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This may seem like an unusual topic to dream of, but the theme of adoption is more common than people think. You may be wondering why it has cropped up in your dream, but if you are going through something new in your life then it makes perfect sense. Dreaming about adoption means transitionYou are at a new stage in your life and embarking on new horizons. This does not even have to be a physical type of transition.

You could be going through a mental, emotional, and even spiritual transformation. Similarly, the theme of adoption can crop up to urge us to make changes in our life. It is our subconscious’ way of letting us know that change must be made for us to flourish.

Being Adopted

Maybe you are moving to a new city to work, or maybe you are going to a new school for the first time. It could be a new job, a new home, a new partner, a new anything that enters your life that will result in the dream symbol of adoption.

If it is you that is being adopted in your dream, the symbol could be suggesting that you have some fears over being “adopted” into your new way of life very soon. Maybe you worry that the new kids at school won’t like you, or the new people you work with are going to hate working for you.

Adopting Someone Else

If you are the one performing the adoption, your dream content could be telling you that your life needs a change. Look around to the symbols around the theme of adoption to see what your dream may be suggesting you change. If you don’t see any you can always ask for more dream content to occur that will clarify the problem.

If you haven’t made any major changes in your life in a long time, a transition period to the next stage in your life, though it might sound uncomfortable, it might be just what you need to jump-start some excitement in your life again.

Some Specific Types of Adoption Dreams

  • If you dream of adopting a baby/child who is easy to take care of, it is a sign that you are ready for your new transition and you are approaching it with an open heart and childlike innocence.
  • If you dream of adopting a baby/child who is difficult to take care of, it is a sign that there are obstacles standing in the way of your new transition and they need addressing. This could be a delay in the physical world or even your own fear of something new.
  • If you dream of adopting an adult, it is a sign that you are ready to face your responsibilities. This dream is a message from your subconscious to let you know you are ready.
  • If you dream of adopting a pet, such as a dog or a cat, it is a sign you are getting in touch with your natural instincts and are on the right path.
  • If you dream you are being adopted by nice people, it could be a sign that you are embracing change and ready to move forward.
  • If you dream about being adopted by mean people, it could mean that you have underlying fears of your new transition and might be worrying about what could happen.

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