12 Dependable Affirmations for Taurus Season

If you’ve needed a bit of a breather, Taurus season is finally here to provide that sweet moment of rest and relaxation.

We already eased into the sensual Taurus energy on April 19th, and the reliable bull rules over us until May 20th. Whether or not you loved or hated the fire and spark of Aries season, we all need balance in our lives, and Taurus season is here to tip the scales back in favor of structure and stability.

And whether or not you’re a Taurus yourself, everyone can take advantage of its prosperous and comforting energy with some healing affirmations.

Let’s discover all the good stuff about Earthy Taurus and then meditate on affirmations that can help us proceed into the season!

A new zodiac season means new energy! Make sure to check in on your daily horoscope for all the insights.

What is Taurus Energy?

In its classic stereotypical depictions, Taurus are known for their love of food and comforts. Maybe that’s not always entirely unfounded, but there’s more to the sweet-natured and sensual bull than people sometimes notice.

As an Earth elemental (like Capricorn and Virgo), Taurus naturally has a deep connection to the physical world like its Earthy companions. With this comes that sense of responsibility and understanding of hard work that Earth signs are known for.

This, combined with Taurus’s Fixed quality, gives the bull a uniquely devoted flair. With a one-track focus, Taurus can hone in on the details of what makes something beautiful and comfortable and truly take in all the glory of the Earth around them.

This is what makes Taurus energy so truly abundant, comforting, and contagious with its beauty — so now, let’s put it to good use!

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12 Affirmations to Try

1. “I See Beauty Everywhere.”

Part of the power of Taurus is to recognize beauty in all things.

It’s from this that it gets a reputation for loving the finer things in life, as it recognizes quality when it sees it. But more than that, it’s really about acknowledging beauty everywhere.

Take on that lens yourself this Taurus season to see what it’s really all about!

2. “I Cultivate Beauty Everywhere.”

And more than just an appreciator of beauty, Taurus can easily help cultivate it as well.

Often, Taurus gets associated with the Empress in the Tarot, as she creates and nourishes abundance around her. You can easily channel this nourishing energy in Taurus season for yourself — use this affirmation to take those first steps!

3. “I Allow Myself to Enjoy Freely.”

According to Taurus, to consume and enjoy freely is not materialism or hedonism but simply an act of self-love.

Sometimes we prevent ourselves from really soaking in physical pleasures because we don’t want to be too greedy or materialistic. It’s true that “too much of a good thing” is never ideal, but it’s also true that depriving yourself of enjoying things is unhealthy too.

This Taurus season, enjoy… enjoying things! Let yourself bask in the glory of Earth’s lovely resources.

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4. “My Reliability is Easily Extended.”

One of the most admirable and appreciated traits of Taurus is its reliability. As a devoted and loyal person, Taurus is often a beloved friend.

To take advantage of this dependable energy, use this affirmation and envision yourself sharing your reliable actions and gifts with others.

5. “My Love is Contagious.”

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurus is well-acquainted with love.

Aside from its reputation as a romantic, however, the true essence of Taurus’ loving nature comes from a pure place of sharing goodwill and beauty with others.

Allow that energy to flow within you this Taurus season and extend the love that’s within to those you care about — and beyond!

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6. “I Find Comfort in the Details.”

Taurus is known for being a bit of a homebody.

While you could let the humdrum of Taurus season become something that bores you, Taurus would embrace routine comforts and smaller victories in life as a positive. Allow yourself to thrive in the seemingly mundane and find comfort in the small comforts in life.

7. “I am a Force of Optimism.”

Although Taurus may not be known for its excitable or enthusiastic qualities, there is certainly a kind of gentle optimism to the bull.

As an encouraging and loving friend, as well as a strong believer in their ability to get things done, there is definitely an optimistic flair to Taurus that we can all tap into.

8. “I Balance Resilience & Rest.”

The real key to Taurus’s manifestation power? Balancing work and play.

Both a lover of enjoying the material and appreciating the hard work that it takes to achieve it, Taurus teaches us how to healthily go after our goals.

It may not always be the perfect balance in practice (there’s always room for improvement!), but the essence of this energy is certainly all around us in Taurus season, waiting for us to tap into.

9. “I Persevere Through Unexpected Changes.”

While there are many things that Taurus succeeds within, unexpected changes are not usually one of them.

However, as change is really the only constant we have, it’s inevitable that we’ll come across some form of change — yes, even in grounded Taurus season.

Use this affirmation to prepare yourself for unexpected changes, and remind yourself that the strength of the bull can always persevere.

10. I Fight for What Matters

Of all members of the zodiac, the steady bull is known for its steadier and calmer demeanor.

But that doesn’t mean that Taurus lies down peacefully when it matters. This sign is fiercely protective and loyal to their loved ones, especially if you’ve already committed to them in some way.

Use this affirmation to channel that protective and caring spirit in times of need.
Our grudges and tendency to hold onto the past can sometimes be what prevents us from making real progress.

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11. I Forgive & Let Go of Grudges

Unfortunately, the strong-willed bull sometimes has difficulty letting go. After all, they’re a steady force of nature, but this means being occasionally single-minded about it.

So, use this affirmation to channel forgiveness and challenge any stubbornness that comes up for you during this Taurus season.

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12. “I am Strong, Sensual, & Dependable.”

And finally, affirm some of the most beloved qualities of Taurus to step into for yourself.

Within each zodiac sign, we can uncover beautiful character traits and qualities that can inspire us to grow and be better, or perhaps we’ll find more common ground with a sign than we thought.

For Taurus, we can appreciate the willpower, beauty, and dependability that the bull so easily encapsulates.

Trusting in Taurus Power

While there are other reliable, strong-willed signs of the zodiac, it is in Taurus season that we experience both strength and softness.

With both supportive energy for those around us and a healthy dose of self-love, we can find nourishing and powerful energy within this zodiac season that can bring light to both ourselves and others.

And by using these affirmations, you can tap into that power at any time!

What are some of your favorite ways to foster self-love and comfort during Taurus season?

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