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For the Month of: May 2023

May - Ready to initiate some significant power moves, Cancer? Last month, you gained emotional mastery and brought your life energies back into balance. This month predicts fulfillment and effective change. October offers plenty of opportunities to start building the security you've been seeking. But you must be ready to take on new responsibilities. So, prepare to explore new territories of your belief system and Soul.

Career and home life clash on October 1, when Venus opposes Jupiter. You may find yourself needing to make an important choice that may come with the potential for long-term repercussions. Expect to experience trouble resisting whatever attracts your interest or anything that comes your way. Mercury finally stations direct on the 2nd, and the movement forward will begin to help you feel better about what kind of commitments you make.

That weekend, on Saturday, October 8, Pluto stations direct before the Full Moon. Having been retrograde for some time, Pluto forced you to transform your current relationships and contracts through practicing acceptance. Try to stay calm and ride out the changes. You and your closest relationships are evolving.

Then, a Blood Full Moon brings a brand-new bold flavor of manifestation into your life on the 9th. A Full Moon is a midpoint and dynamic climax of the current Lunar phase, highlighting your emotional state. The Full Moon occurs in Aries, and your focus is on releasing any self-obsessed tendencies you've been harboring. Since the Moon is your ruling planet, these phases are strongly felt and can be prone to making you feel reckless and restless. Overall, this Full Moon permits you to recognize your life purpose and how your emotional state projects onto your work.

Come October 22, Saturn stations direct, and you find your boundaries tested. Unfortunately, this direction station comes right after a Mars-Neptune square, challenging your life's direction. But luckily for you, there's enough empowering and positive energy in the air to create a clear path forward.

The Sun deep-dives into sexy Scorpio on Sunday, October 23. Before that, Venus dipped into Scorpio, adding a big dash of creativity and romance to your relationships. Scorpio season is an excellent time to explore your artistic talents and immerse yourself in the company of friends and lovers; a powerful time to discuss your deepest desires and big ideas. Single? A new crush may appear, or some steamy DM's may come your way.

To turn things up a notch, the New Moon takes place in Scorpio on October 25, ushering in a total transformation and reconstruction of your love life. Scorpio is about understanding the core of unresolved issues to understand genuine connections. A New Moon in Scorpio is a magical time of creation and intention setting and will surely bring out your dark side. So avoid jealously and going deep into your feelings.

Finally, October ends with Jupiter RX going into Pisces on October 28 and Mars stationing retrograde in chatty Gemini. Cancer Risings, Mars in Gemini will retrograde through your twelfth mystic house, triggering anger and draining energy. Mars retrograde may make you prone to body aches and emotional outbursts. However, your dreams will reveal important information. Continue to practice self-care to clear, ground, and protect your energies.

October affirmation, "I nurture my mind, body, and Soul.
I know the more I align with my truth, the more I have, and the more I can give to others.
I take care of myself first because I deeply and completely love myself."

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