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The father figure or symbol is a very powerful archetype now matter where it appears: in your dreams, in the Tarot (typically appearing as the EmperorHierophant, or one of the Kings), or in your day to day life.

When a father symbol or image of a fatherly symbol to you appears in your dream there are a number of potential interpretations.

Key details around the appearance of this archetype in your dream will help you decode what the message is for you. The feelings of love, power, strength, and wisdom are all associated with paternal figures, but so are some negative feelings.

It could be that your father figure is appearing to show you where you need more discipline in your life, or where you could need some wisdom. It could also suggest some important information regarding your own father will be coming to you soon, or from him in the near future.

Dreaming of A Father Figure You Don’t Know

If you dream of a father but do not know who he is, only that he is a father, this indicates protection and reliability from those around you.

It is often a sign that you are protected in your current lifestyle and it comes with a nurturing feeling. However, it can also suggest that you need to be more reliant on yourself and not depend on others too much.

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Dreaming of Your Dad

This will also depend on your own personal feelings for your father.

If you have a positive relationship with your father, then this is usually a sign that his love is protecting you and continues to. It can also mean that you are becoming like your father and absorbing the positive qualities you associated with him.

If your relationship is negative, then this may be your subconscious’ way of letting you know that there are issues between you both that need resolving in your waking life before you can fully move on and be happy within yourself.

Dreaming Of A Message From Your Father

If your father has a message for you, pay attention to what the message says. If your father is deceased, it could be a message from the spirit world. This can be very comforting and also help with the grieving process.

If your father is alive, the message could be him reaching out to you in some way and might be an indication that there is something important he wants to talk about.

What are the contents of the message? This is the best clue to let you know what message your father has for you.

Some More Interpretations

A true father is someone who protects and shields us from the dangers of the world and is willing to make sacrifices for his family.

Below are some more interpretations when dreaming about your dad.

  • Dreaming your father is dying/has died. This indicates that something may go wrong in your life and it is likely completely unrelated to your dad.
  • Dreaming your father has an affair. This indicates that there is some kind of separation you feel with your dad and your subconscious is urging you to address it in your waking life.
  • Dreaming your father is being locked up. This indicates you feel others have too much authority over you. It may be a sign that it is time to come into your own power.
  • Dreaming about your father ignoring you or leaving. This can be a manifestation of our waking fears of abandonment. When a father figure is associated this can either be tied to our real father or a father-like figure in our life (ex: Grandfather, teacher, uncle, coach.)
  • Dreaming about yelling at/fighting with your dad. This can denote personal anger towards your father, father-figure, or the parts of yourself that relate to your father. For example, if you get your temper from your dad, this dream could appear when facing these issues.

Some people do have clairvoyant abilities and their dreams can take on a literal meaning. In the main, the above explanations are the most common meanings behind these dreams.

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