Mutable Grand Cross

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Grand Cross is a planetary alignment in the birth chart. It consists of four planets at 90-degree angles with each other and each being in one of the three astrological qualities. In this aspect, two planets are in opposition to each other, and they make a square angle to two other opposing planets.

Every quality is made up of four zodiac signs:

  1. Mutable: GeminiVirgoSagittarius, and Pisces.
  2. FixedTaurusLeoScorpio, and Aquarius.
  3. CardinalAriesCancerLibra, and Capricorn.

Therefore, a Mutable Grand Cross happens when four planets involved in the Grand Cross are in one of the Mutable signs. This brings a different energy to the Grand Cross than a Cardinal Grand Cross or a Fixed Grand Cross. The mutable energy is probably the most congenial of the three, even though Grand Crosses can be challenging enough in and of themselves.

This is because of three mutable qualities:

  1. Deep Philosophical thought
  2. Non-judgemental
  3. Focused on transformation and change

These traits of a Mutable sign make for a time of learning, tying up loose ends, and fighting for change. This is reflected heavily in the fact that each Mutable Sign ends a season.

During a Mutable Grand Cross, we must expand our minds and intellect. If we are open-minded and seek out new things, we end up reaping the rewards of this Grand Cross.

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