Weird Dreams & What They Mean with Venus Opposite Neptune

​The planet of dreams, Neptune, is opposing the planet of love and beauty, Venus, which can bring about fantasy dreams or ideas that aren’t grounded in reality about how you need to sacrifice for love. Do not let your dreams make you think you need to settle in order to have love people! Let’s look at this a little deeper so you don’t misinterpret the likely vivid dreams that are going to pop into your dream space.

First, let’s note a very important aspect of dream interpretation that most people don’t know – that everything and everyone in your dream represents a part of your psychological self almost all the time. So most of the time, seeing a famous person or an ex doesn’t mean the Universe wants you to marry them. Rather it’s revealing an aspect of your own thoughts and energy that needs to be seen for healing or growth.

Next, we need to know exactly when this is happening, right? This opposition occurs on September 4, 2019. An opposition is a challenging aspect where there is some sort of struggle between the two that are facing off. This tug of war is between our sense of romance and our fantasies and imagination, so this could spark some strange dreams. This is a great opportunity to get to know these two planets, the signs they are in, and see how this opposition may reveal some deeper truths within you that you can use through your weird dreams.

Venus in Virgo Effects

Venus is the planet of love and art. It rules our senses and our sense of romance. When Venus opposite is in Virgo, which is an Earth sign, it makes us want to fix things in regards to appearance and love. You may be critical of yourself during this time, thinking you need to be perfect in order to have love or you may be overly critical of your partner, thinking they just aren’t good enough. Your dreams will often reveal emotions you’re not dealing with in regards to identity and insecurities so you may have dreams where you show up without your clothes on or your teeth have fallen out.

Not looking perfect is a deep-rooted insecurity that may play out in your dreams. If you feel like you are dreaming about people who look perfect because you secretly desire them, remember, it actually represents a part of you, not someone else. You will be free when you release the need to look perfect and know that your attraction comes from being kind and positive which makes you radiant. You may have someone pop into your dream for a time period that made you think you’re just not good enough to deserve a happy loving partner. If that is still buried in your subconscious, it will come to light so you can recognize it and release it.

Neptune in Pisces Effects

Neptune rules the Water sign of Pisces and we usually have more vivid and obscure dreams when Neptune is in this sign. By the way, Neptune stays in a sign for 14 years and entered Pisces on February 3, 2012 and will remain until October 22, 2025. Pisces is an artsy and emotional sign so we expect dreams about water to be prevalent. However, we also expect dreams that are about creativity and spiritual significance that evoke strong feelings with Neptune in this sign. Neptune helps us open our intuition and expand our spiritual awareness.

We may find that there is a need for freedom, as Pisces in Neptune offers, but that may be conflicting with our need to have a plan or practicality in regards to either our love or our self-expression. That means you may feel a deep urge to be more spiritual, yet a similar pull to let the logic side of your brain ground you through your senses into the ‘real world.’ Feeling like there is a pull in opposite directions could lead to dreams about being unsure or feeling lost. Emotional feelings that are under the surface show up as weather or cars driving out of control.

Likely Dreams and What They Mean

It’s fun to notice how the planetary movement affects our dream state. For example, people often have very vivid dreams around the time of the Full Moon. While we can’t predict the exact dreams you’re going to have, you can at least be prepared for some of the themes that may pop up for healing in your subconscious like these.

Seeing Details More Vividly

It can be fun to have a full-blown movie when you sleep and this can certainly allow you to see more of the details because we are tuned into our emotions. Don’t get hung up on details or try to extract meaning from every single thing or you’ll overwhelm yourself.

Other Worldly Aspects

You may see that the laws of gravity or time are not present in your dream and you may encounter special abilities which are fun to explore. If you have dreams where you’re flying, for example, your dream is showing you that you can go for your dreams and be successful.

Seeing People You’re Not Dating

If you find yourself seeing other people in your dreams, it’s not that you aren’t faithful to your partner, it’s something you would like to develop in yourself that the person you see has. For example, seeing a famous comedian means you can bring out your sense of humor to lighten up.

Trying To Fix or Save Someone

If you find you are unable to help someone you care about in your dreams and you wake up feeling bad for them, this is the quintessential loving Pisces and helping Virgo. You can’t fix everything and your dreams are there to tell you to stop trying to save everyone.

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Closing Thoughts

This brings us to some final thoughts about this opposition, which is that anything you dream about now might make you overly indulgent in your fantasies and think that people you dreamed about are your long lost soul mates when they actually wouldn’t even be great dating material. Remember to interpret dreams as a mirror, not as a prediction of your future.

If you find yourself having anxiety about faithfulness or not being good enough, look at it as a beautiful blessing which you can recognize and release once and for all. Remember, when we indulge in fantasies we are often just trying to escape a fear that makes us feel we cannot fully love or enjoy our lives. When we look at the fear, let it go, and work to raise our vibration, we can get back to feeling good in every moment and not just when we are receiving adoration from doting eyes.

If you want to keep a dream journal to further explore your subconscious, it would be fun to look at our astrology calendar to see how your dreams differ depending on what the major planetary movements are. You can also use our dream dictionary to unlock the symbolism of things like colors, animals, houses, cars and more. You will start looking forward to sleeping when you dive into the hidden freedom that the messages in your dreams hold!

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