You NEED to Know These 6 Things About Mercury in Scorpio

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If you’ve been craving depth and intensity in your interactions, it’s time for you to celebrate because Mercury is moving into Scorpio on October 22nd, 2023 – a sign of intensity and emotional depth. Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and intellect. When it moves into Scorpio, there is a velvety-smooth insight that naturally flows in our interactions with others.

Maybe you’ve been seeking truth or wondering how to connect with your life’s purpose, and this transit actually makes it easier for you to find your path and walk in the right direction.

While Scorpio does have a darker side, you can combat this energy by focusing on the positive and working with your manifestation skills during this time. Let your soul lead you on an intuitive path, connecting yourself to the souls of others. Setting your intentions to be heartfelt and pure in your interactions will make sure that this Mercury in Scorpio transit brings you closer than ever to your loved ones.

Today, we’re going to share some tweaks, tips, and tricks for you to make the most of this energy, allowing you to harness the energy of this transit and make it work for you. We will also discuss the pitfalls to avoid to make sure that you’re mentally prepared for this otherwise difficult transit.

So, if you want to grow closer than ever to your friends, family, and romantic partner, keep reading to find out how to get the most from this Mercury Scorpio transit!

About Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury is a planet that encourages education and mental work, helping you open your mind and share your thoughts and ideas with the world. Mercury gives you the confidence and the courage to speak your mind, no matter who’s listening.

Coupled with this communicative energy in Scorpio, an intense planet ruled by Pluto, the planet of secrets and power struggles. Pluto encourages you to explore your dark side, to connect to your inner world of mystery. Scorpio energy can reveal hidden tension or emotions that you have not previously been ready or willing to explore.

You may experience a transformation of energy as Scorpio helps you confront and deal with older emotional wounds that need your attention to heal.

Scorpio is the most curious sign of the zodiac, especially when it comes to things hidden beneath the surface. Scorpio is not a sign that is content with exploring surface-level emotions, as it desires a deep dive into the psyche. Further, Mercury is a curious planet that seeks truth and information in all situations.

When these two planets come together, expect your detective hat to form a snug fit on your curious mind. While this transit may also bring feelings of confrontation or a desire to explore hidden emotions, you can trust that this exploration will benefit you and your relationships.

Who Will Feel This Transit the Most?

Everyone will feel this energy. However, it may show up in different areas of our lives, depending on where Mercury and Scorpio fall in your chart. Regardless of your sign, you can expect to feel the effects of Mercury’s journey through the mystery-loving Scorpio.

Those people with a Mercury placement in Scorpio – or another Water sign, like Cancer or Pisces – will embrace this energy more willingly than others because our communication takes on an emotional, deep tone during this transit.

What if Mercury Goes Retrograde in Scorpio?

While Mercury is not going retrograde in Scorpio this October, it’s always good to have an understanding of what this specific transit means as well. 

Are you familiar with the concept of your shadow? Have you ever felt that you weren’t quite alone, even when you were the only person in the room? That’s because our shadow often has a mind of its own, and it encourages us to explore those emotions and feelings that may seem too grizzly to confront otherwise.

Scorpio is shadow energy in celestial form, and you may feel closer than ever to those unexplored emotions when Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio.

Sometimes we aren’t able to process the feelings that accompany a difficult moment in our lives – and when this happens, our shadow sides take up the slack for us. However, every once in a while, you will still need to face these compiled emotions before the house of cards comes tumbling down all around you.

Utilizing the explorational energy of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed by these experiences or pent-up emotions. In fact, this specific cosmic event may help you dismantle this shadow energy, allowing you to emerge with a fresh, lighthearted feeling.

Mercury retrograde is always a good time for reflection, reorganization, rejuvenation, and the revisiting of certain emotions. It can be hard to see past the emotional situations and circumstances that might be holding us back – but a Mercury retrograde transit helps you confront the emotional closet of your mind and begin clearing it out.

Scorpio is known for stirring up and embracing emotional darkness and depth, making it even easier for you to face situations that may have felt too overwhelming to confront in the recent past.

Symbolized by the stinging insect, Scorpio is a sign that is deeply connected to the subconscious – a sign that does not shy away from troubling or upsetting emotions. When Mercury, the planet of the mind, moves into the sign of Scorpio, it feels easier than ever to deal with upsetting emotional situations that you may otherwise wish to sweep under the rug.

In other words, this is not a time to shy away from disturbing thoughts or emotions but to explore and embrace them for what they are.

Scorpio does not cower in fear and isn’t afraid of the dark. This is a zodiac sign that helps you face the emotions that scare you and jolt you out of your comfort zone. It seeks the truth in all situations and helps you confront the truths that may have previously been too heavy or difficult to explore.

Meanwhile, when Mercury is retrograde, we are more connected to our souls, to the deepest parts of ourselves. With these two energies combined, it is easier than ever for you to understand your choices, your emotional reactions, and how you can utilize emotional compassion – for both yourself and others – to begin to move forward!

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What to Expect When Mercury is in Scorpio

1. Find Deeper Connections

Your mind will take a backseat during this time, allowing your heart to take the wheel and lead you down a path of connection and intimacy.

You will steer clear of surface interactions or shallow communication, preferring emotional depth and soul connections.

2. Search for Truth & Healing

Scorpio is a sign that is deeply connected to and drawn towards the truth of any situation – especially emotional ones. When Mercury travels through this sign, we are much more likely to dig into our souls and seek truth and healing, both for ourselves and others.

This is a reminder to avoid keeping your feelings hidden, a call to action, and a jolt of bravery that allows you to share your deepest emotions and fears with those you trust.

3. Dig Passionately Into Learning

Scorpio is always attracted to understanding the root cause behind certain behaviors. This is not a sign that simply accepts certain actions or situations but one that looks for an emotional explanation for such things.

You will be more deeply drawn to subjects that might otherwise feel too heavy to approach, like politics, global health, or criminal justice.

You may also feel more drawn to darker aspects of your emotional self, to darker aspects of humanity. Scorpio encourages you to embrace the darkness, while Mercury helps you better understand certain concepts or ideas. Suddenly, the reason for tragedy or injustice can be better understood by all of humanity.

4. Reset Emotional Boundaries

You may notice that the emotional filters of others seem nonexistent during this transit. That is because we are no longer afraid to express ourselves or risk being emotionally messy with Mercury in Scorpio.

Each of us craves deeper conversation and emotional connection during this transit. And while it is wonderful to connect on this emotional level with others, it’s also an important time to explore and revisit your emotional boundaries. Scorpio makes it easier than ever for you to say no to situations or relationships that are no longer serving or supporting you.

If you’re feeling connected, feel free to let those around you share their emotions with you – but don’t be afraid to draw a line in the sand when someone crosses an emotional boundary of yours.

5. Focus Deeper on Mental Influences

While this energy is not as closely related to mental energy as, say, Mercury in Libra, Mercury cannot help but influence our mental faculties. After all, Mercury is a planet of the mind. Your thoughts may feel more influenced than ever during this transit, encouraging you to make decisions and changes regarding the future rather than becoming upset about the past.

You will probably feel emotional during this transit, increasing your need for an outlet like writing or creative expression. Giving yourself an emotional outlet will help you avoid word vomit when you’re spending time with others.

6. Avoid Emotional or Energetic Vampires

There exist people in the world who take advantage of the emotional energy of others, feeding off of them. We often refer to these people as energy vampires, and they should be avoided at all costs during this transit. If you find yourself feeling suspicious of someone else’s motivations, try to dig deep into your center of intuition and determine what it is that’s making you feel off about them.

If it feels like someone is prying into your life, it is more than okay for you to draw a line in the sand and make sure that you’re only sharing information that you’re comfortable with sharing. Don’t allow this emotional depth and connected energy to let you give more than you’re comfortable with.

Working with stones like tiger’s eye and clear quartz can further protect you from these negative influences.

Embrace the Depth of This Astrological Transit

Mercury is a planet of communication, and when it transits through Scorpio, we can expect the way we communicate with others to take on a different energy. This transit clears a space for you to allow yourself and your energy to shine on the world around you.

When Mercury was in Libra, we had the opportunity to allow our minds to speak. Now it’s your soul’s turn. Don’t avoid the depth that might otherwise make you feel uncomfortable, but rather, embrace it. Allow your soul the freedom of expression during this time.

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