Your January 2023 Energy Forecast

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Happy New Year, lovelies! We’ve made it to a brand-new season of abundance and success. January heralds a new phase of evolving consciousness that brings the expansiveness and connection needed to shift the planet. When we continue to let go of what no longer serves us, we bring in new energy that supports the evolution of collective consciousness.

January is known as the first month. However, the collective numerology of January 2023 carries the “number eight” vibrations of harmony, cosmic order, opportunity, and stability.

The energy of 8 also holds the magnetic rhythm and vibrations of:

  • Karma
  • Mental stability
  • Strength and willpower
  • Material freedom and financial prosperity
  • Infinite abundance, wisdom, love, balance, intuition, and introspection

What to Expect Astrologically in January 2023

Exciting new energies are coming online this month that will influence specific areas of our lives and generate economic, political, spiritual, and even climate changes.

The celestial shifts we will experience this year will be dramatic and spontaneous, leading us to the edge of our seats; however, they are full of psychic insights and quantum leaps toward higher levels of consciousness. It’s a beautiful year for enlightenment, reflection, introspection, truth-seeking, and accessing higher levels of being.

The month began with an emotionally charged Full Moon and Mars and Mercury ending their retrograde, giving you a chance to rethink your approach to communicating your point of view and managing anger. Next, the Sun moves out of Capricorn and into free-spirited Aquarius, inviting you to think outside the box and take a risk that goes against the “norm.” Finally, expect a breath of fresh air once Uranus goes direct after the New Moon in Aquarius, leaving no planets in retrograde, which provides the perfect conditions to overcome roadblocks and work toward pursuing your goals.

Use this time to develop discipline, commitment, and patience as the energy builds up to intensity. Because whether you are ready or not, things are about to shift dramatically.

During energetic upgrades and cosmic shifts, we must keep our hearts and minds open with love and compassion while asserting and establishing boundaries that reflect our divinity.

2022 called us to review our relationship with life and our desires, shutting doors that led to nowhere and stepping through doors that lead toward abundance and spiritual alignment. Now, 2023 calls us to step up as the ascended masters we’re meant to be. Our awareness is expanding beyond the walls of limitations, and there is no looking back at our previous selves. It is time to move forward with courage, grace, integrity, and trust.

Suppose you feel out of alignment and unbalanced this month. Take time out to consciously connect with your breath. It’s ok to slow down, pause, and breathe. Get out of fight or flight and move into divine flow.

Now, let’s look at the astrology forecast for January 2023.

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January 2: Venus Entered Aquarius

The Transformation of Knowledge Into Wisdom

After a significant level-up through discipline and patience, Venus, the planet that governs aesthetics, finances, and relationships, entered Aquarius on January 2nd.

Last month, Venus taught us the importance of well-formed and integrated relationships between people. Then, there was a stoic vibe that gave us insight into our choices and how we handle and manage our energies. Next, Venus in Capricorn urged us to let go of attachments and find the gift that sets the heart free. In Aquarius, Venus encourages an open mind and free spirit, ultimately moving you toward independence and freedom in relationships and self-imposed prisons.

It is crucial to understand that freedom and autonomy look different for everyone. That is why Venus in Aquarius pushes you to uncover how unique you are and what true freedom and liberation look like. Perhaps, you are seeking freedom from a lack of trust in relationships or independence from a period of dependence. Either way, Venus strengthens your ability to become less attached to emotions and more in tune with the heart’s rhythm.

In addition, you’ll need to find a balance between love and friendships. Since Aquarius rules friendships and groups of all kinds, this energy can stimulate the potential to fall for someone you already know. But on the other hand, this transit amplifies the desire for intellectual conversations in all relationships.

January 6: Full Moon in Cancer

The Collective Desire to be Nurtured & Loved

On Friday, January 6th, 5:09 AM CT, we will experience the first Full Moon of the calendar year, also called the Wolf Moon. This cosmic event takes place 16 degrees of the sign of Cancer, the Moon’s domicile, and the degree of embracing all parts of ourselves while confidently building on our potential.

In astrology, Cancer is the gateway into life and the zodiac of emotional power. During the Full Moon, the Sun is opposite the Moon, completely illuminating it and bringing a greater awareness of our inner world, subconscious patterns, and habitual reactions. Cancer also rules the domestic realm and is the sign that highlights our needs for safety, security, gentleness, nurturing, and comfort.

The Full Moon in Cancer intensifies our feelings and emotions by clashing with Chiron and opposing Mercury, then Pluto. This influence is all about letting go of unhealthy emotions and thoughts that damage our needs for comfort and security. We need to activate our ancestral memory and transform our sense of self, purpose, identity, and Soul expression. In addition, the Full Moon mingles with Uranus and the North Node, guiding us to challenge our fears and walk the path of empowerment with confidence and trust.

Themes to expect this Full Moon:

  • Deepening your self-care practice
  • Getting in touch with your intuition
  • Emotional mastery through reason
  • Tapping into the power of a spiritual bath
  • Finding practical solutions to challenging situations
  • Clarity on the psychology of your emotional states and reactions
  • Shifting your value system to be more in alignment with who you truly are

Overall, This Full Moon offers opportunities to heal, soften our approach to life, forgive, connect with our spirit, and reach deeper states of awareness.

Happy Full Moon!

January 9: Venus Trine Mars RX

Harmony Between Feminine & Masculine Energies

A time of balance in the give and take of relationships arrives on January 9th, thanks to a Venus-Mars trine. Venus and Mars have been on an emotional journey to align feminine and masculine archetypal energies. Along with healing core wounds and emotional trauma trapped in our body and cellular structure.

Their opposition in December 2022 was a complete heart activation and alchemical integration of feminine and masculine energies operating at higher harmonics. Now, waning down, there’s a maturity period and harvesting the benefits from previous phases. Closure and completion are supported, making this a great time to finish projects.

January 12: Mars Direct in Gemini

Ambitious Motivations

After two months of intense transformation and experiencing roadblocks to success, Mars goes direct in Gemini, and suddenly, things will begin to move again.

Mars direct in Gemini promotes a vast range of talents, gifts, options, and possibilities. Mars will continue to make ground in Gemini, picking up the pace of life and lifting the feeling of exhaustion and stagnation. However, post-retrograde will end on March 16th, 2023.

January 18: Mercury Direct & a Sun-Pluto Conjunction

A Spiritual Transformation

Mercury stationing direct in Capricorn delivers us into an entirely new paradigm of creative potential. Mercury has gone through a profound retrograde journey of clarity and integrity. Now direct, we are empowered to honor our emotions and connection to our source, meeting ourselves with compassion, strength, and, most importantly, love.

While retrograde, many of us may have felt quieter than usual, only speaking when we have something meaningful to say. Nevertheless, the energy was structured and provided quantum leaps to make sense of reality through rationality and logic paired with the heart.

Currently, a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn significantly increases passion and desire, helping us become more disciplined and organized and plan for the year ahead. If you feel like energies from the prior year are still lingering, this is the perfect transit to dig deep, as you are likely to experience positive transformation and change.

January 20: Aquarius Season Begins

On Friday, January 20th, 2:25 AM CT, the Sun ends its journey in Capricorn and enters eccentric Aquarius, just a day before a New Moon and Uranus direct. Aquarius season is a divine shift from tower moments to following your dreams and what inspires you.

2022 into 2023 led us all into greater contact with our true selves through acceptance and forgiveness. Now, the Aquarius season lights the way toward inspiration, improvement, assurance, balance, and alchemy. This is the time of the year to step out of your comfort zone and find new ways of expressing your individuality. It is time to explore new ways of thinking, living, and being.

Cosmic codes of Aquarian consciousness teach:

  • You are the true embodiment of change
  • It’s okay to let go of norms that don’t feel right anymore
  • The importance of being a part of functional communications and groups
  • When you suspend self-judgment, you experience the power of presence
  • It’s not about what you can do, it’s about who you are, and only you know the truth about yourself
  • You are a unique channel of ancient archetypal wisdom, here to rise above emotionality to attain spiritual enlightenment

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

January 21: New Moon in Aquarius

Illuminating the Light of the Soul

A new cycle of consciousness electrifies the atmosphere when the first New Moon of 2023 arrives in Aquarius. During the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to shift our mindset, release emotional baggage, and liberate ourselves from conditioning.

A New Moon symbolizes the beginning of a new 28-day Lunar cycle, offering a fresh start, healing, rest, magic, and manifestation. In addition, they represent the first stage of the Moon’s synodic cycle, presenting a moment to set intentions for the future by letting go of past energies.

This New Moon is an activation of higher consciousness, occurring one degree, which offers a blank canvas to paint your true potential. The presence of Mars and Jupiter in harmonious aspects to the New Moon indicates the need to manifest and give form to your wishes and dreams in the material realm. Mars encourages self-mastery through the lower nature, while Jupiter helps us find the necessary gems, skills, talents, and values to rise to higher levels of consciousness.

Overall, this cosmic alignment wants us to move away from things that have lost their purpose and tune into the yearnings of the higher mind. So often, we want to disconnect from the body during unexpected change or disruption and live in mind when this New Moon invites us to live fully in our truth, mind, body, and spirit.

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January 22: Uranus Direct in Taurus

Breaking Free from Historical Conditioning

Uranus, the “Great Awakener,” goes direct into Taurus, moving the collective toward new paradigms and significant financial shifts in our personal lives and the world economy. Uranus is considered a generational planet, staying in the same zodiac for approximately seven years.

Uranus entered Taurus in 2018, and its journey has challenged us in many ways. From our sense of stability, self-worth, relationship with people and money, values, and the structure of society. Uranus will continue to transform the very fabric of our lives. Use this direct station to reflect upon healing and wisdom gained from past and current shifts. Check in with your values.

Do they reflect the Soul? Or do they reflect what you’ve been taught? Either way, continue to break free from oppressive patterns of being and living that do not honor Universal laws.

January 26: Venus Enters Pisces

Invoking the Intelligence of Love

On January 26th, 9:29 PM CT, Venus leaves Aquarius and enters her dignified position in Pisces, where she will remain until February 20th. Venus in Pisces is a profound harmonization and integration of higher ideals through the dedication to self-improvement and ridding ourselves of judgments and other negative thoughts.

During this transit, we tend to connect with the world around us through empathy and sensitivity, aiming to transcend the limitations of the material world and societal beliefs surrounding relationships, self-worth, and values. Expect heightened intuition and imagination, with a deep desire to reach a new level of artistic and spiritual potential.

Pay attention to Venus’ transits this year as she retrogrades this summer, shifting the cosmic climate so we can get back to loving ourselves and others with honesty, clarity, confidence, and integrity.

January 28: Sun Square the North & South Node

The Point of Destiny

Finally, the month ends with a significant turning point, when the Sun clashes with the North and South Nodes, initiating spiritual lessons of self-mastery, purpose, and personal achievement. Transformation of the ego and life goals, desires, and aspirations is necessary, causing a brief period of discomfort.

However, transit reveals what you’re growing away from and what you are growing towards. Think of it as a reorientation of creative energy and inspiration for the year ahead.

Use these Energy Tips for January 2023

The radiant vibration of January kicks off a sacred season of soul-searching, spiritual connections, and alchemy of the Soul. Continue to move forward with intent and purpose.

This month’s oracle card is the “Rising Sun,” the divine solar child reborn, brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

This oracle confirms that a dark phase and struggle is over, offering a new pathway of abundance, hope, glory, light, and triumph. This indicates a rebirth that will revive relationships and provide fresh inspiration and opportunities in your work, love, spiritual, and recreational life. The rising Sun promises a new dawn, a new day, a breakthrough, and a stable period of prosperity and optimism.

Rich, inspiring, and vibrant energy moves toward your energy field, calling you to activate the spark of passion that lives within you. Passion for life, passion for change, love, a deeper connection to your divine self, and passion for your SELF!

2023 is a year that will usher in cataclysmic changes. Yet, it is a year of manifesting our dreams by co-creating with spirit.

Make productive use of January’s energies by:

1. Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness is a great way to start living a more aligned life. When you slow down and take time to notice what you are doing, feeling, and thinking, you will be able to see the things in your life that don’t fit and make space for what you truly love.

2. Simplifying your space & life

Ridding yourself of clutter and organizing your living or workspace will do wonders for your energy. It is amazing what a clean space and uncluttered life can do for your mind, body, and spirit.

3. Doing a technology detox & consuming inspirational material

It can be easy to ignore our self-care needs when the internet is at our fingertips. Giving yourself a break from the phone or computer is sometimes all we need to shift our energy. In addition, reading an inspirational book while taking a break from the phone will help recharge your batteries.

4. Expressing gratitude

The most effortless act we can engage in to balance our energies is expressing gratitude toward the people and things we have in our life.

Often, we grow entitled and forget to show praise for what we have in our lives. The moment you try to appreciate the goodness of life, you will notice a shift in your mindset.

In summary, January encourages you to take positive action to live a more authentic and improve your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

This month we are activating and attuning the Soul Star chakra for further Soul expansion, which will bring more skills online and enhance our unique capabilities. So, focus on rising above any chaos and confusion. Go within, hear, and listen to the whispers from your guides to focus internally and clear out old energy.

With the destruction of the old comes the promise of the new. New life, new beginnings, emotions, actions, and thoughts. In addition, a new outlook allows you to see life in a much more meaningful way and become wiser.

This transition is all about allowing change instead of fighting against it. So, don’t become caught up in the trauma and not move towards a new sense of self. Instead, let go of what you’ve known before and see life with fresh-new eyes.

This month, practice on grounding within the heart, and seeing with love. When in doubt come back to your breath and ground in your center. Slow down and get off automatic pilot. Suspend judgments and be open to receive the divine inspiration of a new season. Tower moments do not last forever.

With love, January!

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