10 Things You Need to Know About the Year of the Rabbit

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Move over, Year of the Tiger. The Year of the Rabbit is here.

Officially beginning on January 21st, 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit looks set to be a more restful period compared to its predecessor. Years often reflect the energies of the animal they are represented by in the Chinese zodiac.

The Tiger, a dynamic, fast-paced, and unpredictable character, is the third animal in Chinese astrology and is followed by the gentle, mild-mannered Rabbit. 2022, in typical Tiger fashion, was hectic, chaotic, and filled with unpredictable events that left many people reeling.

The Rabbit is something of a calm after the storm. While Rabbit years also come with their own challenges, they bring greater reflection, rest, and renewal.

2022 was a Yang year, meaning it was more about action, while 2023 is a Yin year, bringing a greater sense of passivity and the opportunity to settle down and replenish.

So what are ten things you need to know about the Year of the Rabbit 2023?

Year of the Rabbit 2023

1. 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit

Each lunar new year is determined not just by an animal but by an element too. The element Water also affects us on an energetic level.

Water years bring a sense of greater fluidity. Therefore, rather than sticking to a rigid plan and expecting things to go a certain way, taking a more “go with the flow” attitude can be very helpful.

2. The Rabbit is Lucky

In Chinese astrology, the Rabbit is considered the luckiest animal of all. Therefore, don’t be surprised if lady luck finds its way to you, especially if you are a Tiger, Dog, Goat, or Pig.

3. 2023 is a Year of Intuition & Karma

In western astrology, the Rabbit’s equivalent sign is the mutable water sign Pisces. Pisces represents compassion, intuition, and universal love. It rules the 12th house, the house of karma, and the unconscious.

The added addition of water in the Year of the Rabbit makes this a particularly spiritual year for many. Many people will start to see cause and effect for what it is and where spiritual development will accelerate on both an individual and collective level.

4. This is a Good Year for Diplomacy & Communication

The Year of the Water Rabbit brings better communication and a desire for diplomacy, especially in relationships.

Relationships will be taken to a new level, and new relationships will form. People will be drawn to one another spiritually, and, for many, a new perspective will begin to be realized on many levels.

5. A Year of Opportunity

Rabbit years are known for bringing opportunity, especially in the realm of love, career, and creativity. It is a good year to focus on finding inner peace and building bridges. This is a year for settling conflicts or disputes and finding the silver lining.

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6. A Time of Professional Success & Advancement

Rabbit years are positive times for professional success. Promotions pay increases, or new careers entirely are common during these years. Even if things seem initially pear-shaped, trust that the universe is bringing you to the role that is best for you.

This is a year to harness creative talent, and when creativity is harnessed in the Year of the Rabbit, sparks can truly fly!

7. Retrospection is a Big Theme

As the Year of the Rabbit directly follows the tumultuous Year of the Tiger, this makes it a powerful year for retrospection and reflection, particularly on the previous year’s events. Rabbit years bring the opportunity to make sense of everything that has happened and understand how past events and circumstances have brought you to where you are today.

If there was any year that could hugely benefit from journaling, it’s the Year of the Rabbit because introspection and insight are especially powerful this year.

8. Setting Long-Term Aims is in Your Favor

While long-term aims can apply to any year and can certainly apply at the start of any year, the Year of the Rabbit is perfect for setting long-term goals throughout the year. This year’s reflective and stable energy means finding your feet again, and it will be easier to see things from a long-term perspective, whereas, during the Tiger year, it was more of a “think on your feet and don’t ask questions” energy.

In the Year of the Rabbit, it is easier to see further ahead, so making regular aims throughout the year can be a fabulous way to stay on track. Just try not to have an exact step-by-step plan. Rabbit years are fluid and demand flexibility. A general outline is fine.

9. Empathy is Heightened

In the Year of the Rabbit, expect to see a heightened degree of empathy. People are more able to see things from the other point of view, and there is a stronger desire to reach compromise. This is especially helpful in relationships, and both parties will be able to view things from the other perspective.

10. You Can Maximize Your Health Goals

In the Year of the Rabbit, health aims will be particularly important. Use your intuition and go with what feels right. If you feel drawn to that 28-day pilates challenge, feel like taking up regular spin classes, or want to try out a new fitness app, go for it!

These moments may be entirely unexpected, but it’s your intuition at work, letting you know what works for your mind, body, and soul.

Take Some Time to Regenerate in the Year of the Rabbit

The Tiger year of 2022 was intense and exhausting in many ways. The Year of the Rabbit brings the chance to reflect, set new goals, understand the balance of cause and effect and attain a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us. While we continue to go through transformations, we are also learning so much more on a spiritual level.

Prepare for:

  • New encounters
  • New connections & friendships
  • New romantic relationships
  • Elevated friendships & relationships
  • Golden opportunities

…and much more.

At the same time, be prepared for challenges, including ones you may not have seen coming. Often, these will be obstacles placed in your path by the Universe to help you stay the course. There may be a sense of uncertainty and confusion this year, and you may find yourself questioning a number of things. But the Year of the Rabbit asks you to trust yourself, to go with the flow, and to trust that things are unraveling as they should, even when it doesn’t entirely make sense.

This is a powerful year for developing your intuition, and chance encounters can lead to unforgettable moments and higher self-awareness.

Let the Rabbit’s gentle and calming energy guide you throughout 2023. Trust your instincts, reach for the stars, and believe in all you can be and all you can achieve!

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