What is the Significance of Black Holes in Astrology?

​While many of us are familiar with the effects of the stars and the planets upon our astrological identity, there are many other celestial entities for us to navigate that can hold significance over our personalities.

Meteors, moons, and black holes all interact with the planets and constellations that influence us, but not everybody spends time learning how these factors can have a lasting impact on our identities. Read on if you’re interested in discovering what meaning a black hole may have on your chart!

What Is a Black Hole?

Despite the slightly ominous sounding name, which brings to mind images of bottomless wells and creepy caverns, a black hole is actually the opposite of what it sounds like; rather than being an absence or empty space, black holes consist of a great amount of celestial matter densely packed into a very small area. Their weight is immeasurable and creates a gravitational pull so strong that nothing can escape from it- not even light, hence their name.

Einstein was one of the first to explain how black holes form through his theory of relativity, which states that all actions must have an equal reaction. Without needing an advanced degree in astrophysics to explain it, as the energy expended by a star wanes, that energy collapses within itself and “dies,” leaving behind a small remnant core. If this core’s mass is heavy enough, the force of the gravity it creates overwhelms all other forces and creates a black hole, rather than just winking out of existence as other smaller stars do.

Black Holes & Astrology:

If this is all starting to sound like a lecture you’d hear at a planetarium rather than anything you’d need to interpret your personal chart, bear with us.

Since black holes were once stars (and large ones too!), they’ve been mapped in the chart of the sky like any other star would be – including the stars that make up our astrological signs and appear on the horoscopic wheel.

Scientists have actually named black holes by their proximity to other major constellations, many of which are the zodiac signs. Within our own Milky Way galaxy exists Sagittarius A, a supermassive black hole located between the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius. As recently as April 2019, NASA scientists were able to capture a telescopic image of another supermassive black hole, Virgo A, which is the first picture ever to actually depict a real black hole. If you’re wondering what the A stands for, it denotes how many celestial degrees away from the constellation the black hole exists… and this is where it gets interesting.

Should You Care If a Black Hole Exists In Your Chart?

The short answer is yes!

Unlike planets, black holes do not move on an orbital path; though they drift a minute amount, they are mostly considered fixed points that other celestial bodies gain proximity to. As such, astronomers theorize that if you have a black hole in your chart, it may also have a significant pull over the aspects of the planet it is closest aligned to – and as we know, these planets influence those born in their orbital path.

Essentially, a black hole in your natal chart has the potential to intensify the traits aligned with this planetary sign, and consume you by the deepest aspects of its nature.

Don’t panic though – it’s not entirely as ominous as it may sound. Yes, there is a negative aspect to the energy of a black hole, but this is no different from the negative aspects we all carry within our personalities as well; the light within the universe and ourselves are what creates the darkness too.

While the most popular working theory is that a black hole will intensify the darkness within you, feeding negative energy and gradually magnifying your unevolved traits, others believe they may also enhance the magnetism of the personality influenced by that planet, pulling things to you the way a black hole consumes matter.

If a black hole is located near a planet in your birth chart, it is worth investigating which aspects of your personality it’s influencing – and how.

If your Sun sign has a black hole in proximity, it may indicate you struggle with your self-identity, and need external validation to define yourself, whereas a black hole hovering near your Mars placement could be the reason you struggle to have healthy conflict resolution and are unable to release aggression or negative emotion in a healthy way. For those that find they have a pattern of unhealthy relationships and romantic obsessions, it could be an indicator of a black hole lurking in your Venus that is worth investigating.

As stated earlier though, not all black hole influences are unfavorable; sometimes, black holes can simply amplify the aspect of the planet it shares placement with, and create a magnetism of those qualities. For example, if you are lucky enough to have healthy black hole energy in your Mercury placement, it’s likely you’re an impassioned speaker with the ability to influence easily and make people see things your way. If your Moon has a neighboring black hole, you might be blessed with exceptional emotional health that allows you to find inner peace and fulfillment.

The Light at the End of the Black Hole

The most important thing to take away from the discovery of a black hole in your natal chart is that it may be a time for personal inventory and self-reflection; as with any aspect of our astrological personality, we have the ability to change that which we do not appreciate, or nurture the elements we desire to grow, within our selves. The knowledge of a stronger pull towards darkness and entropy merely enables us to find the tools to push back against it – or embrace the previously undiscovered magnetism this aspect of our inner self may hold.

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