Dietary Tips To Balance Your Personality Based On Your Sign

Each sign has a certain area of the body it corresponds to. The areas associated with our sun signs have been observed to be our weakness or the area prone to malfunction. For example you’ll often meet Cancers who have digestive problems. I have a very sensitive stomach as a Cancer and developed food intolerance.

Medical astrology can help us understand certain diseases we are at risk for. Additionally, if we have a lot of one sign in our natal chart, we are more likely to have problems in the areas that sign is linked to. Case in point, I have a lot of Leo in my chart and have had spine problems my whole life.

It’s not all gloom and doom here. If we know our weakest links, we can strengthen them in advance and shift our diet to improve our health. On the bright side, we can actually achieve greater health with this knowledge.

If we know for instance that we are prone to thyroid issues, taking adrenal balancing herbs called adaptogens can help us maintain our health instead of experience it deplete unexpectedly. This ancient study of medical astrology, also called iatromathematics, can help us to practically manage the most valuable asset in our lives, our health.

What You Can Eat To Balance Your Element

First we can look at what element our sun sign is to understand our metabolism. When we aren’t eating properly for the element of our sun sign, the negative traits of our element can dominate. Additionally, it’s important to know the element of any signs that show up a lot in our chart (especially in the primal triad of sun, moon and rising signs).

You can observe how people who work on themselves, whether or not they know astrology, will intuitively find that certain foods aren’t good for them while people who are out of balance will usually be craving and indulging in the foods that are detrimental to their dominant element.

Earth: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus

An earth sign will usually have a slower metabolism unless they have other elements dominating in their primal triad. Generally an earth sign can eat spices like ginger and cayenne to increase energy and boost their metabolism. The negative traits of an earth sign can be lethargy and even laziness.

Those negative traits will gain momentum if an earth sign gives into its cravings for carbs, heavy meats, cheeses and sweets. Eating fresh veggies and fruits can help balance the slow to act nature of an earth sign.

Fire: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo

A fire sign already has a lot of energy. Too much caffeine can make their temper or perfectionism too intense. The struggle for a fire sign is often in relaxing, so cooling herbs like cardamom, coriander and cilantro can help with that. Bitter or sweet plants are helpful in taming the fire within just as raw plants will.

Alcohol in excess will also be detrimental to someone who already has a lot of fire in their chart. It would be good to drink mint herbal tea if you find yourself pushing yourself too hard mentally or physically and avoid hot spices as well. Lots of water is great for someone with a lot of fire element in their chart.

Water: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Water signs are already full of emotions, so alcohol can be detrimental to them. Additionally, sugar will make them more emotional. Try to eat a balance between raw and cooked foods with very little processed foods and toxins. Because water signs already feel so much, it’s easy for them to have the free radical tissue damage related to stress.

It’s vital to eat a clean diet for a water sign and it’s important to have lots of water to flush environmental toxins and stress hormones out of their body. Alkalizing foods will help counter the acid that can build up from emotional stress effects.

Alkaline water or plants that are naturally alkaline like greens are going to help prevent illness and strengthen the immune system. Garlic, lemon, ginger and mushrooms can help the body build its defense system for this sign.

Air: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

An air sign will often forget to eat and has a fast metabolism, making them sometimes lose too much weight. An air sign can be scatterbrained and anxious without eating regularly and too much caffeine will make it nearly impossible to focus. If they reduce or eliminate caffeine and eat grounding foods like grains and root vegetables, they will feel more calm and focused.

What You Can Eat To Strengthen Your Zodiac Sign’s Natural Weakness

The areas linked to each zodiac sign are clear enough that we can pinpoint herbs and foods that can help those areas. We can also look to the chakra of that area for dietary clues.

Aquarius – Aquarius is linked to our circulation, so food that’s high in water and fiber will help purify our blood. Foods with a high water content are also low in cholesterol and high in oxygen to further improve circulation. These foods include watermelon, spinach, beans, kiwi, alfalfa sprouts, sweet potatoes, broccoli and other fruits and vegetables.

Garlic is also very purifying for the blood. Ankles are a natural weakness, so joint supplements like MSM and chondroitin can help as well as a calcium supplement.

Pisces – The lymphatic system is linked to Pisces and this is the system that removes viruses from our system. atinEg foods that do not already contain toxins will ease the pressure on our lymphatic system. Less refined sugar, less processed foods and alcohol will help the lymphatic system run optimally.

Additionally, echinacea is helpful for draining the lymphatic system. The feet can also be a natural weakness, so live plants that promote healthy circulation and are high in phytonutrients (indicated by vibrant or dark colors) will help the blood deliver nutrients.

Aries – Bilberry is an herb that can help eye health which is a natural weakness for Aries. Walnuts and ginkgo biloba are great for the brain which are another area under surveillance with the Aries sign. The brain doesn’t want too much caffeine and needs regular food to function properly.

Drink lots of water to flush the toxins that could build up in your blood that enters the brain. All berries are good for the brain as well as the chakras in that area.

Taurus – Adaptogens like ginseng, maca and ashwagandha are good for for the thyroid, a point of weakness for Taurus. Blueberries and pears help the for the throat chakra which is another area under watch. A Taurus should avoid too many sweets as well as too much dairy which can increase their tendency to be lazy.

Eating small meals regularly is important to keep the blood sugar regular and energy consistent. Lean fish can be a good source of protein.

Gemini – This air sign needs grounding, so vegetables grown close to or under the ground are great to balance a Gemini. Mugwort is a great herb for the nervous system which is linked to Gemini. Peppermint, oregano and eucalyptus are great for respiratory health, which is a point of contention for Geminis. Smoking wouldn’t be a good idea for a Gemini either.

Cancer – Wheat and gluten are probably best to avoid, as well as dairy for Cancers. They have weak digestive systems and need to watch their gut health. Probiotics and fermented foods will help as well as alkalizing foods. A low toxin diet is essential to reduce risk of breast cancer as well.

Natural herbs like ginger and licorice root tea can help ease stomach issues. Avoid heavy red meats and cheeses that are hard to digest.

Leo – Foods that improve heart health like asparagus, garbanzo beans, celery, oats and high fiber plants will improve the heart health for Leo who have this area to watch out for. The spine needs lots of water to stay mobile as well as joint mobility assistance from supplements like MSM and chondroitin.

The spinal health can also be improved by eating a kale and chia seeds which contain calcium to keep the spine healthy.

Virgo – A Virgo’s weakness is digestion, so they certainly do not want to eat a lot of dry goods like pastries, grains and cereals which will make digestion extra difficult. Lots of water and high fiber plants will ease the strain on the digestive system. Anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon will help reduce intestinal inflammation as well.

Lots of greens and low sugar will be helpful. Dandelion will also be great for the spleen, another natural point of weakness for Virgo.

Libra – Libras should avoid alcohol because they already have a natural weakness in the kidneys. Their skin can also be a weak point so refined sugar will likely show up right away in the skin as toxins. Other toxins that stay in the blood because of irregular digestion can show in the skin, so a plant heavy diet with lots of fiber will keep the skin healthy.

Raw plants will deliver nutrients to the skin and detoxify it. Alkaline plants and water can reduce painful inflammation that can occur in the lower back.

Scorpio – The sacral chakra is the Scorpio region. This includes sex organs and our colon. Think fiber and water to keep your bowels clear. Maca, oats, raw chocolate and foods that are orange can help this chakra stay healthy. Nutmeg and ginseng can also improve the sexual organs at risk with a Scorpio.

Lots of water, not too many eggs and not too much coffee is essential.

Sagittarius – The liver is at risk for a Sagittarius which means really go easy on alcohol. Burdock root is good for the liver as is dandelion, milk thistle and holy basil. Eat clean protein to support the biggest muscle group in your body, your thighs. Clean, plant based protein like spinach, peas and mushrooms will help you.

Your hips are also at risk, so eat calcium rich plants such as chia seeds and kale, magnesium from coconut or cucumbers and lots of water.

Capricorn -The joints and bones are the weak points for a Capricorn so MSM/chondroitin supplements are helpful. Calcium from chia and kale. Vitamin D is essential to process calcium and you can get this from the sun, mushrooms or fortified orange juice and supplements.


Alas, medical astrology is not an exact science but if you think of people you know or look at their medical history and birth chart, you’ll see the common themes are certainly evident. I even noticed as a very sensitive person, that we can tune into the subtle feelings in our body to be able to tell what sign the moon is in every 2.5 days.

For example, if you wake up with a mildly sore throat the moon is likely to be in Taurus and if you wake up with a sore lower back, it’s likely to be in Libra.

You can also look to the 6th house for a deeper understanding of your personal health based on your full birth chart. You can learn more about the 6th house in this article, Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Sixth House.

In Vedic astrology from India, the moon sign is considered the main sign instead of sun sign and knowing your dominant elements are a big part of the choices made in the Indian diet. They assign each person a dosha, which is a dominant body type that governs your personality and is balanced by foods. Doshas are based on elements.

Please note, all of this is just dietary advice and should not replace or overrule medical advice. Before you start worrying, this doesn’t mean you need to become paranoid about developing a problem. It’s merely a guide to help you have the best possible energy.

Eating healthy or adding some herbs and supplements to your diet are only going to improve your health and get all the systems to harmonize which will boost your energy and mood.

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