What Will Happen When Pluto Goes Retrograde in Capricorn?

Get ready for a slowdown to adjust to the massive transformations of the recent past! Pluto retrograde begins tomorrow in the Earth sign of Capricorn.

Pluto is the transformer planet, and when it is in retrograde, you actually get a chance to take a moment, catch your breath, and get used to the massive changes that have come about.

And, well, there have been a LOT of major changes lately, so this is actually the perfect time for Pluto retrograde!

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Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is a slow-moving dwarf planet that spends many, many years in one sign. Currently, it’s moving through Capricorn.

Pluto governs transformations, and this is different from Uranus and the change that comes with that planet. The changes that come with Uranus can be more superficial, impulsive, and may not last once Uranus has moved on.

Pluto, on the other hand, wants massive transformations that go all the way down to the roots and will last for many years to come, long after Pluto is gone.

Pluto governs power and control and wants you to have control over the power you have. Power that is wielded unwisely and for the bad leads to total destruction. Power that is wielded for the common good leads to massive growth and understanding.

Pluto loves to rip apart structures in our lives on a personal level as well as in the world. They tend to be structures that aren’t actually doing us any good, that have needed to be ripped down for a long time but we’ve resisted doing so, and Pluto comes in and does the work for us. This can be unsettling and scary.

Oh yes, Pluto also rules fear! Pluto is the darkness inside of us, the depths we try to avoid traveling, and the demons we ignore. Light is needed, and we have to face it if we want any kind of chance to thrive.

Pluto is the natural ruling planet of Scorpio, an emotional Water sign full of depths and mystery, and a Fixed sign that gets stuck on whatever it’s interested in.

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An illustration of the planet Pluto in space. It is small, grey, and space is depicted as blackness.

What is a Retrograde?

A planet (or asteroid) is called retrograde when it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac from our view here on Earth. It isn’t actually moving backward, and just appears that way.

This backward motion reverses the natural energy of the planet, so we don’t experience the energy in the same way.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrogrades tend to impact us the most since they are personal planets and their retrogrades are shorter. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde for months at a time every year, so the impact of their retrogrades tend to be more subtle.

Unless the retrograde is specifically impacting your birth chart – then it’s going to be huge!

You also tend to feel the retrograde more if the planet is the natural ruling planet of your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign. In the case of Pluto, this means a Scorpio Sun, Moon, or Rising. You may feel off in a subtle way over the coming months, and need to be gentler on yourself.

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What does Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Mean?

Pluto is retrograde in 2022 from April 29th to October 8th entirely in Capricorn. This is a time to acknowledge what is in front of you, what needs to be addressed, everything that has come to pass, and do something about it. Take it into your being and into your life—you can’t run away from it.

The more you embrace this period and all that you’ve experienced, the easier it can be to come out of the dark. You can gain a better understanding of yourself and situations, and you can find solutions that you’ve been searching for.

Remove the curtain that’s been obscuring your view. Shine a light and see what’s been hiding in the dark. See what’s been there all along.

This can impact most the direction our lives are going in, the goals we have, and the foundation we’re building for the future. We can see the big picture right now with greater clarity, and this can help you craft better long-term plans of action.

The foundation for your future should be solid and strong, and not built on lies, deceit, or denial. You have the opportunity to set yourself up for many years to come if you do this the right way.

Your Sign’s Pluto Retrograde Horoscopes

Let’s have a look at how each zodiac sign will be impacted by Pluto’s retrograde period in Capricorn for 2022.


Pluto retrograde can be your time to focus on where you’re going and how you’re getting there, Aries. You can appreciate the slowing, and work to understand how things have developed so far so you know what to do moving forward.

You can make changes in your approach, and this can help you with new opportunities. As you start to get a clearer picture of your path, you can forge even better plans.


Pluto retrograde can help you with expansion and exploration in your life, Taurus. You may find it easier to deal with what has expanded already, and this adjustment can open up even more opportunities for you to have new experiences to learn from and grow.

The more you learn, the more you can control the experiences you have. You can feel empowered and have a strong belief.


Pluto retrograde targets what you hold deep inside of you, Gemini. You’ve likely been storing away anything you don’t want to deal with, and can take the time now to give it attention and find a way to work it out.

You may become clearer about the transformations you need to embrace or get started with, and you can see how this can help you long-term. You can become comfortable with your power and take control.


Pluto retrograde can help you adjust to changes you’ve experienced in your relationships, Cancer. You can see where things have improved, and appreciate the strong connections you’ve managed to form.

Fights for power and control have likely been more common for you, and you can take a step back and see what you need to do better with, and what you shouldn’t bother wasting your time fighting about.


Pluto retrograde helps you adjust to big changes you’ve experienced in your work or daily life, Leo. You can find ways to take more control and work on being healthier in every way.

This could also be a good time to work on stress and try to find healthy, positive outlets. This can help you to feel more powerful, and you can be less prone to any outbursts.


Pluto retrograde can help you connect to your heart, Virgo. You can make more time for who and what you love, and remind yourself to be more joyful and playful, less serious and sour.

You can adjust to major changes you’ve experienced with loved ones or with your hobbies, and this can help you find more personal power and control. You can be even more committed.


Pluto retrograde helps you to get at your core, your internal foundation, and your emotional needs, Libra. You can find what you need for security, and you can understand old emotional issues and strengthen yourself internally.

Changes you’ve experienced at home or with family can be adjusted, and you can feel more connected to those you think of as family and the places that feel like home.


Pluto retrograde allows your mind to get a breather, Scorpio. You can make use of your mental energy well, and focus on the ideas you’re passionate about, but have an easier time not going overboard with it.

Since Pluto is your ruler, you can feel a little off over these months, and need to go easy on yourself, especially mentally. Take some more time to get things done or make things happen, and try looking at situations or plans in a different light to get more insights.


Pluto retrograde can help you adjust to the massive changes you’ve had to deal with in recent times, Sagittarius. You can focus on what it is you need for security, and give that more of your priority, while also making sure it’s not something superficial.

You can shed some of the superficiality and materialism, and realize what you haven’t done right and need to change. This can help you make better decisions and plans, and move along confident in yourself.


Pluto retrograde in your sign has been a regular theme for you for some time, Capricorn, though that it going to end soon. You understand that this is a time to adjust to everything, become comfortable with personal power, and take control of passionate energy, and put it all to good use.

You can slow things down a little now to make time for adjustments, and you can focus on any small changes in your plans or approach that will help you later.


Pluto retrograde can be a time to adjust to the quiet transformations you’ve undergone, Aquarius. You can be more introspective, and focus on what you need to let go of that still remains after all of this time and is no longer necessary.

This clearing out and understanding of the past can be incredibly helpful for you once Pluto begins to move into your sign next year. Prepare, and position yourself to be in a good starting point once that kicks off.


Pluto retrograde can help with adjusting to the changes you’ve experienced with your dreams and future, Pisces. You may feel more empowered to pursue what you hope for, and you can make use of personal power and control to make progress.

Change overall can be something you embrace, and you can see how they lead to major transformations when combined. You can focus on changes that will lead to that.

What Happens After Pluto Retrograde 2022?

Pluto retrograde starts and ends with some very helpful energy, and it begins sextile Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. Sextiles are beneficial energy, and Venus and Jupiter are actually conjunct (aligned) the day after (April 30th).

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces is lovely energy, pleasant, sweet, creative, imaginative, and compassionate. With Pluto retrograde starting at a beneficial angle to them, Pluto helps support this energy, and we can be passionate about being diplomatic, empathetic, and creative.

With Venus ruling our relationships, we can also have an easier time dealing with others, and find ways to come together in peace and harmony. We can focus on happy partnerships.

Pluto retrograde ends trine Mercury in Virgo and widely sextile Neptune in Pisces. Trines, like sextiles, are beneficial energy, and Mercury retrograde ends on October 2nd (6 days before Pluto retrograde ends) trine Pluto, so this is in effect from late September to about October 10th (when Mercury leaves Virgo).

Learn more about the 2022 retrograde guide for all the information you need to understand the planetary transits this year.

This is more positive energy coming out of Pluto retrograde, and we can make use of passionate ideas with Mercury, and control intuition with Neptune. This can also be creative energy, like with the start. It’s just all around very good!

This Pluto retrograde is so much nicer thanks to the lovely start and end. That’s amazing considering this is one of the last Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn (Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023).

When we’re at the end of a transit like this, we’re tying up loose ends, finishing what we started, understanding what has come to pass, and readying for the future. All of the hard and smart work can pay off, all of the transformations can sow their seeds, and we can reach a culmination.

Since this Pluto retrograde is pretty nice, all of this should hopefully come with positive developments. Make sure you’ve been transforming with Pluto, and the power you need can be within your grasp.

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