What Kind of Cosmic Energy Will December Bring You?

This year has been one heck of a journey, but we’ve made it!

December holds the number “12” vibrations of unity, perfection, and cosmic order. A magical month filled with grand opportunities for commitment, fulfillment, manifestation, and love.

The last quarter of 2021 has been nothing short of transformational. This month comes dashing in with clarity, emotional wisdom, and the power to surrender to a new level of psychic strength, thus signifying a collective transition to 5d and a new era of hope.

The number of unexpected events and surprises that surfaced this year symbolized the desire for freedom and change. In numerology, 2021 is a number five year—the number five carries the energies of taming chaos through opposing forces. So, in other words, we had to put ourselves in the center of turmoil or the ring of fire to manage the elements and transmute them into a new state that supports the soul’s highest purpose.

2021 was a busy year of realization, awakening, ascension, and global change, with 2022 representing spiritual breakthrough and collective enlightenment.

We start this month with Neptune and the New Moon in Sagittarius, which so happens to be a Solar Eclipse, taking the beginning of the month by storm. We are dealing with powerful cycles that pave the way for a new world.

Then Mercury swiftly moves through Capricorn, and Mars journeys through Sagittarius. The Full Moon in Gemini triggers Venus retrograde and Chiron direct. The month closes with Jupiter re-entering Pisces and Mercury pre-retrograde shadow.

The energy is magnificently mind-blowing. The more grounded you are, the stronger you become, and the more spiritual energy you emit, attracting fulfilling experiences in your life.

Now let’s explore this month’s cosmic energy!

December 1st: Neptune Goes Direct

Expect Distorted Realities

After a five-month journey retrograde, Neptune, the ever-beautiful, dreamy, and mystical planet, stations direct in its home sign of Pisces. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and the vehicle for higher consciousness. In astrology, Neptune represents dreams, illusion, deception, magic, psychic receptivity, and how we use spirituality to better ourselves.

While retrograde, Neptune took the blinders off, stripping away fantasies and the truth by putting us in touch with reality. Although Neptune retrograde was a dynamic increase of psychic abilities, it is time, to be honest with yourself, take off the rose-colored glasses, and release subconscious beliefs and unconscious patterns that hold you back.

Now direct, Neptune comes in with fresh-new inspiration and encourages faith. It is vital to integrate lessons learned, as Neptune hit us with a brutal reality check. Try your best not to get lost in fantasy land. Listen to your intuition, and do not hide behind anxieties, fears, and unwanted realities.

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The December 2021 Astrology Calendar is here: find out where the stars and planets align this month.

December 4th: Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse

A Time for Spiritual Expansion

Traveling through the heart of the eclipse portal, December’s New Moon takes place in Sagittarius and happens to be a Solar Eclipse—the fire starter that activates higher wisdom, growth, and expansion.

New Moons occur when the Sun is conjunct the Moon, representing a brand-new 28-day Lunar cycle. We have been experiencing a series of emotionally draining and challenging events, causing a storm of uncertainty and confusion.

This month’s New Moon comes in as the celestial bonfire of 2021, illuminating a fantastic path ahead. Sagittarius is the light of physical wisdom and expansion, the skillful archer and truth-seeker who creates a sense of faith, joy, and optimism that we can carry into the New Year.

The New Moon in Sagittarius will closely conjunct Mercury, while square Neptune, and in a friendly sextile to Jupiter. Trust, have faith, and believe in all that is unfolding. Focus on what you want to expand and grow in your life during this time.

Eclipse energies amplify the intensity of the New Moon, and it’s time to deepen your trust with divine timing, enhance your wellbeing, and create a greater alignment with the natural order.

Cultivate strength, connection to source, stability, and order through cycles of change.

Happy New Moon!

December 11th: Venus Conjunct Pluto

Alchemy of Empowerment

Venus—the goddess of affection, beauty, decision making, love, romance, and pleasure—conjuncts mysterious Pluto, revealing a brand-new cycle of empowerment and partnership with the Lord of Darkness.

Pluto ushers us beyond old structures, uncovering the alchemy of life that emerges out of destruction and chaos. When the old-world falls, all that remains is light to guide a new way. That light is the love, the guiding force that redesigns and reinvents a new age.

Expect finances, jealousy, manipulation, power struggles, and relationships to be significant themes. This is the first of two conjunctions between Venus and Pluto, with the second occurring in March 2022.

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December 13th: Mercury Enters Capricorn & Mars Enters Sagittarius

Time for Exploring the Mind/Body Connection

Today’s energy starts the week off on an eventful note, with Mars entering Sagittarius and Mercury the messenger, entering Capricorn.

Mars is the fiery and aggressive planet of drive, action, sexual energy, and willpower. Mars is also the ruler and record keeper of our physical body, recording and restoring every experience.

Sagittarius is the skillful and optimistic archer in the pursuit of truth. Mars in Sagittarius increases our desire to explore and understand the world around us, creating new experiences and expanding into our infinite potential. The fire of devotion carries us beyond the veil and into alignment with our higher nature.

With all the expansive and heightened energy, this would be a perfect time to engage in bodywork so that you can release any pent-up tension from the body.

Mercury, the quick-witted messenger of the stars, the planet that rules over communication, travel, the mind, and technology, enters ambitious Capricorn. We are at a solid point to calibrate, expand, and ground our operating system and inner channels of communication in higher energy, so the essence of our soul may anchor and be fully present.

Your task during this time is to make your mind take practical steps to achieve your goals.

December 18th – 19th: Venus, Chiron, & Full Moon in Gemini

A Gateway to New Earth Opens

Prepare yourself for an eye-opening week and sequence of events that deliver us home to where the heart is.

Gemini kicks off the party in the final Full Moon of 2021. Full Moons occur when the Sun is directly opposite the Moon, signifying a magical peak in the lunar cycle. The Sun is 27 degrees in Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center, and directly opposite the Moon in Gemini.

The eclipse gateway is still open, with this Full Moon acting as a dynamic peak in a new consciousness and the sound-bath symphony attunement showering us with love.

Gemini is the light of interplay and mental wisdom, representing the diamond twins’ balanced mind and heart. This Full Moon wants us to let go of the distorted inner messaging system and historical trauma embedded in our communication and thoughts. To evolve beyond space and time, we must shatter old forms and unify the heart and mind.

Shortly after, Venus stations retrograde in Capricorn, and Chiron stations direct in Aries.

Venus retrograde redirects us to take more responsibility for the direction of our lives by restructuring our decision-making process and grounding us in higher ideals of the heart. It’s time to prioritize what’s truly important in your life. We deserve strong, healthy, supportive, dependable, and committed relationships, but we must first create that relationship with ourselves.

Chiron, the master/healer/teacher, stations direct in Aries after an emotionally challenging five-month journey retrograde. Chiron represents our greatest core wound, and Aries is the fiery power of our mental body.

While retrograde, Chiron activated core wounding in the muscle memory of past hurts and challenges, surrounding identity, survival patterns, primal urges, sex, and victim consciousness. When we shine a light on the pain, we have a chance to transmute that memory into the frequency of love, infusing our bodies with new life. As a result, higher consciousness and fresh new energy flow through our healing to revitalize and reawaken us.

Chiron is the catalyst for growth, and now is the time to integrate healing and move forward in a new direction.

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December 21st: Winter Solstice Occurs & Sun Enters Capricorn

Focus on Collective Rebirth

On the 21st, the Northern Hemisphere transitions into Winter Solstice, marking the beginning of Capricorn Season. Happy Holidays!

Solstices are significant events, where one cycle ends and another begins. Every year in mid-December, the Sun reaches the southernmost point. We can think of Winter Solstice as the New Moon cycle. The void of darkness and the beginning of a brand-new 28day lunar cycle signifies the potential of our highest vision coming to manifest.

The Sun enters disciplined Capricorn, initiating a brand-new cycle that will motivate us to strategize, plan, and structure for the future. Capricorn is the light of initiation and the executive director in full command of their spiritual power.

With the Sun in Capricorn, expect to feel a greater connection and responsibility to your soul’s purpose. We can create anything we choose to believe. It is our responsibility to create something from the heart that has longevity.

Capricorn Season wants us to regain our spiritual power and authority, grounded from the root to crown and crown to root. Time to transcend the limitations imposed upon us. You are free to rise and elevate.

Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

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December 24th: Saturn Uranus Final Square

A Global Shift in Consciousness Occurs

The Titans clash as Saturn forms a tight square to Uranus in their final meeting of the year. This planetary transit acts as the stabilizing force that will ground and structure new change and higher-order.

If we rewind to February and June of this year, Saturn and Uranus clashed, causing a series of unfortunate events surrounding themes of freedom and control, destruction and construction, tradition and modern, historical trauma, and global change.

Saturn is direct, and although Uranus is still retrograde, we will find ourselves rebuilding the structures of our value system, financial system, education, healthcare, food, music, and more. This final square will shift the economic foundation of the future.

Uranus in Taurus wants us to ground in our hearts and trust our inner navigation system; Saturn in Aquarius desires radical change to redefine current structures and express individuality. Do not become frustrated by any triggers coming to light; liberate yourself to move forward in higher consciousness. Expect major social change at the beginning of the year.

December 28th/29th: Jupiter Enters Pisces

Time for a Pursuit of Happiness

The largest and most majestic of the planets, Jupiter, enters the intuitive waters of Pisces, where it will spend most of its time in 2022. If we look back at May through July, Jupiter made a short trip to Pisces.

Before the discovery of Neptune, Jupiter was considered the traditional ruler of Pisces. Now, since Jupiter is comfortable and ready to settle in Pisces, he redirects our attention to life’s spiritual, ethereal, and philosophical aspects.

This planetary conversation provides opportunities to develop our intuition, compassion, wisdom, and emotional support. Jupiter enjoys abundantly expanding in the limitless ocean of Pisces, dissolving all boundaries of physical manifestation and expanding into our soul’s purpose. Slow, steady, methodical, and intentional wins the race. Stay in tune with your body as you go through inner changes. Creating healthy coping habits is KEY!

We finish the year with Mercury entering pre-retrograde shadow, welcoming the New Year on an interesting note.

Pre-retrograde shadow is the period that happens before Mercury stations retrograde. Pre-shadow comes in with a bit of extreme energy and uncertainty. Many of the topics and themes that appear during this time will reappear during actual retrograde, shaping our entire experience. Since Mercury is the ruler of the recent Full Moon, expect those themes to come into play during retrograde.

Energy Tips for December

December’s oracle is “Serpent of Fire,” priestess of the Serpent Sisterhood. This card is brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

We are fully burning away old energies and increasing our energetic field. A higher power stirs from within, bringing us greater awareness of our spiritual abilities and gifts. Just as the serpent sheds its skin to reveal itself anew, we too are shedding old habits, patterns of behavior, and thoughts, birthing a new expression of ourselves.

As we step into the New Year, we need to ground in greater awareness of our gifts, powers, and unique spiritual capabilities. The time is right, and the Universe is ready. Don’t underestimate yourself. Realize what you are capable of and step into your full power.

Use this month to:

  • Let go of judgment and old habits
  • Journal and set goals for the New Year
  • Celebrate and honor the seasons of change
  • Rest and reflect while the Sun moves toward brighter days

In summary, December is about wrapping up everything that no longer serves us and eliminating cycles of self-sabotage, guilt, hurt, pain, and victim mode.

Confusion is clearing, and our vision is getting brighter. The Universe is at our fingertips, responding to our sweet song. We’ve experienced many moments of emotional revelations designed to change the game.

May 2022 be filled with abundance, love, and strength to overcome adversity and any challenges that may stand in your way. Happy New Year!

Your December 2021 astrology answers calendar is here. Find out when the stars and planets align this month.
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