New Moon in Capricorn Solar Eclipse Arrives December 25

Christmas day brings us a gift from the Sun, a powerful New Moon solar eclipse. The energy of a New Moon is that of new beginnings when we feel there is a clean slate to start something we feel is calling us.

This next New Moon is in the Earth sign of Capricorn and it’s extra potent because it is an eclipse which means the power of the sun is propelling you forward. The December New Moon solar eclipse will start a six-month creation cycle where your ideas will incubate and we will see the first seedlings sprout on the January 10 Full Moon in the Water sign of Cancer which will be a lunar eclipse.

This last solar eclipse of 2019 (and of the decade!) happens on the New Moon in Capricorn and kicks off what we call ‘eclipse season’ which is like an adjustment in the major life sectors for everyone. While Moon cycles bring change, those that align with a set of eclipses, bring bigger changes in areas such as home, work, and relationships. You can expect to be focusing on your success and stability at home with this New Moon in the Capricorn zodiac sign.

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How to Manifest Under a Solar Eclipse

With any New Moon, you want to pay attention to the specific energy coming through the zodiac sign the Moon is in. Since the Moon is the closest planet to us and affects our emotions, we take on temporary energy from the sign it is in. You will have more Capricorn energy on this New Moon so you might as well use it.

Capricorn is grounded, confident, a natural leader, business savvy, logical, and methodical. You may suddenly see a clear plan to forge ahead towards your career goals and you can expect a boost of Capricorn’s hardworking energy to help you map it all out.

You’ll feel more energy to pursue your goals and more mental energy when there is a solar eclipse. It’s like having a turbo-boost for your life. To harness the energy and use it to manifest by the time of the Full Moon in 15 days, spend time in meditation, asking what is in your highest good to channel your energy towards at this time.

When you allow your heart to guide you and you spend the next two weeks working towards your soul’s greatest desire, you can achieve a lot. This is because the New Moon starts the building energy, where all feel excited and it leads us up to the culmination of new opportunities that arise from our envisioning and efforts when the Universe gives us the green light at the Full Moon.

Write down your specific goals. Write down what you need to achieve them, who you think can help you, and what steps you think are necessary in order to get there. Send out a real heartfelt request to the Universe to help you see the way each day for the next two weeks and your intuition will help you connect the dots.

Be open to the ideas that are streaming from this potent energy and be open to taking a new direction in your career or home life that will ultimately lead to security and long term stability. Perhaps that means starting a business, partnering with people to create a joint venture, or committing in a more serious way with someone significant.

How to Handle the Extra Energy

It’s important to keep your calm when you start to see people going through emotional swings and life changes around you. Those who aren’t intentionally directing the path of their life will still experience change. The Universe sends change whether we are ready or not so that our soul can continue on its path of learning and evolution.

This can be challenging because people may get a burst of energy and not know it’s coming, so it can fly out and make a mess of things. If you see people being impulsive, swinging radically in their decisions, or experiencing a sudden change, you can be at ease knowing that this is a temporary period of change and a part of the bigger picture.

We can also expect the same effect on the larger scale to happen which we need to prepare ourselves for. We can expect leadership, business matters, and disciplinary action with the Saturn energy that rules Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of time and karma, meaning we are likely to see change on a global scale during eclipse season that relates to money, workers unions, auto industries, farming, and the stock market. These industries will be shifting to be better prepared for the future so look for new job openings and potential layoffs in outdated industries.

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Closing Thoughts

It’s important to pay attention to the major aspects of all the planets and not just one so you get the full picture. The Sun is in Capricorn as well as the Moon, which means we are extra focused on money-making endeavors, family bonds, and planning for our future. We will have the Sun in Capricorn until January 20, which is five days before the Chinese New Year January 20. Capricorn energy is going to launch us into the year of the Metal Rat which is all about business success, long-term business endeavors that will thrive, and prosperity. The last year of the Rat was 2008, which will bring similar themes to the year to come.

We are also about to conclude the year which starts a new cycle for numerology. Numerologically speaking, 2020 is a number 4 year. It also begins a new decade. This too reflects the Capricorn energy we are engulfed in on Christmas day. The Universal 4 year is about stability, family, strong-foundations and long-term success through practical means.

As you use this New Moon energy through the rest of the year, stay up to date on daily energy changes with our free daily Chinese horoscopes and keep yourself informed about what’s to come with our astrology calendar. Those who use this energy to plan, have a great year and decade ahead with happy home and work successes on the horizon!

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