Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for October 3 – 9, 2022

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As the spooky air of October swings more into focus, we’re ready to embrace Libra season with open arms and lift the veil to autumn harvest blessings.

This week, Pluto will go direct on the 8th after a retrograde that has been dominating most of our year thus far, bringing its roughly 5-month reign to an end. Additionally, we’ll be seeing a Full Moon in Aries on the 9th, closing our week out with a Fiery bang.

It feels like the chill of autumn is kicking in with more force, as do the changes and transformations that we might anticipate — and the stars spell them out too.

For confirmation and clarification, we’ve checked in with the Tarot for your weekly Tarotscope for the full picture of what this all means!

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What Will the Tarot Predict for your Zodiac Sign this Week?


Knight of Wands

Aries is still on a Fiery roll this week, as you have been for a while.

But, of course, what else is new for the bold ram?

The Knight of Wands shows you coming in hot — you’re feeling motivated, creative, and ready to kick into full gear. This drive and ambition are great, but it does need a viable goal or vision in which to be channeled.

Remember that productivity or excitement for the sake of it isn’t always as productive as it seems without the right vision to match up to it!


The Hierophant

Taurus is flowing with their intuitive yet stable senses this week.

The Hierophant captures a lot of things you’re already naturally good at — holding down the fort when it comes to being a figure of wisdom and stability for others.

It’s also a card of intuitive and spiritual prowess; however, it just so happens to house that knowledge within a framework that makes practical sense. And this week is about you continuing to bridge that gap and find the processes and foundations that make sense for you!



Gemini is having a moment of reflection and perhaps even a profound realization this week.

With Judgement on the table, you’re examining what’s real and what’s not. Everything is a bit clearer as you’ve “zoomed out” to see the bigger picture, perhaps trying to be more objective with your point of view.

This is a phenomenally productive card for decision-making and self-reflection, although it doesn’t demand that you call all the shots right here and now.

Let yourself sit in its wisdom, and take your time to view things fairly and truly.

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Cancer has been fighting uphill battles lately, but this week you’re finding your balance again.

With Justice, you’re aiming to find your footing again — factoring in objective and subjective perspectives, considering your values, and remembering what the bigger picture at hand might be.

Most importantly, this is a card both of action and thought.

Let yourself plan and think things through logically, but remember that justice and balance are also actions — things that we do and carry out in our lives.


Knight of Pentacles

A message of goodwill and practical goodness is on the horizon for Leo.

The Knight of Pentacles bestows upon a message for some, hinting at an important literal message to keep your ears peeled for (perhaps an offer or a gesture of good faith).

For others, you may be the Knight itself, being the practical, reasonable, and down-to-earth figure that others are needing right now (and perhaps the person who needs you the most… is you).

Whatever the case, this grounding energy is gracing your week, Leo!

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The Moon

Virgo has a haze of confusing fog and intuitive whirlpools sitting at their feet this week.

This may sound strange or dramatic, but The Moon has this tendency to cloak your life with an air of mystique no matter what. Right now, you may experience potent dreams, strange synchronicities, or disconnection from your day-to-day reality.

As a Full Moon is on the way this week, pay special attention to the feelings and insights that arise during this time.

You may not understand them yet, but they may be the key to something later!


10 of Pentacles (Reversed)

It’s been multiple weeks of rebalancing and juggling for Libra, but the full picture is finally coming into focus.

The 10 of Pentacles hints at the long-term vision and success that you may be aiming for but haven’t yet seemed to stumble into. Lately, it’s seemed more like you move one step forward and two steps back.

Reversed, it’s clear that not everything is in motion yet. But even this reversal is a welcome change to your otherwise repetitive recent cards, and it urges you to reflect earnestly on what you want in the future ahead.


3 of Cups (Reversed)

Scorpio, we have one key reminder for you this week: three’s a crowd.

The 3 of Cups is usually a delight, hinting at lighthearted affections and fun and friendship (or perhaps a little flirtation), but its reversal here feels like a case of “too much of a good thing.”

This week, it’s important that you don’t bite off more than you can chew when it comes to your connections with others. “Casual and fun” may be tempting, but you and those surrounding you right now may be more prone to miscommunication and disconnect.

While you don’t have to isolate yourself completely, just be clear and upfront, and do your best to skate around gossip and drama.


6 of Swords (Reversed)

Sagittarius, the road ahead seems rocky, but it’s still a good one for you to walk upon.

The 6 of Swords hints that you have something to be moving toward, although its reversal indicates that you’re hesitant to commit fully. This may involve leaving something behind in order to pursue this new venture, which is why it can seem daunting or unappealing.

Be sure that when you make decisions and commitments this week, you don’t come from a place of fear.

It’s important to let yourself take some risks and move forward with a bit of boldness… in true Sagittarian style.

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5 of Cups

Capricorn may be inclined to gaze over spilled milk, so to speak.

We all know that the wise goat tends to be a bit of a perfectionist, but the 5 of Cups shows that you’re looking at areas where loss, failure, or mistakes were made probably a bit too much.

There’s something to be said for allowing yourself to process your emotions and mourn any genuine losses. However, it’s also important that you don’t fixate too heavily on these to the point of missing out on the beauty that also exists around you.

When you’re ready, know that there are other opportunities to attend to.


4 of Wands

Aquarius, this week is a great one to hone in on friends, family, and loved ones.

The 4 of Wands is always lovely celebratory energy to see, especially after hard times where it feels earned (and you have earned this). Now is a good time to rejoice with those that you care about, spread a little love (and be receptive to receiving it, too).

If you’re not sure who to spend this fun and joyous energy with, consider cultivating friendship with yourself, your surroundings (like local plants and trees), or the Universe itself.

Or, maybe in true eclectic Aquarius fashion, you’ll be doing a bit of all of the above!


Knight of Cups

For you, Pisces, now is a lovely time for romance, creativity, and perhaps wearing your heart a little more on your sleeve.

The Knight of Cups embodies all of these energies in a very confident form; this figure doesn’t always get it right, but they’re willing to try! That’s the attitude that’s worth carrying into the week ahead.

You’ve always been a sweet, compassionate, and intuitive soul. It’s time to show up with those parts of yourself just as you normally would, but with a bit more confidence to back it up now too.

Autumn Breeze, October Ease

The month of October is still unfolding in its beginning stages, and autumn now enters a time of harvest and chillier, spookier times.

As much as it may feel like things are just beginning, at the same time, it can strangely feel like things are coming to a close as well. Winter is only around the corner, and we are entering the last stretch of 2022 itself.

It’s important to come into the month with as much of an open, clear mind as possible, of course, but it’s also good to remember that we are slowing down, and sometimes those new goals and passions may come with change and the decay of old energy in our life.

These things can seem uncomfortable and daunting, but remember: ultimately, the rhythms of the Universe and the Earth around us only serve to provide us with the foundations for growth and proper transformation that we need.

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