Taurus Daily Horoscope: Tomorrow

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Apr 25, 2024 - Things are about to start coming off a lot clearer, and not a moment too soon. You’ve had messenger Mercury, the buzziest planet of the zodiac, hitting the snooze button in your 12th House for an extended stay as he spent the last few weeks retrograde in this ‘hidden’ sector of your chart.

With Mercury not only stationed here but also in retrograde motion, he was doing just about the bare minimum to help you through life and figure out just what exactly it is you want to say in order to communicate your ideas. Your sign isn’t exactly known for its clear communication, so this transit could have scrambled more than a few signals.

Fortunately, that ends today as Mercury wakes up and begins stretching and doing some yoga poses, getting ready to work his way back up to top speed. It’ll still take a week or two for him to get there, but once he does you’ll be ready to wow ‘em with your next big pitch.

Apr 25, 2024 - The Moon is in Scorpio and in your 7th house of committed partnerships, but it is also squaring Pluto in your 10th house. Having a common project that your work towards with your romantic partner, generally creates a much healthier and successful relationship dynamic.…

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Apr 25, 2024 - What's the nature of your partnerships with those whom you work with? Are you skillful in forming and maintaining those relationships? These are questions to reflect on as the Moon is in Scorpio and in your 7th house of business partnerships. Check in with…

Apr 25, 2024 - Taurus, Mercury in Aries brings a burst of energy to your financial communications. Use this time to assert your financial needs and negotiate effectively. Your direct approach helps you make progress in financial discussions.

Apr 25, 2024 - The more you go inwards, the more you are able to identify areas of your life that are causing you imbalance, Taurus. The Full Moon has brought you powerful realizations. It is time to take a step back and acknowledge how you can now…

Apr 25, 2024 - Life might have felt like a fantasy lately, but not exactly the sensual kind. You’ve had messenger Mercury swimming backwards in your 12th House of the subconscious for the last few weeks, and while the winged communicator has been hitting the snooze button here…

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