Pisces Man: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Male Pisces

The Pisces man is a Mutable sign as well as a Water sign, which means he changes his mind and his viewpoint frequently, making him one of the most unpredictable zodiac signs.

The Pisces sign is born between February 19 and March 20. Men born under this sign are emotionally sensitive, intuitive, and highly creative. The most appealing Pisces man traits are very desirable for those who are romantic and spiritual. Ruled by the planet Neptune, the Pisces man lives for spiritual and emotional experiences which makes spending time with him feel very deep and intimate.

Diving into the waters of love with a Pisces man can offer the ultimate cloud nine feelings of elated emotions and bliss that we often dream of. The dreamy Piscean is often considered to be afraid of commitment but, he just commits to what he feels when he is feeling it, and his feelings are always subject to change.

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Personality Characteristics of the Pisces Man

As a Water sign, the Pisces man has a keen understanding of other people’s emotions.

He can adapt his personality to fit any group which wins him friends everywhere he goes. He often loses a sense of who he is because he is always blending in with other people. He is always a warm and sociable person who likes to talk about freedom, the nature of the soul, and what truly makes people happy.

The symbol of the two fish represents how he doesn’t like to be alone and really lives through his experiences with other people. He immerses himself into his experiences which makes him a truly unforgettable person to meet because he is so alive and magnetic as a free spirit.

Having a free spirit doesn’t come without its difficulties though. He is so used to going with the flow that he can be unreliable and at times downright irresponsible. Truly knowing the Pisces man characteristics that are so endearing will help you accept his fickle nature. He truly cares for his friends and will be there for them even if he doesn’t fit the mould that society tries to put him in.

To understand a Pisces man, you must understand that it is a part of his nature to be independent in action and thoughts because that is a part of how he understands human nature. He must experience living outside of societal norms to see how people respond to his decisions and to understand how those norms are affecting people. He is a seeker of freedom and helps others to find that freedom. Therefore, do not expect him to meet your expectations of how a man is supposed to act. He will make you come face to face with your assumptions.

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The Pisces Man in Love

A Pisces man in love will make you feel like the most important person in his life. He will make room to have lots of intimacy and be a very generous lover. He doesn’t hold back as someone who enjoys loving openly.

Things you should know about Pisces man dating is that he doesn’t often stay in relationships for long because he doesn’t know where his heart will lead him from one day to the next. He may be committed one day and find someone who brings out another part of himself the next. If you can accept his changing nature, dating a Pisces man can be a lot of fun. He lives his life from one moment to the next and what attracts a Pisces man is someone who seeks freedom and fun above all else. Never try to control a Pisces man and he will love and appreciate you more.

Signs a Pisces man is in love with you aren’t hard to miss, because he will tell you. He is open with his feelings and likes to be vulnerable. The good news is when a Pisces man is done with you he will still want to remain friends. He never looks at anything as a final ending because he doesn’t see life in black and white.

If you’re really looking to know how to get a Pisces man you will have to find your own free spirit and your true desires and passions. When you are being your authentic self, he will find it beautiful but if you’re just trying to fit in and follow what everyone else does, he won’t notice you. Be willing to go on adventures without a plan and he will enjoy your company. Be willing to take risks and try new things when you’re dating and he will feel like you’re a best friend and a lover which is how he sees most women he likes. Don’t be surprised if he confesses his love quickly, he is all about being present, and not living in the future.

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Pisces Man’s Compatibility & Communication

The Pisces man likes to talk about feelings and how to express them. If you want to talk about sports and business, he will likely become bored; talk about art movements, music, or your inner world and deep emotional healing, and he will become very engaged. He looks at emotions as the most important part of life which is why things like being on time or making a solid plan, are not his top priority.

The Pisces man’s best match is anyone who is a Cancer, Taurus, or Scorpio sign. These signs are very romantic like Pisces and enjoy emotional intimacy so there is instant familiarity between them when they first meet.

The worst matches for a Pisces are Libra, Virgo, and Sagittarius who tend to be sacrificial and intellectually minded where the Pisces is more about the experience and making sure to enjoy life.

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Pisces man compatibility isn’t an exact science though because they tend to have characteristics of all the signs and can usually get along with most people at least for a while. If you live with or work with a Pisces, the best thing you can do is just allow them to be themselves and not try to tell them how to live their life or cast judgment on them for how they do. Appreciate them for their creativity and passion and their positive energy.

To learn more about how to interact with the Pisces in your life, check out the Pisces compatibility page. If you’re trying to see eye to eye with a Pisces lover, check out our Pisces love compatibility page.

Pisces Man’s Career, Money, & Wealth

Because a Pisces man is more creative than analytical, they will excel working in the arts, writing, counseling, and in tourism. They will not be content in jobs with a lot of structure or analytical tasks unless they have Earth signs prominently in other areas of their birth chart. As far as money goes, it is not something they are particularly good at holding onto. They will often spend money on things they like without thinking about upcoming bills. They love items that inspire them to live freely and they often spend money on expensive and eclectic accessories or loud fashion statements that will help them feel more alive.

They have an eye for aesthetics and can make a great designer, stylist, or artist. When they do find something they love to do, they will dedicate themselves to it, and do it well, but they will hardly lift a finger if it just feels like working to get a paycheck.

A Pisces man often struggles to find balance in their materialism and obsession with beauty. They are often taken by their own senses and can become superficial or even materialistic if they aren’t able to notice this tendency. This can lead a Pisces man to try too hard to fit in and lose a sense of their own spiritual self-worth. A Pisces man will learn to see people’s worth for the way they treat others eventually but a young Pisces is often drawn by what appeals to their more primal desires.

If you work with a Pisces and want to know how they are doing on any given day, follow their Pisces career horoscope.

Learn More About the Pisces Man

Now you know more than most people do about Pisces and will be better equipped to handle friendships and relationships with these loving men. You can continue learning about them by seeing how they deal with life on a daily basis by reading the Pisces daily horoscope.

Understanding the things they value and how they tend to see the world will help you get along with them without the confusion that someone so outside of the box can bring. Just remember that without the Pisces men in our life, we wouldn’t have as much fun or get to see the world and life in such new and interesting ways.

These brilliant and often misunderstood sensitive souls have brought much joy to the world through their artistic gifts. Flava Flav and Bruce Willis are just some of the Pisces men who have entertained us, made us laugh, and helped us cry.

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