You Pulled the Moon Tarot Card – Now What?

​At this time of writing, a bright, brilliant Full Moon in Capricorn fills the sky, illuminating the night in its radiant, reddish glory. How apt that it is the 18th card of the Major Arcana, the Moon, that is the topic of this article.

The Moon is mysterious. The Moon is intriguing. The Moon is wild.

This doesn’t just apply to our beloved Moon in the sky, but also to the Moon card of the Tarot.

Have you ever looked up at a bright Full Moon and just felt something go through your body? Something you can’t quite explain? Ever wondered why your moods go a little bizarre during the Full Moon, or why crazy things seem to happen, or unexpected events occur, or revelations explode out of the blue?

This is the magic of the Moon. The same magic that exists in the Moon card.

What Does the Moon Card Mean?

As mentioned, the Moon card is the 18th card in the Major Arcana, and it has a variety of Tarot card meanings.

It usually highlights the following themes:

  • Creativity and a powerful imagination
  • Wild romance
  • Delusion or deception
  • Feeling fear
  • Losing direction

The Moon is an intriguing card because it really can swing to the extremes in terms of meanings. It really can be “all wonderful” or “all terrible.” As with all cards, the meaning at the time depends on the context of the reading and, of course, your own intuition and what it tells you.

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What Does the Moon Mean in Love & Relationships?

If the Moon card is pulled in the feelings position, this often indicates wild passion and an attraction that is almost “mad” in nature.

If accompanied by cards such as the 7 of Cups or Knight of Cups, it can also hint towards deluding yourself about a romantic relationship or an unwillingness to see things without rose-tinted glasses on.

The Moon card can be very welcome in a love reading. It indicates a love affair that is passionate and adventurous. The Moon also highlights deep and romantic feelings, indicating that the person in question has very strong, deep romantic emotions for someone that exists far beneath the surface.

However, the Moon can also indicate a warning in relationship readings.

It can mean there is deception going on. It is important to look at surrounding cards to determine if the Moon has appeared as a warning card. If accompanied by cards such as the 7 of Swords, the 5 of Swords, or the 3 of Swords, then it is time to pay attention to any red flags.

What Does the Moon Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the Moon card often points to uncertainty or anxiety about a career move.

This card is often a warning when it turns up in a career reading. It means you may be uncertain about what direction to turn in or a decision to make.

It can also mean there is something going on behind the scenes that you don’t know about.

On some occasions, the Moon card in a career reading can highlight that your creative skills will be harnessed, especially true if you are in the creative arts, such as painting, writing, and acting.

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What About the Moon as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, you are being warned that things are not entirely as they seem.

As such, it is important to watch your step and be on your guard. The Moon represents the night, and in the dark of the night, it is hard to see clearly: innocent tree branches turn into monstrous claws, an owl hooting can sound menacing.

Just as with the Moon card, things are not as they seem.

The key is to conduct an investigation, research, and go forward carefully. Be careful who you trust with the Moon in the obstacle position.

What About the Moon in Reverse?

The Moon card indicates that the fears, delusions, and deceptions you have been experiencing are coming to an end in its reversed position.

A reversed Moon is often a welcome sight. The darkness is starting to clear, and the light is streaming in. It can also indicate that any confusion you have been experiencing deep within your subconscious is coming to an end.

Revelations are on the horizon.

The Moon reversed can often be taken as a positive, but it is important to look at surrounding cards as always.

The reversed Moon can also indicate there is a blockage in your creativity, particularly if it turns up in a career reading, and that measures need to be taken to remove the blockage. It can also indicate a blockage to your intuition.

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How to Make the Moon Card Work For You

The Moon card is so deep and mysterious that it requires some alone time to get to grips with it.

1. Meditate With the Card

Sit in a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. Place the Moon card in front of you and meditate for a few minutes until your mind is clear.

Stare at the card, your mind blank, and let information flow freely into your mind. You might receive words, sounds, pictures, or feelings.

Write down whatever springs to mind. This is the Moon card tapping into your intuition and sending you messages from your Higher Self.

2. Repeat Affirmations

The Moon card is a wonderful affirmations card. You can repeat these affirmations throughout the day (especially during the New and Full Moons) or make up your own.

  • I am the Divine Feminine and in touch with my intuition.
  • I have creative genius within me.
  • I trust my intuition.
  • I radiate the energy of Yin.

3. Use it During a Full Moon Ritual

There’s nothing quite like including the Moon card in a Full Moon ritual. Your ritual might involve lighting candles, chanting and burning incense, or sitting outside gazing up at the Moon, closing your eyes, and manifesting.

However you choose to connect with our lovely Moon, keeping the Moon card with you simultaneously helps you connect with its energy. You can place it on your altar, or in your pocket, or in your hands.

As you perform your ritual, look at the Moon card and let its intuitive messages flow freely through you. You may also experience vivid dreams following a Full Moon ceremony.

Let the Moon Light the Way For You

We all experience dark times. Some more than most, but it is something no human on Earth can escape. The joy of light is here for us to experience, but so is the darkness.

The Moon represents the light in that darkness. There is a side to us that we tend to bury or avoid. It is our dark side and, when we refuse to give it the attention it needs, it can consume us or manifest in ways that are negative for both ourselves and the outer world.

The Moon gives us the courage to face our dark side.

Just like the Moon in the sky, which lights the way for a weary traveler, the Tarot Moon card encourages us to embrace aspects of ourselves that we would rather not. It is the side of us that dwells in our subconscious and which, when we effectively tap into our intuition, we are able to see, understand, and subsequently deal with.

So let the Moon light the way, no matter what path you tread!

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