New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15th Astrology: Epic Beginnings

A new moon in Aquarius means there is extra energy focused on the ideas in our lives that govern our actions. It may be easier to clearly see your deepest motivations that guide your actions now with this big picture sign influencing our psyche.

With both the sun and moon in Aquarius, we are going to be extra outgoing and friendly which means there could be new relationships budding at this time. There is revolutionary energy in the air, broadcasting ideas that could rock the boat baby!

As with all eclipses, this partial solar eclipse is going to bring change. The best we can do is know that there is change energy awaiting us and use it to our benefit so we don’t just get pushed around by planetary energies. You’ll see people changing jobs, moving to new homes and relationship status changes.

For those who don’t follow astrology, they could be caught off guard by the major changes afoot. Check out this article to understand the dynamics of eclipses better, Are You Prepared For Eclipse Season?

Watch as you and those around you use the high vibration energy available for us to make choices that benefit a healthy lifestyle. We are going to prioritize differently from here on out making time for our own health and carving out new habits that will last. Maybe you will meet a new special friend at spin class or maybe it’s that you realize, it’s time to date yourself.

Relationships In Full Focus

It’s not just Valentine’s day that’s pulling your mind toward love, it’s the planetary alignments with this eclipse. You could very well find yourself lining up with someone with this new moon cycle and not just another pretty face. The cosmos are opening channels in our minds and hearts that help us attract someone we truly resonate with on a spiritual level.

Take new relationships in stride and don’t move too fast just because you feel a strong connection with someone. Take your time to see if those feelings last or if they are just fleeting attractions fueled by a desire for companionship.

If you’re just starting to expand your own spiritual development, it may be a love for your true self that begins to open with this new moon. A union with your soul is needed before you find a person who reflects that type of deep love back to you.

Perhaps the love you will find will be everlasting with this eclipse because you will finally see the most important relationship you have, the one between the finite you and the infinite you.

That one partnership will shift your views and goals in life towards a more trusting and loving foundation that will attract good things based on your own realization of your purpose to love all of creation with humility.

When we realize we are our own soulmate, we don’t have to cling to others and we meet people who are also self-generating happiness based on the law of attraction.

Shaking Things Up

A new moon is a time to set our intentions and plant new seeds that will grow as we move towards a full moon. The placement of Mercury with this new moon is good for communication related projects and we can use the power of words to create new systems of thought that the Aquarius moon and sun placement allows us to access, benefiting humanity on a grand scale.

When the moon and sun are both in this air sign, and there’s change energy, we can expect our deepest belief systems to be on the forefront of our minds, guiding us towards a better future.

We will see new societal ideals come to light about what is the best lifestyle and what will help bring about equality and healing for the planet. You can use this change energy to step into your full potential as a healer, speaker, informed citizen and social activist.

With the first eclipse which was a lunar eclipse on January 31, we are now in this change time and we will see the changes set into motion and materializing by the full moon on March 1. There’s actually no full moon in February which rarely happens.

The core standards of our relationships that dominated the Piscean Age are being opened with this new moon. Over the next six months we will see many people opening up about new types of relationships that are not conventional and this comes from people wanting to be more honest with themselves and no longer hide their feelings.

This shift is challenging the status quo and we can expect artists and brands to start to appeal to a new era that embraces the concept that love is love.


More than anything, we are going to see major shifts in society at this time when it comes to our core beliefs. You will see strong voices speaking out about old ways of living that are no longer relevant.

The reason you can expect major changes in our cultural paradigms with this solar eclipse is because we are now in the Age of Aquarius – a new age where our consciousness as a whole is becoming more electric and less primal. We are moving beyond relationships based on survival and instincts to procreate and raising our moral standards to encompass higher ideals.

You can expect to see gender roles brought up now by artists who are sensitive to what needs to be hashed out in group consciousness. Women will continue to rise with this highly idealistic influence as well as issues of equality exposing corruption in many areas of business and development.

Businesses are being restructured based on new value systems and you can align yourself to be successful by foreseeing the ever increasing desire for a more healthy and emotionally intelligent egalitarian society.

We can expect services that do not follow the trend of health and equality to soon be outdated and services that promote inclusion, preventive health and empowerment of the mind to be economically valuable.

We will see this time shifting our consumption habits as people speak up about the unnecessary debt that people have been pressured to live with in order to keep up with societal ideals. Even the idea of beauty will begin to shift to more altruistic ideals than physical as we are becoming more sensitive telepathically to people’s intentions even when words are not spoken.

We will begin to value our jobs based on the meaning we are providing in our community and people based on the energy they give. Those living selfishly will quickly be seen through as common sense of the general public is shifting to a more egalitarian state. We can expect more peaceful protests and lots of public figures taking a stand for human rights.

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