Your Weekly Numerology Forecast for August 8 – 14, 2022

Are you ready for your weekly numerology forecast?

Well, we have some exciting news. This is a week brimming with creativity and exciting new endeavors, especially in the realm of love and art!

The benefic planet, Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, will be moving into the bold sign of Leo this week, bringing plenty of new opportunities and grand gestures with her.

Venus in Leo is creative, warm-hearted, and very romantic! In fact, over-the-top gestures are pretty normal, and there’s a sense of wanting to be your brightest and most brilliant.

Creative hobbies are highly sought at this time, and that is why, numerologically speaking, we’ll be looking at your Heart’s Desire number to inform your week.

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What is the Heart’s Desire Number?

As the name suggests, this numerology number is all about what your heart desires—the drive and calling from your soul that is always within you.

The Heart’s Desire number, also known as your Soul Urge number, reminds you of what brings you joy and peace, whether it is in the realm of romance, creativity, career, hobbies, or anything else that features in your life.

The more in touch you are with your Heart’s Desire number, the more you will be able to harness the bold and brilliant energy this week.

This is motivating energy that kicks you into gear and gets you moving. Enthusiasm is infectious at this time, so don’t waste it!

Reminding yourself of your heart’s desire can direct this special energy towards what is most meaningful to you. So take the opportunity while you can!

If you don’t know what your Heart’s Desire number is, use this free Heart’s Desire number calculator now!

Use this Wisdom of Numerology to Guide Your Week

Ready to learn more about how your Heart’s Desire number can help you this week?

Read on to find your number and keep it with you at all times to remind you of how to direct your energy and what your deepest desires are!

Heart’s Desire Number 1

You have a desire to rule over your own life in accordance with what you believe to be right and true.

This week, focus on aspects of your life that are restricting you or holding you back. The things that make you frustrated or lackluster are the areas that need work on.

The vibrant and bold energy this week gives you the courage to break free and express your true authentic self.

Heart’s Desire Number 2

You have a desire for security, peace, and harmony.

As enthusiasm and vibrance bubble over this week, you may be keen to smooth over any conflicts that come your way; but the real message for you this week is to prioritize your needs and allow yourself time for quiet and relaxation.

It’s OK to take time out for yourself and nurture your own needs. In fact, it is essential!

Heart’s Desire Number 3

You have a desire to express yourself in all your creative passion. Therefore, this is a wonderful week for you, and you have enormous potential now! Reach in and focus your energies on your creative endeavors.

You may be surprised at the opportunities that spring your way—but reach out and grab them!

Romantic gestures will also be received favorably, so let the object of your affections know how you feel and use all your creative energy to express yourself!

Heart’s Desire Number 4

You have a desire for order and stability. This week brings the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and use them to bring greater harmony and peace to you and your environment.

You may feel an urge to spruce up your environment or engage in a new health routine. These are great ways to harness the energy this week so let your imagination soar!

Heart’s Desire Number 5

You have a desire for freedom, newness, and adventure. This week brings the chance to meet new people, take up new hobbies and express yourself with new aplomb! You have a powerful sense of reckoning and determination at this time, and the more you allow your creative spirit to express itself, the more adventure will find you.

This is also an exciting time for romantic pursuits!

Heart’s Desire Number 6

You have a desire to help others, and true fulfillment for you comes from exercising your compassion so that others may be free from unhappiness.

Your loving soul benefits from indulging in your creative projects this week. Be it writing, art, music, sculpting, or any form of creativity allows you to express your soul’s message at its highest level.

This is a time for letting loose and reconnecting with the best part of yourself.

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Heart’s Desire Number 7

You have a desire to absorb knowledge and use it to express your highest truth. The energy this week brings you the chance for fascinating discussions with like-minded souls who are on the same wavelength as you.

You have the potential to set the grounding for new projects that can lead to great things, so harness the vibrant energy this week and let your soul speak for itself!

Heart’s Desire Number 8

You have a desire to achieve your goals and conquer any challenges you face. This week brings the opportunity to express yourself to your fullest extent.

Prepare for admirers flocking to you! Your ability to influence is powerful this week, and where you have felt stagnant or disheartened, you will bounce back with new energy.

This is also a powerful time for launching new creative projects.

Heart’s Desire Number 9

You have a desire for philanthropy and making the world a better place. This week, you have the opportunity to express your creative spirit for the betterment of all.

You may have felt restricted in some way from expressing your true authentic self, but this energy allows you to break free and express yourself without worrying about what anyone thinks.

Reach out and harness it, for you have much to offer, and this week brings the opportunity to shine your light!

Let the Lion Within You Roar

Remember that the running theme this week is expressing your true, authentic self boldly and without fear.

However this manifests, remember that the chains that bind you are chains that you can break free from when you choose to. It is our negative mindset that stops us from expressing ourselves freely, but this mindset is within our power to change.

Let the powerful and vibrant energy this week remind you of your Heart’s Desire. Be bold and let the lion within you roar!

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