Palmistry: What Do Your Fingers Represent?

​How carefully do you look at someone’s fingers?

For most of us, this is probably not the first physical trait we notice in others. If more of us knew what things such as the length, shape, texture and even proportion of our fingers can reveal about ourselves, we would definitely pay closer attention!

Palmistry, or chiromancy, is an ancient and still somewhat mysterious practice of reading your palms in order to determine key events in your life and parts of personality.

Today we’re focusing on our fingers and thumb – what do their physical features break down to when it comes to palmistry and personality traits?

What Do Your Fingers Reveal in Palmistry?

Short Fingers

People with shorter fingers also have short attention spans! Impatient, impetuous and wanting to find and seize the action, they have a hard time waiting for anything and are not keen on details. Get in, get out and move on is the likely motto of this type of finger.

These are big picture thinkers, and they don’t want to get mired in any one thing.

Medium Fingers

Some of us have fingers that are neither long nor short, but of comfortably medium length. As you would expect, personality-wise, their characteristics are a combination of the long and short fingered.

Medium fingered folk are somewhere in the middle, and it will depend on the moment for how they react as they lie in the middle of the spectrum – they’ll focus on a task if they enjoy it, but are not necessarily going to commit to any one thing just because they said they would.

Long Fingers

The counterpart to our short fingered friends, those with longer digits enjoy the long game – here is a trait of the patient and diligent.

The time it takes to do something properly and carefully is not going to be questioned, so if you need to team up with someone for a highly complicated or detailed project, look for partners with lovely long fingers to help you see it through. They enjoy seeking out answers and are conscientious and accountable.


Say what?! Look at your fingers, palm up. See the sections? Your fingers are divided into 3 parts, also known as phalanges.

The length in comparison to each other can also tell you much – for example, if you have a longer middle phalange compared to the nail and base, you are probably good in business matters.

  • Your top, tip or nail phalange houses your fingernails and is connected to your spirituality.
  • Your middle phalange relates to your intellect.
  • The bottom, or base phalange reveals how you feel about the material things in life.

Long top phalanges may be much more interested in the spiritual aspects of life and probably rely on their intuition.

Longer and/or puffier in the base phalange? Because this area relates to the material world, expect this trait to indicate someone who is more self-indulgent.

The shape and length of your phalanges can reveal much about your personality! Depending on which of your phalanges is longer or shorter can mean the difference between being passive or power hungry; or between taking responsibility or running from it.

Planets & Fingers in Palmistry

The Jupiter Finger

Also known as your index finger, this digit tells us about our leadership qualities, ego and abilities, as well as how strong our need for power will be. The longer the Jupiter finger, the more you will need to assert your dominance over others.

A normal index finger length is indicated when the tip reaches the middle of the top phalange of your Saturn or middle finger. Shorter than this and you may be a little self-conscious and shy, even reserved or withdrawn. You likely don’t want to take the lead.

The Saturn Finger

Aka your middle finger. Just as the planet Saturn in astrology reminds us of our responsibility and discipline, so does this finger indicate our feelings toward our reliability and character when it comes to doing what we said we’d do.

A short middle finger means you don’t much like taking accountability and may be more spontaneous. Longer than usual Saturn fingers indicate your strong character – you will likely take life more seriously than those with a normal or shorter length. An extremely long middle finger can point to aloofness and a desire to be alone.

The Apollo Finger

Ring fingers are tied to our creativity and artistic talent – and can point to someone who wants to make a name for themselves in life. When the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter finger, we are dealing with someone who possesses a creative nature and is more than up for taking a few risks in life.

A shorter ring finger lies on the other end of the spectrum – they probably don’t hold huge interest or inclination towards creative endeavors and may even lack energy or enthusiasm, being more withdrawn and less comfortable expressing their emotions.

The ring finger is also thought to represent our romantic inclinations, with the more practical bearing shorter digits and the more romantic with longer. Fun fact: a very long Apollo finger can indicate a recklessness that may point you toward gambling!

The Mercury Finger

The longer the pinkie, the more social we are and the better we are at getting our point across, for the Mercury finger, like the planet that rules both Gemini and Virgo, is all about communication. Many an actor, writer, dancer, politician and public speaker have displayed long and sturdy little fingers!

If, on the other hand, our little finger is shorter than the top phalange of the Apollo finger, the harder time one will have with expressing themselves.

Keep an eye out for a twisted or bent Mercury finger, for many chiromancers believe this points out someone who will not be straight with you and may be more manipulative.

The Thumb

We have 3 phalanges on our thumb, but only the first 2 will be obvious – the third is the mount that sits right below the thumb itself (also known as the Mount of Venus). The top phalange speaks to our power; the middle, our logic and the mount relates to love, passion and sensuality.

Here also lies our willpower and independence. According to Richard Webster, in his book, Palm Reading for Beginners – Find the Future in the Palm of Your Hand, “the larger the thumb, the greater the degree of success that person will enjoy in life.”

Shorter thumbs equate to a more easy-going nature and less willpower.

A thumb with equal sized tip and middle phalanges provides a good balance between logic and willpower – you can estimate the best situation and have the drive to make it happen.

A longer tip means this person will make a lot of mistakes, but will get back up on the horse, while a second phalange will generate a lot of ideas, but not see them through.

Parting Words

Are you going to look at people’s fingers more carefully now?

Maybe you test the theory – the next time you’re grabbing coffee, see if the barista with the long fingers delivers your latte faster, but misses the carefully shaped foam heart you’ve come to expect.

Does your bossy manager have an abnormally long index finger? Watch out for their need to gain power and dominance over you and your co-workers. How would this knowledge help you in a job interview? Tell us what you found!

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