Your Holiday Party Personality, Based on Your Sign

We all love those holiday party movies like “Office Christmas Party,” “Project X” and “Old School,” where the right combination of personalities makes for some hilarious antics and memories. Imagine your zodiac sign as a character in one of those ensemble cast films – who would be the Gossip, the Party Animal, the Nursemaid?

With holiday events in full swing and the ultimate annual shindigs coming up, we thought we’d get into the astrology zone for each sign’s innate characteristics and apply them to a party situation.

Let’s take a look at the astrology signs to see which role everyone plays when they end up in the same room together!

Aries Sign – The Motivating Cheerleader

Bossy Aries may be a bit of a pain to work with because they want everything to happen yesterday, but this can be exactly what you want at your party. If you’ve been talking about joining a yoga studio, losing weight or finally launching your business, Aries will not only make you feel awesome about it, they’ll probably join you.

Fire sign Aries wants to be challenged and inspired, so if you can pique their interest, they will not only get in the boat with you, they’ll steer the ship! Ever positive, they see every possibility in life and will most likely get you even more revved up in your endeavours, if only because they’ll make you believe you can’t possibly fail.

Note to be on the lookout for the inebriated Aries, who will think everything is a fantastic idea – especially proving you can fly off the roof or take your underwear off without losing your pants. You’ve been warned.

Taurus Sign – The Quiet Conversationalist

Taurus is one of the least likely of the signs to show up – large groups of people and bad party food don’t really fall into the bull’s Top 10 list of things to do. It’s much more appealing to stay home in their comfies and watch a movie with their choice of ice cream. If they do hit your event, count on the bull to start slow so they can lay their best plans in how they spend their time.

There’s a great quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby that sums up Taurus at a party. “…I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties, there isn’t any privacy.” The quote reflects their ability to find a small group, or stick to a quieter conversation with individuals, rather than be expected to go crazy or be forced into the spotlight with fewer people around.

At a larger party, they can hide if they need some breathing room, not drawing attention to themselves. If you are looking for Taurus at a party, check the food table or kitchen, or go beyond the crowd and find them having a deep, personal discussion on a couch.

Gemini Sign – Soapbox Gossip

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis love to talk! You can expect them to show up ready for a great time – and to set up in the kitchen (Usually the hub of any good party!), stationing themselves to hit the highest percentage of party guests. Extroverted Geminis are energized by being in groups of people, so to them, the more the merrier!

They get the conversation started by bringing up anything – their collection of knowledge and random facts is impressive – inserting their opinion every chance they get. Depending on their mood, they can keep it light or become challenging, maybe just for the fun of showing off how smart they are.

Geminis are not above gossiping, as their ears are trained to pick up on interesting frequencies and they’ll likely know what’s going on before anyone else. Alcohol can definitely bring out their darker, more confrontational side, so depending on the party, expect to see both sides of their dual nature come out to play!

Cancer Sign – Emotional Extreme

Lovely Water sign Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve and because of that, we know exactly where they’re at on an emotional level at all times. In party mode, their unfiltered reactions run the gamut from delighted, like when they’ve spotted a long lost friend across the room, to being the one locked in the bathroom having a complete meltdown.

Little things really get to them, and they can overreact on both ends of the spectrum. You could expect to see party Cancer falling head over heels for someone they just met, convinced it’s love at first sight, or watch them go totally passive-aggressive when their ex shows up with a new partner and introverted Cancer thinks they’re being made fun of or getting the side-eye.

Sensitive Cancer is very susceptible to the effects of alcohol, which will exacerbate whatever mood they arrive in. They’ll respond to anyone who takes the time to listen to them, so if you’re needing to distract their attention or influence their energy, take the time to hear them out and you’ll make a very loyal new friend.

Leo Sign – The Planner

We’re pretty sure gregarious Leo put this whole shindig together. Their generosity knows no bounds and if planning a sweet party means getting all of their favourite people together at the same time, plus having an excuse to be their best, extroverted self, they won’t need much of a push to make it happen.

Leos tend to be the social directors of the crowd, always looking for an excuse to have some fun and amp up the energy. Leo’s creativity should ensure there’s enough going on to entice people to show up and to stay. Excitable, entertaining Leos want to be in the spotlight, so they’re greeting everyone at the door, choosing the music, showing off their house.

At some point, they’ll initiate a dance party, karaoke contest or straight up drinking game in the kitchen. Leos will want to make sure people are having a good time, so expect them to introduce you to someone and promptly walk away. Everyone will have a good time if Leo is at the helm – and you’ll tell epic stories for years to come!

Virgo Sign – The Caregiver

There’s always that one person at the party who shows up like a tornado, gets hammered in 13 minutes, takes their clothes off (or falls down repeatedly), and spends the rest of the night in the bathroom. That’s not Virgo. The one who sits beside that person to make sure they don’t give themselves a concussion when they sit up under the bathroom sink? That’s Virgo.

Altruistic Virgo is happy to take care of others, it’s just in their nature, and it’s not out of the question to give up their own good time to make sure Dan the Drinkin’ Man doesn’t choke himself or freeze from exposure. They’re also known to hide breakables under kitchen sinks and stay late to help the host clean up.

The Caregiver can be found in the bathroom holding hair, bringing doses of water to people who get too loaded, taking people’s keys before they try to drive home drunk and hiding people’s phones before they can drunkenly call their ex again to shame themselves and feel regret in the morning.

Libra Sign – The Charming Fashion Plate

Ruled by Venus, the planet of creativity, harmony and relationships, Libra has a real inclination to see things go smoothly – and that means no fighting! Possessing an innate charm and ability to sweeten any conversation they choose, Libra is the one who everyone would be pleased to have a convo with. Venus is also the ruling planet of beauty, so expect Libra to look fantastic – outfit, hair, shoes- it’s all en pointe. They appreciate the finer things in life, so dazzling fashion should not be a surprise.

Always aware of what’s going on, they’ll make sure they get to everyone at some point to ensure the party harmony is reached, and people are having a great time. It seems like they know everyone, and if they don’t, they will by the time the Sun comes up.

Depending on how rowdy your party gets, make sure to let sincere Libra answer the door when the cops arrive. Their ability to charm will definitely get you out of trouble and they may even go so far as to smooth it over with your neighbours. No one can stay mad at Libra for long – they’re just too adorable.

Scorpio Sign – Too Cool For School

Scorpio doesn’t do small talk – so mingling at a get together is not going to cut the mustard for them. They’ll show up with a group of besties and spend the night talking to them and them alone. They’ll either be interested in you and ask some deep questions right off the hop, or get bored of you and go back to their wolf pack.

It’s highly likely they will attract a lot of attention – they’re like the cool kids in school who don’t seem to worry about what everyone else thinks about them – instantly making them mysterious and impossibly confident. Scorpios have a magnetism about them, made all the more powerful from the fact that they don’t seem to care about who’s checking them out.

Scorpio loves to mess with people’s heads and they can be incredibly blunt, so if a sexy stranger approaches you to ask an incredibly personal question, you can bet it’s a Scorpio. Hold your ground and be honest and you might just be asked to join the wolf pack, at least for a test run.

Sagittarius Sign – The Party Animal

Fire sign Sagittarius is the wild child of the zodiac, up for anything and never one to turn down a dare, no matter how crazy. The sign of the archer is all about discovery and gaining new experiences, looking for adventure and to create amazing memories and stories to tell for years to come. Expect mischievous Sagittarius to instigate naughtiness.

Building a water slide off of the roof? Check. Adult Truth or Dare? Check. Want someone to try to dip that looks like cat food? Ask Sagittarius. Flirtatious, optimistic, and sarcastic, they might not realize when they’ve lead someone on, insulted someone in their bluntness, or have done something questionable, ie. streaking, barging into a private room, or jumping out of a tree.

It’s not out of the ordinary for Sagittarius to mix it up in every area at some point in the party – and for them to go to excess. Unpredictable is their middle name, so expect them to be the life of the party. They can’t stand to be restrained, but if you attend a party with this feisty sign, keep an eye out for them in case they put themselves in a tricky situation.

Capricorn Sign – Gamemaster/DJ

Capricorn shows up with a mission – it’s pretty unlikely they’ll be there without some kind of agenda – and that’s entirely written by them. There may be someone at the party who works at a place Cap is interested in or a special someone they’ve had their eye on. Bet your butt they’ll have the info they need in a mad minute.

No dramatic fits of rage or passion here, Capricorn does everything with intention and hates to waste time. If you’ve invited them with the caveat that they serve a role, they will carry it out to the best of their ability. Besides, they might just take over from someone who already was in charge of something because they can do it better. Games? Music? Cap has you covered. In fact, they won’t let you intercede into the seemingly random series of punk and Fleetwood Mac tunes they’re playing – just trust in the plan.

Once they’ve established their role, they’ll loosen up and have a great time themselves, ensuring they’re adding value to the event. Responsible Caps are a great choice for DD – they’ll take this responsibility seriously and will have no problems taking someone’s keys away to make sure they get home safely.

Aquarius Sign – Activities with a Twist

Independent Aquarius can be extremely expressive when jacked up, so seeing them sweat it out on the dance floor with entirely unique and off-kilter moves is not to be unexpected. You’ll probably pick something up from their wacky way of just feeling the music vibes. Aquarius really doesn’t care if they look weird – they do exactly as they please and take pleasure in being different.

Highly intelligent, expect to see Aquarius take periodic breaks from gettin’ down on the dance floor to partake in some games, preferably something wild and a bit daring. We all feel a little smarter when Aquarius is around, and they have a wicked sense of humour, so expect a simple board game to get risque or just plain weird.

Water bearers make up their own rules for everything, so look forward to a racy twist to Trivial Pursuit or Ticket to Ride. Don’t ask, just get a seat at the table. As an added bonus, they like to make everyone feel included. If they see you looking lonely, they’ll be the ones to invite you over to make sure you aren’t left out.

Pisces Sign – Sympathy Sally (Or Sam)

It’s more than likely you won’t see Pisces at a party for long – unless you have an emotional issue to work out. If you bring a Pisces to a party, you can most likely find them in a bathroom, in a quiet corner of the backyard, or in a private, low-lit portion of the venue in deep conversation with someone who may be crying.

Intuitive, compassionate Pisces is a magnet for people going through emotional problems, and when there’s alcohol involved, the drama is going to come out! Getting a divorce? A few minutes with a Pisces and the whole story comes pouring out. Your ex shows up with a date who is 10 years younger? Pisces to the rescue for some damage control.

Pisces is also highly susceptible to overdoing it when it comes to substances, so if they’ve had a hard week and just want to let loose – keep an eye on them for getting wasted. In trying to escape the bad week they’ve had, they may bury their own sorrows in a glass of something.


Are you getting excited for your next social event? Have some extra fun trying to guess everyone’s astrology sign – it’s a great icebreaker and most people just love to talk about horoscopes! Whatever your sign and your particular party personality, make sure to be safe this holiday season!

Don’t forget you can get your free daily horoscope or tarot card reading if you’re interested in diving into your own unique traits and abilities.

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