Your Perfect Love Match for This Valentine’s

Most of us want to find a fiery, passionate love that burns within our every cell; a love that can withstand the cracks and flaws of time and leave us winded from its gravitational pull.

Now, every single relationship we have is unlikely to reach this scope of intensity, but with the right filtering process you can learn to choose your partners wisely and gravitate towards the people who will bring out the best bits of your unique personality.

Astrological resources often speak about which signs are compatible and which signs are not; however, your birth chart includes many aspects beyond the sun sign, which is the sign most frequently used to question the suitability of potential matches.

For this reason, this article will focus on the bodacious, bad-to-the-bone qualities you should look for in another person, based on your sign. Let’s take a cosmic trip down lover’s lane and see what personality traits you should seek out to develop a budding, buoyant romance.


Yes, you’re a warm soul with a spicy disposition; because air feeds fire, you should look out for someone who can keep up with, or even surpass, you intellectually. You want conversations that shake you to the core, new ideas and experiences that will expand your mind and a friendship that includes passion as well as depth.

When someone new in your life pops and sizzles with a wit that you’ve rarely encountered, keep a special eye on them; they may possess just the bright mind that will vibe with your nimble heat.


While your earthy qualities do keep you somewhat more grounded than many of your peers, you’re a closeted thrill-seeker. You surprise those around you with your propensity toward spontaneity, even if you keep a cool, outer shell fixed to your demeanor.

You need someone who will bring out your edgy side and encourage you to experience adventures with wild abandon. Though at first glance you may find them impish in a way that seems to throw you off, but look deeper into that gritty core and you’ll find a carefree gem who will satisfy your need for exciting enterprises.


Your airy nature might suggest a tendency toward flighty behavior, but you secretly crave a bit of stability to keep you rooted in the earth.

Your eccentric personality is more than enough to fulfill your quota for quirky, and while you might inherently be drawn to an equally unconventional soul, you could come to find that the well-balanced individual you’ve been glossing over is uniquely funky in their own way. Give them a second look, maybe orderly is the new black.


Your flowing, deep sense of the world around you enriches your experiences within it. You’re a romantic through and through, and you might think that an equally emotional partner will provide the burning love you desire.

They say “opposites attract” for a reason; sometimes we need the balance, the yin and the yang, for our relationships to blossom into the stuff of Shakespeare. Maybe someone in your life has a well that runs a bit deeper than you can see from the surface.

Although they may not display their feelings as openly as you would like, their propensity for romance may be lingering within, waiting to be revealed. Keep this in mind the next time you meet someone who seems interesting, yet aloof.


You’re the life of the party, dear lion. You love to have fun and bring a smile to everyone’s face, but you may have a hard time expressing your darker emotions. You feel pressure to remain cheerful, even in dire situations. You would do best to find someone with whom you can open up and share yourself with, the good and the bad.

When you meet someone who makes you feel this comfortable, take another look; they may be exactly the person you’ve been looking for; the one who will accept you for exactly who you are.


You can be a bit of a perfectionist, my earth dwelling friend. For this reason, I think you would be perfectly (pun intended) suited for someone who isn’t concerned with perfection, but rather the beauty that is inherent within imperfection. Someone who can appreciate the messiness of life, or even rejoice in it.

When you see the sparkle in their eye as they laugh their way through a mistake, you’ll notice the essence of joy beneath those peepers and learn to embrace these feelings of gratitude for that which is perfectly imperfect.


You’re a lover of beauty and balance, with your wings flying through the air. Ruled by Venus, it’s no wonder you’re a natural lover. You need someone who will cocoon you in a love-nest that the two of you create, while also giving you the freedom to fly across the lands.

It is this balance you seek, this combination of consuming love and absolute independence. It may seem like a contradiction, but when you meet someone with the affectionate yet freeing qualities that will help you evolve in love.


You’re a mysterious force that everyone wants to get to the bottom of; like a Nancy Drew novel, you draw people in with your mystical, unknown nature. Everyone in life, however, deserves to be known; and you deserve someone who you feel comfortable allowing into your sea of the self.

When you meet someone who you feel inexplicably moved to share your story with, take note and see if there might be something worth pursuing, romantically. When you’ve learned to open up with someone, you’ll feel naturally and lovingly connected.


The fiery archer with the innumerable goals folds for no one. Your determination is what makes you who you are, and you need someone who will support you every step of the way. You might have one goal, you might have one million, but that is beside the point; you’re going set your arrow on your ideal future and make it happen, whether anyone likes it or not.

If you can find someone who will fight your cause, or even stand behind you during your own battle, you’ll feel validated and grateful, allowing passion to unfold.


You definitely have a romantic side, my terra firma kid. You just let it rise from a cool simmer to a slow, steady boil. You need someone who will sit patiently by your side while your feelings emerge, never forcing you to move faster than your nature allows. They say, “You can’t hurry love,” and this rings doubly true in your case.

Find someone who isn’t in a hurry to rush into a relationship at the first sign of attraction, and your mutual admiration will grow from a healthy, strong foundation.


You’re a cool cat, dear oxygen dweller. Your air-natured soul is deep with rich emotion, but you sometimes come across as aloof or nonchalant. You need someone who can see through this façade to the affection-hound that lies beneath; someone who won’t take it personally if you seem a little far away.

After all, your inventive mind has much to think about and tinker with; but when you meet the person who can see the loving beast underneath, you’ll feel free to unleash and corral that beast as you choose.


You love to lap in the dreamy waters of your mind, and romance is certainly a common subject in your daydreams. You should look out for someone who will entice you to turn those dreams into reality; someone who will shake you out of your fanciful stupor and get you actively engaged in a world of your own creation.

You’ll be amazed at your own personal power of manifestation.

Love doesn’t have to be compatible, it can be messy and beautiful and tense and wonderful all at the same time. Just find someone who complements your unique, inherent cosmically cool self.

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Rhiannon Liselle

Rhiannon Liselle is a nomadic Sagittarius with a passion for writing and trying to help others grow. She’s studied astrology for about 10 years, and has been writing about metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric subjects for 3 years. Rhiannon lives in the mountains of Colorado, and loves drinking coffee and spending time with her coloring books.
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