Your Weekly Tarotoscope for December 25th – 31st, 2023

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There are many powerful ways to start our week, but a Full Moon definitely takes the cake.

This Full Moon in Cancer will ensue on the 26th, prompting us to focus on the family and our homes, perhaps retreating back into our emotional shells in some ways.

However, this emotional and reflective energy can prepare us well for the sparks that will fly when Venus (planet of love and beauty) enters wild and unpredictable Sagittarius on the 29th.

Before we take any spontaneous actions in our relationships with others, it’s important that we take that time to connect with our own hearts and our roots.

With that in mind, let’s see how the Tarot will advise you on a more personal level for the week ahead.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for December 25 – 31, 2023


2 of Wands

Aries is moving onward and upward.

This is a fantastic week for travel, new plans and ideas, and nourishing your entrepreneurial spirit. The 2 of Wands offers a positive, progressive energy that supports all of these endeavors.

As this card is just as adventurous, bold, and ambitious as you, you should have no problem connecting to this outgoing energy, Aries.

What opportunities will you seize next?


King of Wands (Reversed)

Although you’re feeling shaky in the confidence department this week, that shouldn’t discourage you entirely, Taurus.

The King of Wands reversed points to some difficulty in your own inner willpower, confidence, and ambitions. You may be uncertain about your skills and more anxious about asserting yourself publicly.

However, this disconnect with yourself can be easily fixed with a little self-care and attention.

Don’t dismiss these feelings as just nothing — take this time to get some quality “me time” instead.


6 of Cups (Reversed)

Gemini, you’ve spent time revisiting the past. This week, there’s nothing left there to find.

The 6 of Cups can be productive in moderation. It’s often an important reminder of our roots. After all, nostalgia can be a powerful experience that we all need from time to time — it’s only human.

With the reversal of this card, however, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t get stuck in the reminiscing. Dreams of old memories and old flames may be tempting to dwell on, but sometimes they are only dreams.

The present is waiting for you, too, Gemini.


Wheel of Fortune

Cancer is finally catching a lucky break.

The Wheel of Fortune is a strong omen for positive, unexpected experiences and also many synchronicities and signs seemingly aligning in unpredictable ways.

You may not notice this fortunate energy right off the bat. It has a way of weaving itself unexpectedly into our lives, more like the overall weather of the moment rather than something specific right in front of your face.

Stay positive, trust the process, and keep your arms open, ready for receiving.


8 of Swords

Leo might be experiencing the overwhelming, sinking feeling that something is deeply wrong.

However, the 8 of Swords indicates that this feeling, however real and visceral it may hit in the moment, is often not rooted in tangible reality.

You may be anticipating obstacles before they occur, questioning reality before it needs to be questioned, and self-doubting when there is nothing wrong with you.

Deep breaths, Leo. This week, find stillness, quiet, and pause when this feeling sets in. And remember: you are capable, brave, and intuitive… well-equipped to handle any obstacles even if they did arise.


The Sun

Virgo, a bright, joyful, and self-empowered energy awaits you this week.

With The Sun at your side, you have quite the positive omen for what’s to come. Most importantly, this energy really shines when you feel attuned to your sense of self and confident in your own purpose and passions.

This means that this card is great for every aspect of life but will only be most positively utilized when you trust yourself and your instincts.

Be authentic to who you truly are… and let yourself and this card shine through.


9 of Swords (Reversed)

Libra is attempting to truly let go of the negative thought patterns and anxieties that have been weighing them down.

The 9 of Swords reversed describes a mentally tumultuous time full of anxieties and fears about yourself, the future, and perhaps even your relationships with others — but you’re really ready to move on now.

This week is about confronting those thoughts firmly and honestly with the intention of releasing them. Writing and journaling may be particularly helpful this week for Libras.


5 of Wands (Reversed)

Scorpio, this week, the battle may be internal.

With the 5 of Wands reversed you may have internalized a lot of conflicts, disagreements, and contradicting ideas about yourself and the world.

It’s no longer about the actual issues that exist outside of you but how you’re finding yourself relating to them and how this is influencing your sense of self.

What difficulties are truly your own, and what battles have you taken on for the sake of others? What are your true values? This week, it’s time to ask those questions.


10 of Cups

Sagittarius, are you ready to connect with the most ideal version of contentment and emotional fulfillment that you can?

This week, the 10 of Cups invites you to do just that. Spend some time visualizing the life of your dreams, perhaps journaling or creating art about what this dream life looks like.

Then, take notice of everything in your life that already matches that energy. Even if it’s not exactly the same, what little things that currently already exist can provide you with that end goal of happiness and joy?

This gratitude practice can do wonders for your success this week.


The Chariot

Capricorn is continuing the trend of powerful, confident energy uplifting their spirits this week.

The Chariot is a positive harbinger for success in all aspects of life, particularly for those long-term goals that you once thought were out of your reach.

With some more confidence and self-awareness in your true capabilities under your belt, you can make really strong headway this week in those goals if you put your mind to it.

Pick one specific value, goal, or idea you’d like to bring to fruition and devote your time and energy to it wholeheartedly this week.


Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aquarius has plenty on their to-do list and seemingly so little time.

This is a busy week, especially when it comes to your day-to-day tasks and work responsibilities (and perhaps also familial commitments).

However, the Knight of Pentacles reversed indicates that you’re struggling to get with the pace. You want to charge ahead into your own dreams and ambitions, not get caught in the daily humdrum of life.

Unfortunately, this is not a week where moving by the beat of your own drum will yield anything particularly fruitful. For now, patience is key.


The Hierophant (Reversed)

Pisces may not be vibing with the traditional systems and structures that are surrounding them right now.

This includes traditions you’ve grown bored of, authority figures that you aren’t interested in listening to, and the same old routines that have grown truly stale.

The Hierophant reversed can be tricky for those reasons, but this challenging energy can also force you to think outside of the box to find creative ways that bring you joy even in humdrum routines and surroundings.

Your Curated Resource List for This Week

This holiday season, you won’t want your ever-piling to-do list to grow even longer.

Astrological transits and Tarot wisdom can feel like a lot to add to your plate. Rest assured, we don’t want to spend more time researching information when we could be celebrating in the festivities either.

That’s why we’ve done the work for you to compile our favorite resources to help you succeed in this week ahead:

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