What is Moonology?

Moon lovers, this one’s for you!

Have you ever looked up at the sky at night and seen an ethereal, beautiful Full Moon and just felt a strange sensation deep within you that feels like a personal connection with that round orb in the sky? Have you ever seen a Crescent Moon and felt oddly drawn to it? You may be a Child of the Moon and, as such, interested in the fascinating and compelling art of Moonology.

What is Moonology?

To put it simply, Moonology is the study of the Moon, particularly in the astrological sense.

We know that the Moon is Yin to the Sun’s Yang. We know that the Moon works hard to keep the Earth bright with her gentle, flowing light as the Sun goes down. We know that the Moon has an uncanny effect on the forces of nature during the Full Moon stage, whether it’s the rising tides or wolves (or us) howling up at her!

There are some who are able to tap into the Moon’s lunar energies more easily than others. In astrology, the Moon represents the emotional part of ourselves. That’s why it’s good to know your Moon sign because then you can understand your emotional self better and why you react a certain way to people or in different situations.

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The Moon also makes her way through the twelve signs of the zodiac every few days, and depending on what sign she is in, has an impact on our emotional state, influencing our actions, thoughts and behavior patterns.

Moonology is about understanding the various Moon phases, how she relates to the zodiac signs and, above all, how we can harness the lunar energies for our own personal betterment and self-empowerment.

When you start working with the phases of the Moon, a whole other portal opens up to you!

Moonology Oracle Cards

A good way to ease yourself into the workings of the lunar energies is to get yourself a deck of Moonology Oracle Cards.

Aside from the fact that they are very pretty to look at, these cards represent various stages of the Moon, and when you ask the oracle about an aspect of your life you need a little guidance on, the Moonology Oracle Cards can help shed some light using different energies of the Moon phases.

Moonology Oracle Cards are beautifully simple to understand and yet can offer deep insight and a range of wisdom to complex issues.

Rising Sign & Moonology

Your Rising sign is one of the most important aspects of your natal chart. While your Sun sign represents who you truly are on the inside, and your Moon Sign represents your emotional self, your Rising sign represents how you come across to others and how people see you.

With Moonology, it’s important to take the Rising sign into account.

The reason it matters is because the Rising sign represents which sign is in your First House, which is the house of Self. When the Moon travels through the signs every few days, it also travels through the houses.

In Moonology, you would check to see where your Rising sign currently is in order to determine what your emotional state will be like, and what influence the lunar energies may have over you.

Moon Phases & Moonology

One of the most exciting parts of studying Moonology is learning more about the Moon phases. Below are brief descriptions of the Moon phases and how they can impact you emotionally and spiritually.

New Moon

This is when the Moon appears invisible in the sky. It signifies a time of new beginnings and is a powerful time to start new projects and phases. A New Moon ritual where you set your intentions is always a good idea!

Waxing Crescent

This is when the light from the New Moon starts to grow. It signifies new intentions and the growth of those intentions. This is a time for focusing on the “why” and planting thoughts as if they are seeds.

First Quarter Moon

This is a time for decision-making. The Moon is split in two, with one half bright and the other half dark. This is also a time of strength and determination and seeing things through till the end.

Waxing Gibbous

This is a time for refining your intentions. The light is getting stronger now. Paying attention to details is important at this time and so it cultivating plans and ideas for the next stage.

Full Moon

A time of healing and magic! This is a time to make promises to yourself at a deep level and let go of anything that no longer supports you. It is a time for performing releasing and gratitude ceremonies. Manifestation powers are very strong under this Moon.

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Waning Gibbous

Now that the light is waning, it is time to reflect and go inwards. Focusing on ridding yourself of stress and negative thinking is on the agenda, and it is also a time for getting rid of bad habits.

Third Quarter Moon

The Moon is half and half again, but this time it’s about focusing on forgiveness. The Third Quarter Moon is particularly potent for healing and forgiving others and oneself for any flaws or mishaps.

Waning Crescent

This is the final stage before the next New Moon when the cycle begins all over again. This is a time for letting go and recognizing a higher purpose. It is a time for reconnecting with nature and going with the flow. This is a very spiritual Moon phase where we can connect to our higher selves.

Moon Phases in the Zodiac Signs

It is good to remember that a Moon’s phase will also vary based on what zodiac sign it is in.

For example, if you have a New Moon in Cancer then not only will this be a time of new beginnings, but the Cancer influence will also bring a need for emotional cleansing and having meaningful conversations with others.

If you have a Waning Gibbous Moon in Scorpio, then not only will this be a time for letting go of negative energies and thought patterns, but it will also be amplified by the energy of Scorpio. This is a Moon that may involve facing the hidden, darker aspects of yourself (or others) in order to confront the negative energies that are holding you back.

When you combine the Moon phase with the zodiac sign it is in, it helps bring you greater insight into how the lunar energies are affecting you and how you can work with them.

Keep Learning About the Moon!

Moonology is a truly fascinating subject and highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about our lovely Luna in the sky! You can also check out your Daily Horoscope which lets you know which sign and house the Moon is in and how this affects your day to day.

So grab yourself a deck of Moonology Oracle Cards, and start exploring the magical and mystical energies of one of our most beloved astrological entities!

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