What Your Zodiac Sign and the Planets Reveal About Your Health

Hello again, friends! Welcome to another instalment of ‘Ask Charla’. You probably already know what Sun sign you are. You might even know your Sun sign’s ruling planet. However, did you know that every Sun sign corresponds to a different area of the body? If you are familiar with the planetary transits and aspects, you may know that they can influence your mood, your relationships, even your health. Here’s this weeks question.

Can astrology help me pinpoint my health issues?

Did you know that the movement of the planets can have an impact on your physical health. Of course, the information astrology can provide about your body is never, I repeat never, a substitute for the advice of a medical professional! However, it is fascinating to know what strengths and weaknesses your body might display according to your Sun sign.


Physically, Aries is linked with the head. The skull, the complexion, and the ears all come under Aries’s rule. People whose Sun sign is Aries, or who have a busy first house in their natal chart, or who have a lot going on with Mars may be a bit accident-prone.

Aries people may also get frequent headaches, migraines, dizzy spells, sinus issues, or injuries to the face and head. Most Aries love to have their scalp rubbed or their hair brushed, it will really relax them.

Even though as a fire sign Aries colors are reds and oranges, when it comes to chakra healing or reiki, it’s the gentler yellow stone that will bring the most intense energy healing. This stone works with the solar plexus chakra.

It will assist you in correctly evaluating your own independence, neither putting too little or too much importance on your views and opinions, while at the same time allowing you to work through your gut reactions into more informed opinions of the things and people in your life.


  • Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the second house of the natal chart
  • A fixed sign
  • Belongs to the earth element
  • Symbolized by the bull
  • Ruled by Venus

Physically, Taurus is linked with the neck. All the blood vessels, the teeth and the bones of the next, the larynx and the cerebellum, even the right eye, come under Taurus’s rule. Taurus also influences speech and communication.

Ailments pertaining to Taurus are those of the head and neck, such as sore throats, earaches, stiff necks, tonsillitis, and strep throat, as well as injuries to the neck and collarbone. Many Taurus are great singers or have mellow and charming speaking voices.

It’s the green reiki stone that you’ll want to use when working on the parts of the body that are ruled by Taurus. Green is associated with the heart chakra, and will assist not just in taking the heat out of some of those things that are a proverbial pain in the neck.

It will help to restore balance and harmony. When the heart chakra is aligned, it’s much easier to communicate in a kind and compassionate way with others, as well as with yourself.


  • Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the third house of the birth chart
  • A mutable sign
  • Belongs to the air element.
  • Symbolized by the twins
  • Ruled by Mercury

Physically, Gemini is associated with the upper torso. This includes the shoulders, arms, and hands; as well as the lungs and the nervous system—and even the brain, because although it is located in the head, it is part of the nervous system.

Many Geminis have a lot of unsettled energy and seem fidgety and prone to restlessness. They’re also susceptible to ailments in these areas, such as asthma, bronchial complaints, and nervous dispositions. Geminis will soon start to unwind when someone special gives them a good shoulder massage!

As an Air sign, Gemini colors are blue and yellow, and when it comes to chakra healing or reiki, blue stones are the ones to use. These help the throat chakra, and will bring that energy center back into balance.

A clear throat chakra helps you to speak clearly, and express yourself openly and graciously. Your creativity will thrive, and you’ll be able to communicate your ideas in an engaging and passionate manner.


  • Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the fourth house
  • A cardinal sign
  • Belongs to the water element
  • Symbolized by the crab
  • Ruled by the Moon

Physically, Cancer is associated with the stomach, the breasts or pectoral muscles, and the rib cage. Lots of Cancers are prone to digestive complaints, and are susceptible to poor nutrition habits and even food poisoning.

A sign of motherhood and family, sometimes the womb is affected. Cancerians love to look after others, and often will cook for people to show how much they’re nurtured, cared for, and appreciated.

Even though it’s the lunar colors of silver and creamy-white that are associated with Cancer, when using your reiki stones it’s the purple one you’ll want to select. Purple is associated with the brow, or third-eye, chakra. Bringing this area into balance helps you to get a good night’s sleep, and bring your body into a harmonious rhythm.

It also has the potential to strengthen you when it comes to dealing with environmental imbalances, and allergies. When the brow chakra is aligned, you’ll find it much easier to visualize and get the Law of Attraction working in your life!


  • Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the fifth house
  • A fixed sign
  • Belongs to the fire element
  • Symbolized by the lion
  • Ruled by the Sun

Physically, Leo is associated with the heart, the spine, and the upper back. Lots of Leo’s are prone to backaches and heart problems. If you experience these physical symptoms then you need to be seen by your doctor.

Heartache from emotional distress is also ruled by Leo, as is the stubbornness of putting your back into something! Leos like to be involved in heartwarming experiences and to know that they’re appreciated.

Fiery reds and oranges are Leo’s colors, but the reiki healing for Leo is the purple stone. It connects to the brow chakra. Leo’s have that bit of natural luck, and seem to be able to manifest anything they want to achieve. The brow chakra is so easy to over-stimulate, so take the time to bring it back into alignment!

When it’s balanced your life will be balanced, and you’ll find yourself opening to a greater understanding of your life, while at the same time, bringing your body’s physical functions back into a natural and harmonious rhythm.


  • Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the sixth house
  • A mutable sign
  • Belongs to the earth element
  • Symbolized by the virgin
  • Ruled by Mercury

Physically, Virgo is the fussiest of the signs when it comes to health matters. They’re often vegetarians and fans of holistic treatments. Virgo rules wellness in general, but in particular, is associated with any of the body’s systems that deal with absorption and elimination.

Virgo is associated with the intestines, kidneys, and bowels—and because it shares its planetary rulership with Gemini—the nervous system. Virgos are naturally fussy, and any food or unfamiliar stimuli in their environment can be quite upsetting for their countenance.

While earthy colors resonate with Virgo’s elemental correspondence, it’s still the blue stone that you’ll want to choose when working with your reiki healing. This works on the throat chakra. It enables you to learn how to speak your truth quiet confidence, and to listen to others.

The bluestone also soothes away some of the criticism that is often attributed to you. At the same time, it calms your countenance so you can better deal with disruptions and things that are less than familiar.

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  • Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the seventh house
  • A cardinal sign
  • Belongs to the air element
  • Symbolized by the scales
  • Ruled by Venus

Physically, Libra is associated with all things that flow in the body, and bodily fluids. As an air sign, you’d think that this would have more to do with the respiratory system, but it’s the liquids and other secretions.

The waist, the navel area, and other lumbar regions also fall under Libra. Libras are often prone to kidney problems, as well as lower backaches. Things can easily become a pain in the butt for Libras. After all, the gluteus maximus is a Libran muscle!

Even though Libra rules the lower abdomen, the green reiki stone will work with Libra’s energy. Green is very much a Libran color, and it’s also associated with the planet Venus.

Not only that, but the heart chakra is where much of the imbalances that plague a Libra originate. Bringing this chakra back into balance promotes patience and understanding, and allows the body to be more harmonious in general.


  • Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the eighth house
  • A fixed sign
  • Belongs to the water element
  • Symbolized by the scorpion
  • Ruling planet has been Pluto (Scorpio was ruled by Mars prior to Pluto’s discovery in 1930)

Physically, Scorpio rules the bowels and the anus as well as all of the parts of the body that involve procreation and reproduction. Male and female genitalia belong here, as does the urethra and the bladder.

It’s also the sign for chronic conditions, and ailments that have no known cure. It’s all about sex and excrement for Scorpios, and we know that Scorpios won’t take crap from anyone!

When it comes to energy healing, choose the yellow reiki stone to balance a Scorpio. This stone works with the solar plexus chakra—as with Aries—it will assist you with balancing your ego and sense of self.

When this chakra is aligned, you’ll find that your self-esteem and your self-respect improve. You’ll also have more time for others to help them find their own sense of self.


  • Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the ninth house
  • A mutable sign
  • Belongs to the fire element
  • Symbolized by the archer
  • Ruling planet is Jupiter

Physically, Sagittarius rules the liver, the hips, thighs, and sciatic nerves. Sagittarius people often complain about sciatica, or problems with their hips as a result of issues with their sciatic nerve.

A Sagittarius is often tempted to overdo things, and liver problems may arise if their diet is off. Many Sagittarians have great legs, because they also come under the jurisdiction of the archer!

As far as reiki healing goes, the orange stone will help you to bring this area of your body back into balance. Working with the sacral chakra will help you to focus on what you want, for it’s easy to be superficial when you don’t have a goal or target.

Balancing the sacral chakra will help you to set boundaries, so you’re neither too demanding nor a doormat. It will also enable you to get the attention that you crave, without having to be manipulative or scheming in order to find it.


  • Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the tenth house
  • A cardinal sign
  • Belongs to the earth element
  • Symbolized by the goat
  • Ruling planet is Saturn

Physically Capricorn rules over the teeth and bones, and joints (the knee joint in particular.) It also is associated with preservation and energy reserves. Capricorns often have beautiful skeletal structures. Take care not to dislocate joints or break bones!

Teeth are another area that may need attention. You may need corrective devices to align them, or above average dental treatment to keep them healthy. Be on your best behavior if you’ve set their teeth on edge, or they have a bone to pick with you!

As the skeleton is the foundation of our physical body, the root chakra is the foundation of the energy centers. Work with the red reiki healing stone when you want to align the body parts and functions that are ruled by Capricorn.

Take care of your physical needs at the most basic levels. Not only will it work in conjunction with the bones and teeth of the body, but it will also work with the bare bones of your requirements in life, so that you can begin to draw to you the security and material things you desire.


  • Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the eleventh house
  • A fixed sign
  • Symbolized the water bearer
  • Belong to the air element
  • Ruled by Saturn

Physically, Aquarius rules over the circulation and elimination systems; this includes the blood, heart, veins, and arteries through which the blood travels. Septicemia might also be a problem for Aquarians.

The lower legs and the ankles are also under Aquarius’s domain. Many Aquarians have very nicely shaped and slender ankles, but which are prone to injury or weakness, it’s their ‘Achilles Heel.’

The red reiki stone should be used for Aquarians. Some root chakra work is needed bring the main desires of the body into balance, so that one isn’t over-stimulated in any one area.

Being too reserved, feeling uncomfortable or worrying about how you’ll fit in; these are all signs that the root chakra is out of alignment, and can lead to worries or high blood pressure. When this area is balanced, you’ll be able to step out in confidence, and let go of anything that’s holding you back to the past.


  • Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac
  • Ruler of the twelfth house
  • A mutable sign
  • Symbolized by the scales
  • Ruled by Neptune (Until 1846 it was ruled by Jupiter)

Physically, Pisces rules over the lymphatic system, perspiration, and any condition that leads to hospitalization. Sometimes Pisceans are more prone to water retention or weight gain, but it really all depends on the natal chart as to how this manifests.

Many Pisceans are also prone to snuffly noses, colds, and the flu. Overall, any ailment where an unwanted mucous discharge might appear. Pisces also rules over the feet and toes. Injuries to the little bones in the feet and the toes aren’t uncommon.

Even though Pisces is a water sign, you’ll want the orange stone that helps to balance your Piscean energy. This stone resonates with the sacral chakra and will assist you in keeping your moods in check and staying focused on the task at hand.

When you are in balance, you’ll no longer feel that you have to be a people-pleaser or a doormat all the time. You’ll be able to express your desires without fear of being rejected or ridiculed.


There’s much more to health than knowing how astrology influences the body. You’ll probably feel the impact of associations the most if this is your Sun sign, but there are other areas of your chart—your Ascendant, or the cusp of the sixth house, for example—which will also point to health-related issues.

The reiki stones are a wonderfully soothing way to help realign your chakras and bring healing to your physical and etheric body. I can’t stress enough, if you’ve any doubts at all about your health, please see your doctor.

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