Taurus Man: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Male Taurus

Even though Taurus season just ended, it is always important to know what makes a Taurus man tick!

Ruled by the planet Venus, the Taurus man loves to surround himself with beauty, whether that be in his home, art studio or even in his work. Taurus is represented by the bull, which makes sense as integrity and determination are prominent personality traits. The Taurus characteristics, male and female, are summed up well by the symbolism of the bull and ruling planet, Venus. The Taurus man also holds an overarching value system that rules their lives. They tend to value love and beauty, which is often outwardly expressed in their fashion.

The Taurus personality is down-to-earth and easygoing across interactions. Their ruling planet Venus evokes the spirit of the Goddess of Love to help balance out the otherwise stubborn bull. He is a reliable and loyal partner across all relationship types. The Taurus personality in men and women is often depicted as sensual. Their sensuality is directly tied to the planet of beauty and love in terms of what and how the Taurus men create value.

Of course, there is more to each Taurus man than what meets the eye. The characteristics that do not necessarily match the typical Taurus can be discovered through a personalized birth chart reading, which showcases the nuances of the Taurus personality, male and female, by taking a deep dive into the zodiac by learning the placement and meaning of planets and the astrological signs at the time of birth. Birth charts are both an art and a science, which Taurus men can appreciate as it gives you more of an insight on how to understand them.

In this article, you will learn more about the Taurus male, and their traits by exploring symbolism and the Taurus man.

Symbolism & the Taurus Man

One of the significant attributes a Taurus, male or female, is their ability to stay grounded through anything, and this is usually felt by others in their company through their ability to make people around them feel calm. There is something quite peaceful about Taurus men thanks to their Earth sign nature. For them, staying grounded is also exhibited by going out into nature and firmly planting his feet on the ground and taking a deep breath of fresh air. Mother earth, in all of her beauty, is closely in sync with the Taurus personality, both male and female.

Something to understand is that Taurus is one of the zodiac’s Fixed signs. Fixed signs are one of the three qualities by which the zodiac signs are characterized. Taurus helps to provide the stable and reliable can-do spirit to the zodiac. It is here where Taurus male traits take on the quality of trustworthiness. The Taurus man is always happy to help get things done.

In the starry night sky, the bull symbolizes the Taurus man. The bull represents the steady and determined Taurus characteristics, in both male and female. As well as the more negative ones, like stubbornness and sometimes stagnation. In general, the bull is what helps the Taurus man persevere through life.

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Taurus Male Traits

A strong trait that the Taurus man is known for being a stable force in the lives of those surrounding him. He provides a much-needed security to others because he knows how much he requires it himself. He highly values certainty and loves to make others feel this way as well. It is important for him to create a world that meets the security needs of others, especially those who are close to him. Dependability will be found in the home he creates, with silk sheets and slippers for guests.

Taurus men love what feels good for the mind, body and spirit, and believe that is tied to feelings of security. Taurus male traits include patience, dedication, stubbornness, persistence, stability and elegance. There is an undeniable unspoken elegance to the Taurus man, no matter how he chooses to dress. The elegance is less of an appearance and more of a feeling you get when a Taurus man walks into a room.

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Taurus Characteristics Male

In addition, Taurus characteristics, male and female, represent the core of the sign’s character. Taurus male traits, like being sensual, stable and calm, are at the heart of his character. This represents the value system of Taurus men. During difficult situations, the Taurus man seeks peace and has an uncanny ability to exude calmness in these situations. This calmness is welcomed because it not only helps him, but those surrounding him as well.

Taurus Men & Style

Taurus men are the epitome of “je ne sais quois” when it comes to style. They have an elegance to them that is somewhere between the spirit of the earth and a lavish edge. It is not necessarily what they wear but how they present themselves. They are down-to-earth in their approach to the people and world around them, but love the finer things in life, or at least how the finer things in life tend to make a person feel. Uniquely, the Taurus man has a distinct ability to recognize how fine things affect the senses and then personalizes it with his own mark of the earth.

Taurus Male Values

The values one has say a lot about a person. The Taurus personality, in any gender, is generally well received. It is likely because Taurus male traits are often related to others and how Taurus men make people feel, which is directly related to their previously mentioned values. For the Taurus man, dependability is at the core of his values. He values feeling secure and that is accomplished through core values of truth, love and beauty. These values are expressed by his easy-going, cool and collected style.

Relationships with Taurus Men

Out of all the signs in the zodiac the Taurus man is perfect for traditional relationships, especially with a partner who is astrologically compatible with him. He will provide the safety you need to make a relationship work but will also require reciprocation. Taurus men are sensual in the bedroom and understand that love requires an awakening of all of one’s senses to evoke the mind, body and soul. He will also be practical in everyday life obstacles the two of you face and will expect communication grounded in honesty. He is authentic and assumes the same of others. A relationship with Taurus men will be a solid one filled with beauty and love.

Love and the Taurus Personality Male

The Taurus personality, both male and female, is all about love. They will express their love by offering stability and perseverance through obstacles. The Taurus man loves feeling love and wants to share this experience with his partner. Taurus men relate to love through the senses and experience. He even expresses his love on a bad day, though sometimes he can be vain, stubborn and overly cautious.

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Ambitions of the Taurus Man

Getting to know what the Taurus mans ambitions are is necessary to know in order to know how they thrive. They do this by keeping their head down and doing the work that one-day they will achieve their goal. They are persistent and will push through tough times. Their life goal is to have all the finest things and surround themselves with the most beauty they can, which varies from each Taurus.

At times, the Taurus dream may be more overindulgent than what one might expect from this firm-footed Earth sign, but is nevertheless an ambition of the Taurus personality, both male and female, to feel secure and be surrounded by all the finest things.

Careers & the Taurus Man

Careers of the Taurus man is likely to include a career in something that relates to the creative arts, or he will express his creativity his spare time. That does not mean that he is necessarily a creator, he may be the one who helps facilitate creativity for others. In fact, he is best in a high-level supportive role or that of a leader who is out of the spotlight. The Taurus man is a reliable and trustworthy worker bee, which makes leadership appreciate him with raises and helping push him up the ladder. Taurus men are authentic and not likely interested in taking on sales roles they don’t believe in. They want to be able to express their personal truths about a product when asked by a client or customer. Taurus men want an easy-going life and that extends to their career too.

Famous Taurus Men

  • Rami Malek
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • William Shakespeare
  • George Clooney
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Iggy Pop
  • Jet Li
  • Kenan Thompson
  • Channing Tatum
  • Willie Nelson
  • Chris Brown
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • George Strait
  • James Brown
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Bono
  • Al Pacino
  • Noah Centineo
  • 6ix9ine

Understand & Celebrate the Taurus Man in Your Life

When you are aware of all their characteristics and values then you can truly cherish them as a friend or significant other. The Taurus man is definitely one that will always be by your side. Moreover, he will appreciate the little things you do for him and will make sure that you feel safe and secure, who doesn’t want that? Learn to love all his traits and your relationship will flourish.

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