The Best Cozy Autumn Activity for Your Zodiac Sign

Every zodiac sign is different, and our differences are what make us beautiful. Like a flickering autumnal leaf, your personality is original and like no one else’s. Just like every individual is unique, how you choose to celebrate and enjoy yourself is unique.

The shifting of the seasons is a magical process for many people in the world, depending on the latitude of their location. Autumn is well-loved for its transitional nature and the feeling you get that everything is morphing and shifting into a new paradigm.

Right now, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are beginning to experience the magic of Fall. Regardless of your sign, there’s a good chance that this shifting of the seasons affects you on both a spiritual and physical level: not only do we have to pull our winter jackets out of the closet, but the shift in weather actually ignites a shift within our own being. When we sense the winds of transformation, our bodies can’t help but join in.

So, what is the best way to indulge in the beauty of autumn? Well, it depends on your Sun sign (click here to grab your free birth chart)! Each of us reacts to different situations with varying emotions—and even your Sun sign isn’t the only sign that determines who you are at your core.

Each sign enjoys life in myriad ways, and today we will explore the most perfect autumnal activity for you, based on your zodiac sign.


Your independence is palpable, Aries—and your willingness to explore your internal realm fills the room. This is a great time to let go of the need for external approval and spend some time approving of yourself. Try taking up writing within a journal or blog to create a perfect, autumnal hobby—and write about your favorite sensations of the season.


You enjoy the finer things in life, and autumn is a sensory overload for you. The smell of burning leaves, pumpkin, and spicy cinnamon is enough to send your senses into a tailspin. Use this time to embrace your sensory indulgence: surround yourself with warm, spicy smells of apple and cinnamon, and breathe in the warm and comforting aromas.


Geminis are a dynamic Air sign that is hard to pinpoint: There are so many aspects to your personality that sticking with one is almost impossible. Embrace your fluid nature and ask yourself which activity most speaks to your soul. You are a transformative individual, and it’s important that you embrace the changes in your own spirit. Our suggestions are to try finding a new cozy hobby that speaks to you like knitting or embroidery (or divination for our witchy Geminis).

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Cancers are a sensitive Water sign that cares deeply for people and a great way you can show your affection during this time is baking! As we enter a more isolating fall, it is important to keep everyone’s spirits up, so spend some time making something sweet and dropping off your tray of brownies or pumpkin spice muffins is the perfect way to spend your time and spread some cheer.


The spark within your personality is enough to start a bonfire—and maybe that’s exactly what you need. As a social creature, this is the best time to spend with your bubble. You don’t even have to come up with a big, Thanksgiving spread. Just spread the warmth in your own backyard and invite your loved ones to come and enjoy the leafy aroma.


You rarely take a break from all your hard work, Virgo. But relaxation is necessary for healthy spirituality! Force yourself to spend some time relaxing in one of your favorite areas of life—nature. This is the perfect time to take a stroll through your favorite park and soak in your very real appreciation for natural beauty. Watch the leaves fall while you let go of any of summer’s hang-ups.


Libras seek beauty, truth, and love above many other aspects of life. Celebrating the fall season for a Libra almost certainly involves some element of beauty: this is the time to explore nature, Libra. Go on a mountain walk with your best friend or plan a socially-distant picnic in the park. The beauty of the falling leaves will speak to your heart.


Scorpios are a mysterious Water sign that almost seem like they were made for fall. You should try to find an activity that will embrace your natural proclivity towards all-things-mysterious. Try to find a spooky movie, book, or game that you can enjoy that will warm up your mysterious Nancy Drew side. This is the perfect time to dive into your love of mystery.


Sagittarius is a Fire sign that clings to their positivity. The autumnal season is as exciting as any other, if not more, for the optimistic Sag. This is the best time to sit down with your list of wonderful goals and narrow them down: think about all the things you want to accomplish in the coming seasons, preferably by a cozy, warm fire, with a cup of hot cocoa.


Capricorn is a family-oriented Earth sign that enjoys spending their time with the people that mean the most to them. And this season happens to offer a lot of opportunities for spending that time with your bubble—try building a bonfire in the backyard and spending the night catching up over video chat with your loved ones. Your conversation will only be enhanced with the warm smell of burning leaves!


Aquarians are an inventive and social Air sign that loves new ideas. This fall, look for new podcasts that you can listen to alone or with someone close or if podcasts aren’t your jam, try writing about the season. It doesn’t matter what style of writing you choose – fiction, journaling, poetry – as long as you are getting your thoughts down, this is the perfect way to channel your fall vibes.


Pisces are the Water-ruled dreamers of the zodiac: your imagination never seems to quit. Embrace that imaginative personality by being creative this season—draw pictures of your favorite autumn tree or write a song about the way the burning leaves smell. Get really into this cozy time – make a cup of tea and light a seasonal candle. You deserve it! As long as you embrace your creativity, your autumnal endeavors will feel fulfilling.

Autumn Leaves

The beauty of autumn does not exist solely within the changing colors of the individual leaves on each tree: part of the beauty exists within the transformation of ourselves. What is important is that you get out of the house and enjoy the magic of fall. Use this beautiful, fall season to embrace every inch of yourself while transforming.

Let your internal light shine like the autumnal, burgundy, glowing sunsets of autumn.

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