Read Your Weekly Tarotscope for January 23 – 29, 2023

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Ready for this week’s Tarotscope? It’s ready for you, but first, we must check in with the latest news.

And by news, of course, we mean astro-news!

Planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters dreamy Pisces on the 26th, creating imaginative, intuitive, and dreamlike ripples in romance and love. This transit, like other Pisces-affiliated things, can bring a softer and more emotional flair to our love lives.

Then, on the 28th, a First Quarter Moon in down-to-earth Taurus suddenly makes our practical plans and dreams more accessible. Now is a good time to continue nurturing any career and home-related projects in particular.

So, there’s your brief astrology scoop! Next, we see what the Tarot has to say.

Weekly Tarotscope for January 23 – 29, 2023


Page of Swords

Ready to leap into action, Aries?

The Page of Swords brings a swift, witty, and communicative energy to the forefront for you this week. It’s time to say what’s on your mind and act with a little bit of riskiness.

This youthful yet directed and practical energy can be useful in having insightful conversations, absorbing new information, and getting things done when the moment feels right.

Act swiftly, intuitively, and logically — a mix of energies is on the table here, but all can be utilized for your benefit.


8 of Wands (Reversed)

Taurus is asked to slow down and smell the roses this week.

While the 8 of Wands brings haste, speed, and a whirlwind of passion and energy that can inspire progress and momentum, the reversal indicates friction for the current moment.

This means that it may be more helpful to slow down or roll with the week’s momentum rather than try to create it yourself. When passions run high, controlling all the little moving pieces can also be challenging.

Just remain thoughtful and patient…as you tend to be, steady bull!



Gemini is entering a period of change and transformation.

Death may seem daunting, but this card is more like the natural progression made from chrysalis into butterfly. In other words, right now is about coming more… you.

Of course, this implies shedding some skin to emerge into the next version of who you are. It can be scary to let go, but you should intuitively know that it feels right too.

The keyword to not lose here is natural. None of this is forced, and it shouldn’t be a process that you fight against, either.


5 of Wands

Cancer has some conflict and chaos to sift through this week.

The 5 of Wands conjoins the tricky, chaotic, and tumultuous turning point energy of 5 with the already-bold, unpredictable, and heat-filled energy of Wands.

In other words, right now is a time when it may feel like the heat is really being applied. Anger, frustration, and difficulty controlling your impulses may surround your week — and if not for you, then for others.

Sometimes letting things cool off on their own is the necessary course of action. Don’t poke the fire, Cancer.


10 of Pentacles

Leo, look ahead. It’s time to think about the future.

Right now, you may notice nuggets of wisdom, opportunities, and plans that correspond to long-term goals and states of abundance.

The 10 of Pentacles is on the table, so the theme of long-term stability is what is casting an umbrella over your week. Not all of you may feel ready to fully see or experience “step 10,” but you can notice the signs and synchronicities that light up the path that takes you there.

Pay attention and nurture those seeds, and they may come sooner than you think.


2 of Pentacles

Virgo has a productive week full of multiple responsibilities and ideas to work with.

The 2 of Pentacles don’t just indicate one particular skill, area of focus, or task at hand. It indicates that you’re likely going to have your hands in multiple baskets this week, so to speak.

Time management and patience are key, as well as a keen eye for the details. Thankfully, Virgo tends to manage all of that well!

This week can be highly productive if you don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the variety.


The Chariot

You’ll be pleased to know that Libra is aligned with an energy of will and success this week!

The Chariot signals that you are riding forward with a clear vision as to who you are and what you’ve been wanting to accomplish and that, in some ways, the work is partially complete too.

In other words, now is a time to look ahead and celebrate what you’ve done so far.

You’re in a good position to pursue your dreams and desires, but using your recent experiences is essential fuel for the journey.


Ace of Swords (Reversed)

Scorpio, this week may come with some communication hiccups.

The Ace of Swords, while usually a positive light for communication, opportunities, and charging forward with new energy and connections, is here reversed this week.

While not the end of the world, this card can still damper any communication or new relationships you may want to initiate.

Put a pause on that for now, Scorpio. There will be a better time for it later!


8 of Swords

Sagittarius, this week, your own worst enemy may be the ones you create.

While it’s not like you to get caught up in the opinions of others, the wild archer does tend to be philosophical and thoughtful, and here is where you may run into difficulty.

This week, the 8 of Swords foreshadows an energy of restriction and feeling stuck within expectations and standards that may not even be yours. Ask yourself: who is all of this for? Are your choices for you, or someone or something else?

Remember who you really are and what you stand for, Sagittarius.


3 of Wands (Reversed)

Capricorn is awaiting word on their projects, ideas, and new ventures but may feel stagnant or left behind.

This week, the 3 of Wands reversed challenges you with what may feel like setbacks or frustrations but are really only prompts to wait and be patient.

The truth is that your ambitions and dreams are still on the table — the 3 of Wands is here regardless. The reversal just puts a bit of a pause and slowness to it for now, and with time it’ll flip upside-down.

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Aquarius is on a roll with intuitive and creative energy lately.

This week, Temperance brings a kind of alchemical balance into that mix. You’re merging all different parts of yourself (mind, body, spirit, and so forth) to create and cultivate now.

With this process comes a requirement: patience. There is no rush to true creativity and mastery; now is a time to focus on what you wish to create rather than fixate on pacing or outcome.

Otherwise, you’re good to go to put pen or paintbrush to paper and get creating!


4 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Pisces, it’s time to trust that it’s safe to give now.

By this, we mean the 4 of Pentacles upright usually comes with some level of stinginess and desire to hold onto what’s yours. While we’re all for boundaries, the reversal of this card for you indicates that it might be time to loosen the grip.

This isn’t just necessarily about loosening the pocket strings. No, this can also be about letting yourself feel safe investing time and space into people and pursuits that you may be hesitant about.

This week is a beautiful one to practice trust.

January Isn’t Over Yet…

If your start to 2023 isn’t exactly how you’ve been planning for it to go, don’t fret.

There’s still a whole week (this one!) left for you to finish strong with the energy you want to set as the tone for the rest of 2023. This is why tools (like your Tarotscope or your horoscope) that tell you what’s to come can help you plan appropriately for making that happen!

Remember: the Universe is rooting for you, not against you.

What may seem like an obstacle right now could actually be a blessing in disguise later!

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