This Feisty Red Planet is Making Moves Next Week

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2023 began with the red planet Mars, retrograde in Gemini, and Mars direct occurs next week. Let energy return!

About Mars Retrograde & Direct

A planet is retrograde when it appears to move backward through the zodiac. This can throw the energy of the planet off since normal motion is forward.

When retrogrades end and the planet starts moving forward again, this is called turning direct. Mars will turn direct on January 12th, 2023.

Mars is the planet of energy and drive, so with Mars retrograde, our energy and drive can be stifled. We have difficulty finding motivation for what we want to pursue and may lack opportunities to even know where to begin.

Mars retrogrades like to frustrate us, and this one in the zodiac sign Gemini has made concentration difficult. Gemini is the sign of the mind, communication has been extra wonky, and fights have likely been hard to avoid.

Since 2022 ended and 2023 began with Mars retrograde (and Mercury and Uranus), issues from 2022 have likely carried over into 2023, and it may feel like this year hasn’t actually started yet. We’re kind of waiting for it to start.

With Mars retrograde ending, we start to get some of the missing energy and drive back. We can get clearer with what we want to do, our plans and ideas, and can put pieces together.

Information that may have been missing (or ignored) can now get proper attention, and we can see how it’ll help situations we’ve been struggling with.

We likely want to get moving quickly coming out of this retrograde but may not actually see movement happening until transit Mercury and Uranus end their own retrogrades (January 18th and January 22nd, respectively). This means we need to be patient a bit longer.

Once all three are moving forward, we can move – fast!

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Mars in Gemini: Use the Mind

Mars has been in Gemini since August 2022 and will stay in Gemini until March 25th, 2023. This is an unusually long amount of time for Mars to spend in one sign, thanks to the retrograde.

With Gemini being the sign of the mind, this can mean we’re all going a little wonky mentally. There’s been a little too much mental energy swirling around, and we likely haven’t been using it very productively.

This has especially been true since Mars retrograde began on October 30th, 2022. We’ve had trouble seeing eye-to-eye, feeling heard, or listening. 

With Mars retrograde ending, we can spend the next 2 1/2 months focusing on improving our communication style, ensuring information and expression flow both ways. We can put together short-term plans for our ideas and take action with them quickly.

Our minds can be beneficial, and we can get the information and knowledge we need, talk things over and get advice, and keep busy. We can use our minds and channel the extra mental energy into something positive and give our minds the breaks they’ve sorely needed.

Mars Direct in Gemini 2023 Horoscopes


Mars is your natural ruling planet, Aries, so Mars direct in can actually help you feel like yourself again. You’ve likely felt off in the last few months, and this can start to turn around soon.

The retrograde in Gemini likely impacted your ability to have steady and healthy communication, and with the retrograde ending, you can work to improve this. You may finally feel like you can take steps to make ideas come to life.

You can stay fairly busy and keep up the pace for the next 2 1/2 months. Gather the necessary information and stick to your plans to keep going.


Mars direct in Gemini can help you get unstuck, Taurus. The Mars retrograde has likely made you feel like you couldn’t move or progress and lacked the energy you needed to get out of this stuck place.

Now that the retrograde is ending, you can finally see exactly why you’ve been stuck and what you can do to get moving. This may take a little bit of time, so don’t let frustration take over before momentum kicks in.

Once you get moving, you can make steady progress, which can help you feel more confident and secure.


The Mars retrograde occurred entirely in your zodiac sign, Gemini, so you got the brunt of the impact. The last few months have likely been incredibly frustrating for you, and you’ve felt like lots of little things kept coming up, and you couldn’t catch a break.

This may have led to lashing out and being easily provoked, but hopefully, you kept that under control. On the other hand, this period has been excellent for second chances, so maybe you were able to do that instead.

With Mars direct, you can focus on controlling your energy, finding inspiration, and making what you want to happen. You can take the initiative and start a new beginning that can be a focus for the next two years.


The Mars retrograde has likely been very draining for you, Cancer, and your energy may have been missing entirely over the last couple of months. Difficulty getting moving may have been prevalent during this Mars retrograde.

It’s been a fantastic period to clean up and clear out, reflect, and be introspective, so hopefully, you’ve gotten to do that and will be able to move forward with less baggage.

It may be some time before energy returns, though, likely not until Mars enters your sign on March 25th. Until then, continue working to release, and work on making plans, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.


The Mars retrograde may have made you much more impatient with changes, Leo, and you likely wanted to rush into the ones you wanted to make but didn’t thoroughly think it through. Or, you experienced frustrating changes, and you resisted adjusting to them.

Your dreams for the future may have felt like they were on thin ice, and you weren’t sure if they were really possible. On the positive side, this period was good for picking back up old dreams, reconnecting with old friends, and being true to yourself.

With Mars direct, you can start making the most of your drive for your dreams and change, but you can be smarter in your approach. You can maximize unconventional methods and think outside of the box.

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The Mars retrograde may have made you feel like you were further away from achieving your goals, Virgo and setbacks and delays could have made that so. Responsibilities might have been heavier, and you felt overwhelmed at times.

This period was remarkable for focusing on old goals again; hopefully, you got to do that. Otherwise, it was likely quite stifling.

Mars direct can help you turn this around, and you can start to see the direction you’re going in more clearly. You can tweak long-term plans, use disciplined energy, and hit your stride.


The Mars retrograde may have made you much shorter with others, Libra, as you wanted more space than you were likely getting. You may have pushed others or responsibilities away, but this rarely helps.

You may have felt you were being stifled by everything, and this caused a great desire to break free. The opportunities to do so just weren’t there, though, and you’ve likely had to hold off.

With Mars direct, you can start creating opportunities for new experiences, so go to new places and to learn new things. This can excite you, and you can focus on the positives.


The Mars retrograde likely stirred up some deeply-held issues, Scorpio, and you’ve had to deal with some uncomfortable truths or face some old facts that you’d rather avoid. This may have been a frustrating time.

You’ve likely had to dig deeper, get to the heart of matters, face fears, or come to realizations. This can be very difficult, but you can emerge much stronger now.

With Mars direct, you can feel more empowered and in control, and you can use this to your advantage. You may plan for beneficial transformations and embark on mutually helpful pursuits.


The Mars retrograde targeted your relationships, Sagittarius, and you’ve likely had a lot of difficulties with the people in your life. You may have seen people exit your life, or had many disagreements, and were very short with others.

Other people may have demanded more of you, and while you tried to help as much as possible, you likely still fell short. This says less about you than it does the other people you were helping, though.

With Mars direct, you can start to find some balance again in your relationships and focus on prioritizing people who bring harmony into your life. You can grow to become comfortable with commitment and enjoy the company.


The Mars retrograde likely brought many little things into your life, Capricorn, and you’ve had to find a way to manage all of the work. You’ve likely made use of your famous disciplined energy but have also forgotten to give yourself breaks.

Stress has likely increased, which may have impacted your ability to get things done. Breaks are essential and allow you to maintain a fresh mind.

With Mars direct, you can focus on finding a balance with your work, so you’re not working yourself to death. Plan breaks in your schedule, and don’t demand perfection.


The Mars retrograde has likely made you want to set aside any work and just focus on play and enjoyment, Aquarius, but you may have had responsibilities get in the way. This may have made you more impatient and lacking focus.

This retrograde has been good for reconnecting to your heart and with old flames, though, as well as picking back up old hobbies and creative ventures, so hopefully, you got to do some of that.

With Mars direct, you can focus on making time in your schedule for fun and letting loose when you have the chance. You can be more in tune with your heart and love.


The Mars retrograde has likely stirred up many emotions for you, Pisces, which can be challenging to navigate. You may have been overwhelmed by emotions at times and lacked the support you needed for security and stability.

Little issues may have popped up at home or with family, and you’ve likely had to improve your internal foundation.

With Mars direct, you can give yourself the support you need, which can help you feel confident enough to start a venture from the ground up. You can reach heights with it in about six months.

Good luck With Mars Direct!

We’re in an important shifting period right now, and this can be strong over the next two weeks with the retrogrades ending. We need to give ourselves time to adjust and have some patience.

We’ll soon be well into the new year and ready for action!

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