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If you see the number or the word zero in your dream, an ending, a beginning, and/or change is on the horizon. Often you can expect a situation related to your dream is about to come full circle in the very near future or face some sort of conclusion.

This kind of dream is where context is key, as zero can tell us the general idea, but in order to get the full meaning, we need to analyze the details.

First: Is It A Zero Or A Circle?

One important thing to look for in your dream is whether the shape is a zero or a circle. While some meaning overlaps, there are different themes and contexts that go along with each dream.

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Dreaming About Seeing The Number 0

Just as in Numerology, every number in a dream has a unique meaning.

Seeing the number zero often means an ending, but it also denotes a beginning and a cycle of completion. Similar to the Death card in Tarot, it appears scary and empty but is actually an opportunity to begin again and leave the past behind us.

It is important to note and remember where the zero is in your dream, as where it is specifically located could indicate an emptiness or a void that you need to focus on in order to create new beginnings.

A common place to see the number zero in dreams is over the heart, representing that we need to focus on new beginnings in self-love and personal growth. If the zero is on another’s heart, this represents a change in your close personal relationships.

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Dreaming About Seeing the Word Zero

The word zero written out represents exactly as it seems, nothing.

This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any meaning, but the meaning itself is showing you that something in your life is showing signs that it’s about to come to no result and that your subconscious is worried about failure.

Examples of this could be a risky new business venture, investments, relationships, etc. It is very common to see zero in a dream right before a breakup.

Dreaming about Seeing Repeating Zeros

If the zeroes in your dream seem to be abundant and repetitive, the message may be that your current actions in the situation at hand are not leading anywhere, and you are just running around in circles.

There is also a sense of timelessness with this number, and so you may find that a zero in a dream represents looking into a past life or time travel in the dream state.

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