you tend to see yourself as a beginner, as someone that is afraid to own your experience or wisdom or personal power, this last quarter Moon may be urging you to leave that narrative behind.

How is your perspective on yourself changing? Where can you celebrate what you are nurturing, the seeds that have already blossomed and are ready for harvest? Why are you limiting yourself, and how can you expand your understanding of who you are?

Card Three: Something to Carry Forward

6 of Cups

Sometimes we need to keep holding on to lessons or realizations, letting them continue to shape our choices even as a new cycle approaches. The 6 of Cups is a card of memory and nostalgia, of looking backward and considering what roots have grounded and sustained us.

How have our past connections shaped us? As we look forward, keep this awareness of family, memory, and childhood joy in mind. What have you always loved? Who has supported your growth and choices along the way? What people or places have offered you emotional anchor points, and how can you continue to nurture them?

Even as we evolve, we don’t have to abandon our foundations completely. How can you keep building on what you have always held close?

Embrace Moon Tarot

As we move into this next Moon phase, keep in mind the energy of Libra and Justice, and consider what you are being called to release.

What are you noticing about your personal evolution? How are your individual shifts impacting the collective? Where can you be more objective, and how might that help you let go of something you no longer need?

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This post features cards from the Lumina Tarot. All photographs by Meg Jones Wall.

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Meg Jones Wall

Meg Jones Wall (she/her) is a queer photographer, writer, and tarot reader based in NYC. She is a columnist and contributor at Autostraddle, shares daily card studies and original tarot spreads as 3am.tarot on Instagram and recently launched a tarot newsletter, devils & fools. She is currently working on her first book and is available for personal readings and writing opportunities through her website.
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