New Moon in Capricorn 4-Card Tarot Spread

Hold on to your horses as this December we can anticipate a New Moon in Capricorn!

Actually, perhaps the term “hold on” is incorrect. A more appropriate term would be “slow down.” Capricorn is the sign of slowing down, grounding oneself and utilizing responsibility. It is known as the most serious sign of the zodiac; practical, responsible and diligent.

To some more flighty types, the sign of Capricorn can appear dull. But this is an unfair analysis, especially if you have experienced the frustration of flightiness, disorganization or unreliability, whether in yourself or in others. With Capricorn, we know we can get things done. We know we can put our heads down, focus on the task at hand and actually get it completed. Everybody needs a little Capricorn in their life.

As previously mentioned, Capricorn is very much the sign of grounding. It’s about coming down to the real, tangible world and producing real, tangible results. It is a sign of tradition, which is what makes it so interesting when it falls into a New Moon, which is all about new beginnings.

When you mix the old with the new, you can achieve some truly spectacular results! The New Moon in Capricorn provides us with an abundance of opportunity, if we only know how to harness it!

And that’s what this article is going to help you do, harness the power of the New Moon in Capricorn – along with our trusty Tarot cards!

A free online Tarot reading can definitely help you around this time of year, but even better than that is a personal Tarot card reading of your own for this New Moon in Capricorn. So, whip out the cards and let’s get cracking!

As we’re dealing with new beginnings in regard to responsibilities and getting our head stuck in with anything that requires focus and determination, we want our Tarot reading to delve deeper into what we need to focus on at this time of year which could yield long-term results in the future.

4-Card Holiday Tarot Spread for the Capricorn New Moon:

Question: What should I focus on during the Holiday New Moon in Capricorn?

  • Card 1: What do I need to focus on
  • Card 2: What is holding me back?
  • Card 3: How can I make the most of this New Moon?
  • Card 4: The outcome of my efforts

Below is an example reading for you to model your own on!

Card 1: Queen of Pentacles

This is a clear card for what I need to focus on during this new moon. The Queen of Pentacles is a card of all things physical – health, wealth and anything on the physical plane. I would read this as me, and interpret it as saying that it is good for me to focus on my physical body.

Card 2: 7 of Cups

Usually, this is a card of daydreaming and fantasizing, but in this context, I would view the 7 of Cups as a card of procrastination! While the 7 of Cups is a card of dreaming big, this is the card that stands as an obstacle – so it may indicate that my health has taken a downturn due to procrastination – too much dreaming, not enough movement.

Card 3: 8 of Pentacles

The 8 of Pentacles suggests working hard in order to achieve real, tangible results. As the card that represents how to make the most of this new moon, I interpret it to mean that I should work diligently on my health. This can include studying various exercise techniques and exploring a range of health options including food and possibly natural supplements. It indicates formulating a routine for my health regime – the 8 of Pentacles is a card for long-term results, so this card urges a steady plan for dealing with my health.

Card 4: The Sun

The Sun – a card of joy and accomplishment! This is the card to represent the outcome of my efforts. I am presuming that it shows what will happen if I choose to take the advice of the 8 of Pentacles and work hard on my body and maintaining my health. The Sun indicates happiness and success. But of course, the future is not set in stone. If I choose to do nothing and ignore the 8 of Pentacles, it is highly unlikely the Sun would turn out in this position. The Tarot card meanings can change depending on our actions and the choices we make.


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

This New Moon in Capricorn is a time for hard work and dedication and can certainly yield us some spectacular results if we are prepared to work hard. Find out what it is you need to focus on by doing your own version of this spread – harness the power of the new moon to make your way towards success!

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