Make Sure You’re Prepared for 2022 Eclipse Season with this Helpful Guide

A transformative, powerful eclipse is just around the corner! Are you ready?

Each year, we experience myriad Solar and Lunar eclipses, each one bringing with it differing, changing energies. With one eclipse just around the corner and many others to come our way in 2022, this may be the perfect time to talk about eclipse energy and how it affects each sign differently!

You see, eclipses give us the perfect opportunity to revamp our energy, refresh our spirits, and get a brand new start along the journey. Eclipses occur during New Moons and Full Moons, each of which possesses their own unique qualities and represents different, crucial points along the lunar cycle.

For instance, the Solar eclipse taking place on December 4th will accompany a New Moon – the perfect time for a fresh start, a new beginning, and a chance to share your biggest hopes and dreams with the Universe – as the New Moon is the most potent time of the month for powerful manifestations.

This upcoming New Moon will be in the expansive sign of Sagittarius – ruled by benevolent Jupiter – meaning that the energy of change, transformation, and manifestation is even stronger now.

If you want to learn more about this upcoming Solar eclipse, the energy of Lunar and Solar eclipses in general, as well as how they affect your specific Sun sign, keep reading to find out more!

How Does Eclipse Energy Work?

The entirety of the lunar cycle represents one constant: change.

The New Moon and Full Moon are the only phases under which eclipses can occur, and they also represent the two most pinnacle points of change within the cycle of the Moon.

And, like certain lunar phases, Lunar and Solar eclipses tend to come with a flood of new information, whether that information was previously hidden or buried. Everything seems to come rushing up to the surface during these particularly illuminating transits.

However, that information may take anywhere from hours to days to manifest. Think about it – when the Sun or the Moon is eclipsed, it means we can’t see it. Once that eclipsed planet comes back into view, the information that was unavailable to your conscious mind begins to grow more and more accessible.

This also reflects the themes of change and transformation that are native to these kinds of powerhouse transits. It’s only natural that uncovered emotions and surfacing factoids may create a desire to shift certain energies in your life.

In fact, the energy and new information emerging from an eclipse can affect your life for anywhere up to six months later, maybe even longer. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of this energy while it’s here – learn how to work with these eclipse traits to make them benefit you.

The only thing you have to worry about is acknowledging your emotions and living your truth.

Yet, even with all of these preparations, there are some Sun signs that simply do not flow smoothly with the waves of an emotional eclipse. If you learn this about yourself, moving through eclipses and their transformative energy will become easier and more beneficial than ever!

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Upcoming Eclipse Cycles

You can either mark these dates down in your favorite planner. Please note these dates reflect transits occurring in Eastern Standard Time.

  • December 4th (2021) – New Moon in Sagittarius, Total Solar Eclipse
  • April 30th (2022) – New Moon in Taurus, Partial Solar Eclipse
  • May 16th (2022) – Full Moon in Scorpio, Total Lunar Eclipse
  • October 25th (2022) – New Moon in Scorpio, Partial Solar Eclipse
  • November 8th (2022) – Full Moon in Taurus, Total Lunar Eclipse

Our soonest eclipse occurs on December 4th, alongside a New Moon in Sagittarius. This is a time to focus on how you wish to and can practically expand your worldview and mindset.

And with the eclipses of 2022 sharing the signs of Scorpio and Taurus, there may be revealed information in the areas of your life most affected by these placements in your birth chart.

It’s particularly powerful to take notes during these transits – perhaps in an astrology journal or notebook of lunar phases and their effect on you. Make note of information revealed during these times, that information’s effect on your emotional center, and your feelings on these days.

This process can not only help you keep track of the stars’ influence on your energy, but it can also help you pay more attention to emerging patterns in your life. Between your astrology journal and our free Daily Horoscopes, you’ll have everything you need to make 2022 your best year ever!

Now, let’s take a look at the effect of these mystical eclipses on you, based on your Sun sign!

Eclipse Personality by Zodiac Sign

Aries – Driven by Passion

You aren’t afraid of change, Aries – in fact, you love the sense of a fresh start. This means that eclipses can be an especially healing time for you, particularly if you embrace your passion. As a Fire sign, you are driven by your passion for certain projects, meaning that those projects that ignite the spark within will always receive more attention to detail than the ones that feel like a chore.

An eclipse can be an excellent time for you to determine which areas of activity light your fire and keep in burning. And while it can be painful or scary, you’re certainly fierce enough to be able to let go of those things in your life that doesn’t inspire you from within.

Take control by learning to trust your intuition and follow your spirit’s sense of enthusiasm.

Taurus – Embracing Change

You know yourself how many wonderful traits accompany the sign of Taurus, a cool, steady Earth sign that’s as sensual as it is driven. Yet, as an Earth sign, you prefer your well-crafted routines and rituals over the discomfort of change.

It’s time for you to learn to embrace those shifting energies, however, because two of the eclipses we’ll experience this year occur in your Sun sign, triggering many areas of your life.

Your biggest challenge is prioritizing self-care while learning to stretch your spirit and prepare for changes. Remember that the Universe must make room in your life for those big dreams that you’re working on manifesting.

Connect with Mother Nature to feel even more centered during these emotional eclipses.

Gemini – Feeling the Feelings

You’re no stranger to self-expression, Gemini, but speaking your truth becomes more difficult when you aren’t sure what that truth is. The beauty of eclipses – beyond the emotional aspect that might send your skin crawling – is that you will learn more about yourself and your deepest desires than ever before if you know how to pay attention.

One thing you’ll have to do is allow the emotions that emerge during these transits to be felt wholly and fully.

Instead of trying to think through your feelings (just like an Air sign) or allowing yourself to launch into story mode, you’ll benefit far greater from allowing the emotions to express themselves, even if you only express them creatively.

Experiencing and releasing these feelings helps you locate your dreams, desires, and your truth.

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Cancer – Enhancing Intuition

As a Water sign, your intuitive prowess is naturally amplified – but that doesn’t mean that every Cancer on Earth is connected and listening to their intuition.

Eclipses are the perfect time to dig deep into your well of intuition, especially as emotions are heightened and your ruling planet – the Moon – is already affecting your energy during an eclipse. It is crucial that you pay attention to the emotions that hit hardest. Expect sparks of intuition to hit like a flash of lightning.

When you deepen your connection to your intuitive center, it becomes much easier to navigate life and move like fluid water down a magical stream. Your instincts can lead you to opportunities and experiences that you never imagined possible.

Leo – Facing the Shadow

Leos love the spotlight, but it doesn’t matter how bright and shiny your personality is. You have to deal with your shadow side just like the rest of us.

Fortunately, your internal fire provides some light in the dark – but these eclipses are going to trigger wounds that may need more healing than you originally thought. What’s important is that you engage those feelings and work as an active participant in the healing.

In time and with practice, you may even come to regard your shadow as a familiar friend. Allow yourself to spend a few moments in the dark with your shadow during eclipse season to ensure that your light shines bright the rest of the year!

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Virgo – The Big Picture

As a Virgo, you’re accustomed to your forensic-level attention to detail – you can see down to the finest element. Yet, an emotional and illuminating transit such as an eclipse asks you to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

Sure, your perfectionism comes in handy at times, but there are other moments that encourage you to consider the whole. This is a great time to consider—how are these small details fitting into your emotional and spiritual self in a broader way?

While you may prefer to skim over the more emotional revelations inherent in eclipse season, it’s time to dig in and let these feelings mark their place in the scheme of your life. Once you broaden your view, you may notice bits of magic that you might have otherwise overlooked.

Libra – Uncovering Imbalances

One of the most important themes of the Libra is balance – and maintaining balance in a world that can often feel topsy-turvy is no easy feat.

And while the emotional intensity of an eclipse can feel like it throws you off of your center, these transits are perfect for uncovering any imbalances that exist in your life, allowing you to identify toxic relationships or bad habits and effectively release them.

Sometimes a sense of being off-balance is necessary for creating the peaceful, centered life you’ve always dreamed of. Trust the Universe and the process.

Scorpio – Considering Karma

Eclipse season often pokes at our sense of karmic debt and retribution, and you may feel the need to cleanse yourself during these enlightening eclipses, Scorpio. Righting any wrongs that may feel present in your life becomes even easier when information and feelings resurface and exist right out in the open, giving you the opportunity to address and resolve any issues that might have been bothering you.

When you clear your karma with others, you’re left with a sense of rejuvenation and redemption that combine to create the perfect recipe for manifestation. Open your heart to others and allow yourself to acknowledge their pain as well as your own.

Sagittarius – Honing Your Craft

Sagittarius is the perpetual jack of all trades, pointing its arrow at any goal or creative project that tickles its fancy on a given day. But eclipses strip away distractions, allowing you to pay attention to detail and determine which passions speak to the creative voice within.

If you use the informative, expansive energy of eclipses to your advantage, they can be a time to learn about yourself and hone your craft.

Pay attention to the activities that bring you peace and calm during these emotionally stirring transits. You may discover the new creative endeavor you’ve long been searching for.

Capricorn – Emotional Rebirth

There’s no denying that you work hard, Capricorn. In fact, yours is a sign synonymous with the concepts of responsibility and motivation, but all that work leaves little time for things like self-care and experiencing rather than repressing emotions.

When was the last time you had a good cry, Cap? Eclipses provide ample opportunity for emotional experience, and consequently, emotional rebirth.

We might all prefer to avoid unpleasant emotions in favor of productive action, but taking the time to explore your emotional side can lead to more motivation and success than ever before. Let your heart sing its song.

Aquarius – Transformation Station

You’re no stranger to change, Aquarius, as you’re always looking for newer, better directions and approaches to your big ideas. But that doesn’t mean you always embrace change when it’s not your own idea. But that’s what eclipses are all about – highlighting what’s not working and activating your intuition to give you fresher, more exciting ideas for the future.

All you have to do is create a willingness within yourself to go with the flow of the Universe. Don’t push against the winds of these eclipses, but fly along with them. These exciting ideas might just surprise you!

Pisces – Stepping Into The Light

You have a well-established relationship with your emotions as the dreamiest, most sensitive Water sign of the zodiac. But yours is a wave of emotions that remains hidden in the crevices of the ocean, and eclipse seasons urge you to let the light of the Universe shine on your clandestine waters, Pisces.

Self-expression is one of the best ways for you to share your deepest self with the world, which is perfect given your creative nature.

Eclipses are all about you embracing your emotions and stepping into the light with them. Your feelings are not to be hidden away but rather infused into the world around you.

Make 2022 Eclipses Work For You!

While eclipses may affect us all a bit differently, they are a time of revelation for all of us. What matters most is how you handle the information and emotions that spring to life under this planetary influence.

These transits, when utilized properly, can instill monumental, magical changes in your life – all you have to do is learn how to work with them!

How will you make the most of these whispers from the Universe?

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