Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for November 7 – 13, 2022

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Eclipse season is in full swing — are you ready to face the magic of the Moon?

On the 8th, a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in grounded, practical Taurus will especially challenge and call deeply into the hearts of those with placements in the sign of the bull.

Financial stability concerns over our foundations and support systems, and confidence within ourselves as creators, cultivators, and nurturers of our lives can be shaken. However, this isn’t a time to fear, as Lunar eclipses merely shed light on the transformations we need most.

Of course, the exact details can vary depending on your personal situations, needs, and star alignments. What changes are on the horizon for you? Let’s see what the Tarot has to say for the week ahead.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for November 7 – 13, 2022


Ace of Pentacles

Indeed, Aries is focusing on finances and stability and, more particularly, seems interested in planting new seeds of prosperity.

As the Ace of Pentacles hints that the ground is fertile enough to do so, it’s prime time for setting new intentions for you. However, this isn’t about inventing something out of thin air.

We’re dealing with the suit of Earth within the Minor Arcana here — it’s all about what resources already exist and how you can work with them, so don’t jump head-first into action.

Observe, plan, and wait too.


5 of Cups (Reversed)

Taurus, your focus may feel a bit all over the place right now — but know that it’s okay to listen to your heart.

The 5 of Cups is uncomfortable because it shows us fixating on what is going wrong — your insecurities, areas that cause unhappiness, and missed opportunities and losses.

Reversed, you may feel stuck here, or alternatively, you’re tempted to drop it all and ignore what’s happening in your heart. This is a difficult time for many Taurus folks, and it’s important that you hear out your emotions, even if it’s hard or seems “illogical.”


The Lovers

Gemini, choices, crossroads, and emotions running high are abound.

The Lovers is tied to your sign, so you’re well-familiar with its themes. This energy is playful, communicative, and adaptable, just like you.

In other words, it’s capable of shifting quickly, as its youthfulness and roots in the emotional space tend not to be the most predictable factors in the world. Right now, the energy around you is just like this — shifting quickly.

Right now, the best route of action is to roll with the laid-back, adaptable flow rather than trying to approach conversations and decisions with too much seriousness.


6 of Wands (Reversed)

Cancer, it’s time to be the one to pat yourself on the back.

The 6 of Wands reversed indicates that you may be feeling like you’ve been putting in much effort to little avail. No one seems to be matching your energy, meeting your effort where it’s at.

Where is the love and recognition for the lovable Cancer? Well, while it seems to be missing from your peers and the external world around you, you may have to be the one to buy yourself flowers and congratulate yourself for hard work well done.


2 of Wands (Reversed)

You’re the captain of the ship right now, Leo.

But the 2 of Wands reversed warns of going overboard. You may want to leap ahead right now, chart the maps, and get your game plan “just right” at this time.

Unfortunately, the seas may not be ready for you just yet. There’s something to be said for the unknown and the strange factor of timing that isn’t exactly meant to be planned nor charted.

While your ambitions are in the right place, don’t plan everything out yet. Patience is key.


King of Swords (Reversed)

Virgo, this is your sign that, yes, you might be overthinking it.

The King of Swords is a mature intellectual; this figure has all the intel and dirt on everything. They’ve got a plan, they’ve got the insight, and they’re the one calling the shots too.

Reversed, you might be missing one key part in this equation, however. The King of Swords is not actually omniscient — they’re just capable of adapting to new information as it comes, assessing things with an open mind.

You may not be “missing something” this week as you think you are. You just need to remember that it may be more about the joy of solving the riddle versus knowing the answer.

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The Hermit (Reversed)

Are you putting up strong boundaries, or is it a shell, Libra?

AKA: The Hermit reversed calls your solitude into question a bit — your contemplation, your quiet hours, your alone time thoughts, whatever you feel falls into that umbrella.

It might be productive, but it can also be the exact opposite when it occurs in extremes. It’s important that you’re not overthinking or potentially creating barriers rather than just standard private time.


Page of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio, this week will be best served with a slow and steady approach.

The Page of Swords reversed comes through as a bit scattered. Eclipse season may be doing a bit of a number on you, and it’s tempting to let the mind race and try to answer (and ask) hundreds of questions at once.

Some of you may be prone to speaking before thinking, jumping to conclusions, or expecting too much of your problem-solving capabilities at this time.

Slow down, take some deep breaths, and trust that a better time will come for you to wield that sword with more confidence.


The Hanged Man

Sagittarius may be silly and adventurous at times, but the wild archer also has quite a contemplative side to them as well.

The Hanged Man calls upon this side as you spend this week in a reflective pause. You may feel called to pull back from the outside world or see things from an entirely different perspective.

With this card on the table, it’s important to remember that you have enough time to do all of this — there’s no rush to getting anywhere, and this kind of energy is best spent while fully present rather than thinking about what you need to do next.


10 of Cups

Capricorn has been working hard over these past few weeks, and some reward is well in order.

The 10 of Cups provides this in an especially emotional form. For the first time in a while, you may feel more connected to your long-term dreams, intuitively and emotionally, and in a way that feels more authentic.

Remember that these dreams aren’t just dreams. It’s best to trust the feelings you receive at this time and see what insights your intuition and true ambitions have to share with you.

At best, they might illuminate the path to achieving them too.


8 of Pentacles

Aquarius has a very productive week ahead if you’re willing to put in a bit of elbow grease!

When it comes to the 8 of Pentacles, the goods are all in the process of creating, building, and working. This week invites you to experience productivity as a feeling and experience all on its own.

This means not fixating too heavily on the details nor getting lost in the outcome or “what if” scenarios. Even with your idealistic Aquarian nature, now is a time to let yourself just act instead of plan or think.



Pisces is achieving balance (or aiming for it) this week.

Justice comes through with clean, cool objectivity — or at least that’s often what we’re trying to achieve with it on the table. Of course, we’re only human, and there’s only so much pure balance that we can realistically strike.

You may want to sort out your life, schedule, relationships, and so forth this week. This is a great time for planning, but don’t let perfectionism get in the way.

Embracing Eclipse Energy

We may be ready for the energy of an eclipse in theory, but even with the cards laying out the framework ahead, there can always be surprises abound.

So, what can we do?

Of course, there is something to be said about doing your homework and knowing what you’re dealing with. You wouldn’t go into a storm unprepared with summer clothes and no umbrella.

At the same time, there’s also something to be said for adapting to what comes and being receptive to change and the chaos that can be embodied in the eclipse. Your Tarotscope is your weather forecast, but you’re still the one who must decide what raincoat to wear.

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