Your Checklist to Harness the Energy of New Moon in Gemini

It’s time to set those intentions and prepare for all of the new beginnings that you need in your life! As you know, every month we get a gift from astrology to help us launch those brand new adventures in our lives. This month’s gift by way of the New Moon in Gemini.

What does that really mean? There are two key things to note. One, all New Moons are about closing chapters and starting brand new ones. Every New Moon will give you opportunities for new beginnings. Secondly, the New Moon will always take on the qualities and themes of the sign that it is in, and every month it is in a different sign. So this month’s New Moon which will come to us on May 25 will be in Gemini.

Be on alert to harness Gemini love into their New Moon cycles this May 25. Want to know how to do that? We’re so glad you asked, here’s your checklist!

Key Themes with New Moon in Gemini

• What? A New Moon = new beginnings! What changes do you need in your life? Start planning them now!

• Where? The New Moon will be in Gemini this month, and that means it’s time to put on your thinking caps and bring out your inner child. Gemini likes to play, so inject child-like, fun energy into your daily life.

• Who? The air signs, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius will feel this energy most intensely. All zodiac signs are given the opportunity to use this energy and use it wisely, and it will pay off for all zodiac signs.

• When? May 25, 2017

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Checklist for the New Moon in Gemini

• Gemini is known as the sign of the Twins, and the symbol for Gemini is represented by the Roman numeral of II. This means that choices will be paramount during this New Moon, for ALL zodiac signs! You’ll want your cake and to eat it too, you just need to choose which comes first.

• Play a little bit and don’t commit to much right now. Gemini is mutable energy which means that it flits like a butterfly from one thing to the next. Use the time to experiment in love and in life, don’t settle on one choice or commitment unless it is fulfilling you in every way possible.

• Embrace play. Now is not the time to be serious and practical, that’s what Virgo and Capricorn Moons are for! This energy is about releasing that inner child, and going wherever your spontaneous urges take you.

• Use your words! Did you ever have a teacher tell you that in school? Use your words to get what you want. This is not about game playing and mind tricks, but keeping the conversation interesting, and making sure your words are loaded with the message and intent you want to share. Those words under a Gemini New Moon will go very far.

• Be curious! Gemini is ruled by the intellectual Mercury, and this means Gemini is a great thinker. What are you curious about? Go in that direction! Your joy of knowledge, thinking, and learning is heightened right now for all zodiac signs. We ask again, what are you curious about?

• Messages will come to you at this time that could be fully loaded with multiple meanings and layers. Think on them before you react to them, and always try to put your perspective in the frame of the other person that sends you the message. What is their intent and meaning?

• Keep away from distractions, external forces and variables that try to distract you from the truth. Go within, and use your mind over your heart. Ration and logic will prevail under this Moon over your heart. Under the Gemini New Moon, you will have a double sided brain that allows you to learn from all of the perspectives the world puts around you. Think before you react, and the new beginnings will be endless.

• A New Moon under a mutable sign will make you feel restless, like you have all kinds of extra energy, and aren’t sure what to do with it. Take one task or idea at a time and go with it. Also look for healthy escapes to burn off this energy: gardening, a long bath, meditation, or your favorite book!

• Update your personal style now. Get that haircut, invest in some fancy new spring clothes; make a change. Gemini loves nothing more than a brand new trinket, gadget, or wardrobe change. Not only will you get a mental reboot if you do so, you’ll feel great with all this antsy energy that comes your way.

Speak your mind! Have you wanted to say something to someone but haven’t had the courage? Like we said, words go a long way right now. Plan your speech and leave your words with your intended wisely. You’re allowed to express your thoughts, and the Gemini New Moon gives you the opportunity to let your voice be heard.

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