Be Your Best During Retrograde Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio | May 28 – Aug 3 2016
Themes: Increased intensity, strong desires, impulsiveness

Expect some frustrating times when Mars enters the zodiac sign Scorpio on May 28, 2016. While the red planet feels at home in the sign of the scorpion (it was, after all, the ruler of Scorpio until Pluto’s discovery in 1930), Mars is moving retrograde — and this is one planet that doesn’t like going backwards.

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The Effects of Retrograde Mars

Mars in Scorpio intensifies your desires, and you’re going to be willing to push a lot harder to get what you want. The problem here is that cantankerous retrograde motion for the first part of Mars’s dance through Scorpio. When a planet turns retrograde, it appears to be moving backward through the skies — although of course, this is just an optical illusion. The planets don’t actually go backward! What it means in astrology, though, is that the influence of that planet can bring some rather interesting (if not downright challenging) situations into your life.

Because Mars is very comfortable in Scorpio, the energy is going to be very forceful. Scorpio is a water sign, so expect your emotions to intensify — in both good and bad ways. Your feelings about a situation or even a person could feel very potent. Just remember that passion can be both a positive and a negative emotion, and try to make sure that if you’re going to emotionally explode, you do it with delight rather than anger.

Mars moving into Scorpio can really bring you a clarity about people or situations, especially as Mercury has finally turned direct again. Anything that you were thinking about during the Mercury retrograde is likely to demand your attention now. But it’s still not time to act on those plans. That’s where the frustration is likely to occur. You’re going to be ready to move passionately and fiercely forward, but it’s just not time yet. Anything that you start now has a good chance of fizzling out before it actually takes hold and bears fruit. Mars retrogrades are not a good time for instigating something new.

Apply Patience During Impulsive Times

Your desires are going to feel very strong, and you’re going to get impulsive and impatient if you don’t keep a check on things. That’s the intense energy of Scorpio and the drive of Mars. However, the retrograde motion of Mars makes that energy feel like it’s wearing heavy muddy boots. No matter how much you push it forward, something’s going to cause it to drag, and that’s where you can run into issues.

Scorpio is going to bring you the determination to get what you want, but you have to want it badly enough. The desire to surge ahead with Mars returning to Scorpio is definitely going to be here — but so are obstacles on the way to you getting what you want. You’ll have to learn how to balance that Scorpio sense of power with a bit of tenacity and patience — and that’s going to be hard to do!

Mars will be moving through Scorpio until August 3, 2016. The opposition with Mercury on June 9 can cause havoc with communications and communication devices. You’re going to need extra patience this day — forewarned is forearmed! Even if you’re usually pretty placid, this placement can create chaos on an emotional level.

Things are Turning Around

On July 6, Mars makes a pretty nice aspect with Venus in Cancer. This brings you a determination to get what you want, and you should be able to convince people to let you have your way. Romance looks favorable too. And now that Mars is direct again, things may have a chance at being more than a fling. The trine with Mercury on July 10 should at least bring some great conversation and communication for you, and help you to get some real connection with each other. A nice aspect with the Sun on July 16 does wonders for your self confidence. Just don’t take things too much for granted. There’s another challenging aspect with Mercury on the 29th of July; don’t let your impatience spoil any good things that you’ve got going.

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Use Your Time to Plan Your Next Steps

Mars re-enters Sagittarius on August 3, and the energy will change yet again. While it’s busy in Scorpio, though, and particularly while it’s retrograde (until the 29th of June), make friends with moderation. The retrograde is a great time for rethinking what you really want out of life, so that when Mars turns direct, you can start to infuse your plans with Scorpio’s passionate energy, and make your plans a reality.

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