Pisces Woman: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Female Pisces

The Pisces woman is enigmatic, ethereal, and soft. She loves to explore her imagination and spends time creating worlds where she can escape into a playful state with her unique ability to create a sense of magic wherever she goes. This Water sign often seems to live in her own world, which always seems very intriguing.

Facts About the Pisces Woman:

The most prominent characteristics of a Pisces woman personality are her intuitive gifts, her empathy, and her generous heart.

She is inclined to enjoy art, talking about ancient healing modalities, and avoid negative stressful environments. She is a Mutable sign, which means she goes with the flow of things around her which allows her to adapt to many types of people.

With her ruling planet as Neptune, she is highly creative, psychic, and sees life through a spiritual lens. She loves to spend time near water or swimming to help her clear the energy she picks up everywhere she goes.

A common misconception is that she doesn’t need a committed relationship because she seems to always be with someone new, but she is actually one of the most romantically driven of all the signs.

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Personality Characteristics of the Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman personality is like watching a fairytale. She lives her life enjoying the flowers, the puppies, the children, and the delicious moments that others miss such as the vibrant sky at sunset. She is drawn to emotionally uplifting things like theatre, music, paintings, and dancing. She will always give what she has to help someone in need and is likely to spend her time helping a neighbor, volunteering at an animal shelter, or supporting a friend through a difficult time.

She is also known for her indecisiveness and will often back out of plans or not commit to them because she doesn’t like to feel forced or confined. She often is soft-spoken, likes to explore her feminine expression through makeup and decorating, and likes to talk about her favorite topic, which is love.

To take a peek into her world on a daily basis you can read her Pisces daily horoscope.

The Pisces Woman in Love

A Pisces woman in love becomes instantly obsessed with pleasing her partner. She will go to great lengths to have fun with them and make things ultra-romantic.

She needs someone who will make her feel just as special as she makes her partner feel or her feelings will quickly fade. If you don’t like talking about your feelings, dating a Pisces woman will be quite difficult as that is one of the main ways she builds intimacy with her partner. Most that swoon after a Pisces woman neglect to really consider what a Pisces Woman is like in a relationship. She may not stick around long and she loves very deeply which can easily lead to a broken heart. If you’re someone who can let the wildflowers grow, she may be the perfect match.

When a Pisces woman becomes fascinated with someone, she will often overlook the big red flags and fall for them quickly – it’s tough to spot those red flags when you’re always wearing rose-colored glasses. So often as quickly as her relationships heat up, the lack of foresight about their compatibility can lead to quick endings as well. Many would-be suitors wonder how to make a Pisces woman fall in love because she is so sweet and mystical.

She is always changing and needs someone who will allow her to be a free spirit. Complimenting her on her artistic expression, talking about important social issues, and showing her your compassion are ways to win her heart. Romantic gestures are the key to the question of how to attract a Pisces woman.

Get her flowers, make her a piece of jewelry, take her to a romantic spot in nature, and write her poetry.

To see how a Pisces woman is feeling on any given day, read her Pisces love horoscope.

Pisces Woman’s Compatibility & Communication

A Pisces Woman communicates about feelings, forms of expression, and things that help with emotional healing.

She is less inclined to talk about the stock market, empirical evidence, and science because her mind is more drawn to the creative and intuitive side of life. Speak to her about your instincts, your dreams, and your hope for the future and she will feel like you can relate to each other. Start talking about money, business stats, or planning, however, and you will watch her eyes literally glaze over. Speak about culture, inspiring people, and fashion trends and her ears will perk back up.

A Pisces woman compatibility is all about peace and love. She gets along with people who are nature lovers, art enthusiasts, and free spirits. If you have a Pisces friend, family member, or lover, you will be able to get along with them much better if you understand what is important to them (which is helping others, having fun, and living in peaceful places) you will be able to find some common ground and things you both enjoy to do. Her moods can change so if she seems like she needs space, be sure to give her that so she can re-calibrate all those emotions that live in her.

Pisces Compatibility:

  • The best matches for Pisces women are Cancer, Scorpio, and Taurus.
  • The least compatible signs are Libra, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

To learn more about how to best get along with any Pisces female in your life, visit our Pisces compatibility page. If you’re trying to have a love relationship with a Pisces woman, visit our Pisces love compatibility page.

Pisces Woman’s Career, Money, & Wealth

A Pisces woman is motivated to help others not to become rich. She likes to be able to buy fun accessories and art ,but isn’t that great at saving her money or planning a big business idea that will allow her to live the high life. Although, if she sees how it helps others, she can harness the power of the Universe and becomes relentless. She can become successful as long as she gets to have variety, expression, independence, and purpose. She does well in fields like art, writing, nursing, counselling, teaching, animal care, and non-profit work.

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You’ll find Pisces women tend to have an eclectic and colorful style, which is how they bring good energy with them throughout the day. The way they dress helps them buffer their own aura so they can be around people with funky energy but still feel fabulous. Sometimes they get too caught up trying to impress people with looks since they crave romance and deep friendship and can attract people with their sense of style.

If Piscean women learn to be OK with their own company and not try to please everyone around them, they will have much healthier relationships of all sorts.

To get insights into how a true artist works, read the Pisces career horoscope each day.

Learn More About the Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is easy to fall for, hard to get over, and hard to hold onto. If you think of dating her as having a best friend who you don’t need to control, you’re more likely to have a long term relationship. Just listen to her, let her follow her whims, and be there to enjoy the good times when she wants to engage. If you’re looking to find someone to explore the world with, there’s no one more fun to go on an adventure with because they find fun in the most obscure places.

A Pisces woman is a real gem of a soul that will help you feel loved, inspire you to be kind, and always offer a unique perspective that can help you break out of set ways of thinking and living that can make life feel dull. She sparkles and lives in the clouds and will let you join her if you leave your fears and preconceived notions at the door. The more you learn about this sign, the better your time spent with Pisces will be.

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