You Pulled the 10 of Pentacles Tarot Card – Now What?

Have you pulled the 10 of Pentacles in a Tarot reading?

This is one of the most welcome cards among the Pentacles suit. Whenever the 10 of Pentacles shows up and regardless of the topic subject, it usually bodes well for the reading.

The final numerical pentacles card of the Minor Arcana, the 10 of Pentacles, is a card of stability and legacy. It is a card that tends to come up when there is successful completion of something, and it is time to sit back and reap the reward.

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What Does the 10 of Pentacles Card Mean?

The 10 of Pentacles can mean the following in a reading:

  • Experiencing material abundance
  • Feeling financially secure
  • Creating a lasting foundation
  • An orderly family life
  • Establishing a legacy
  • Upholding traditions
  • Following conventional methods

What Does the 10 of Pentacles Card Mean in a Love & Relationship Reading?

The 10 of Pentacles often bodes well in a love and relationship reading.

If it represents someone’s feelings for you, it means that this person feels they can have a long-term relationship with you. In fact, this card is often more welcome than other cards, which may seem much more promising when speaking about someone’s feelings, such as the 10 of Cups or the 2 of Cups.

The 10 of Pentacles may not represent the initial lovey-dovey and romantic aspect of feelings, but it is a solid and grounded card that proves the person’s feelings for you are here to stay. They are not fleeting or momentary.

As feelings, the 10 of Pentacles indicates that this person feels you are someone they want to invest in for the long-term. They can see themselves settling down with you and having a family.

For how someone sees you, they see you as someone they want to establish a family life with or have a long-term relationship with. All in all, this is a great card to show up in a relationship reading.

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What Does the 10 of Pentacles Mean in a Career Reading?

The 10 of Pentacles is a fantastic card to get in a career reading!

This indicates that your career or business is built on a solid foundation. If appearing in a future position, it means you are going to find lasting success with your career ventures.

This card also indicates that you may be going into a family business or upholding traditions.

The 10 of Pentacles in a career reading means that you have established yourself in your chosen career, and others respect you for it. You have proven that you have the skills and mastery to succeed. You may even find yourself mentoring others and passing your skills on if this card shows up.

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What About the 10 of Pentacles as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, the 10 of Pentacles can mean that you focus too much on your career or business and neglect other aspects of your life.

It can mean that you are devoting so much time and energy to your ambitions that other areas of your life may be suffering.

Conversely, if this card shows up as an obstacle, it can also mean the opposite. This card could mean that you are struggling to find a “10 of Pentacles mindset,” and you may be stuck in limbo, unable to form a plan moving forward.

It could mean that you struggle to ground yourself to get things moving in regard to your career or business.

What Does the 10 of Pentacles Reversed Mean?

The 10 of Pentacles reversed Tarot card means that the upright 10 loses its positive meaning, and its energy becomes blocked or stifled.

If the 10 of Pentacles reversed turns up in your reading, it could mean any of the following:

  • You are struggling to build a foundation for your career.
  • You are struggling to get your business off the ground.
  • You are experiencing stagnation in your career.
  • Your feelings for another, or their feelings for you, are shaky and short-lived.
  • You may have experienced or will be experiencing financial loss.
  • You are becoming too materialistic.
  • You are wanting money solely to accumulate more things.
  • You might be losing your sense of security.

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How to Make the 10 of Pentacles Work for You

To make the 10 of Pentacles card work for you, try the following:

1. Carry the Card With You

Whether you are working or have a day off, carrying the 10 of Pentacles card around with you helps you connect to its energy. This is especially helpful if you are working hard on a project or building a solid foundation in your family life.

It also helps motivate you to get the home in order, such as doing a spring clean or going through old goods!

2. Meditate On The Card

Meditating on the 10 of Pentacles card helps you understand it at a deeper level and heighten your intuition.

Take some time alone in a quiet space and play soothing music in the background if it helps to relax you further. Take the card and stare at the imagery. See what pops to mind and write it down afterward.

This helps you to connect to the card and understand what messages it has for you.

3. Use Mantras

Repeating a mantra to yourself inspired by the 10 of Pentacles can help you harness and maintain the powerful energy of this card.

Some good mantras are:

  • I will succeed in my goals.
  • I will set my foundation.
  • I will leave a legacy.

Last But Not Least of the Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles card is warmly received in a Tarot reading and if it turns up as the 10 of Pentacles reversed, then it is a sign that its energies are blocked, and it’s time to turn them around!

We all want to build something lasting. We would all, in our own special way, like to leave a legacy, whether it’s the actions we took, or the person we became, or the lessons we left for others to learn from.

The 10 of Pentacles exemplifies all these things and is a reminder to us that whatever we dream, we can do it!

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