Elemental Compatibility: The Elements & Your Love Life

​One of the first things that many of us do when entering a budding new relationship is to observe and take stock of our level of compatibility – and there are many ways to do that. You can look at the personality traits that each of you share and hobbies or interests that you have in common. But many people turn to the stars to learn more about how their energy will interact with another person.

One of the things that makes astrology such a fascinating, useful tool is the fact that there are so many aspects and new things to discover – especially when it comes to compatibility between people!

There are myriad ways to use astrology to explore compatibility. Some turn to their Chinese zodiac signs to discover more. Many people automatically turn to their Sun sign and that of their partner or crush to gauge compatibility, as this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to utilize astrology for this purpose. However, many factors go into your Sun sign – including the element that rules it.

Each zodiac sign in astrology is ruled by one of the four elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. And your elemental personality can have a lot to do with how you interact with others and how you approach relationships and love. The signs can be broken down and grouped by their elements – read on to find out which element(s) would be most compatible with your own elemental personality.

  • Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Air signs are most compatible with fellow Air signs, as there is a tendency toward intellectual thought, sociability, and an ability to analyze. Your skill for communication will not go unnoticed by another Air sign, who will appreciate your thoughtful approach. You won’t find yourself bored or your mind wandering during conversations with fellow Air signs, as you are both sharp and willing to talk about deeper topics.

Air signs are great at solving problems, and when you put two together, they can tackle any issue that’s thrown their way. Your free-spirited natures allow you to explore new territory together, charming the new friends you make along the way.

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Earth signs share the qualities of being practical, responsible, pragmatic, and hardworking, and as such you are best paired with another Earth sign who understands your logical approach to life. Earth signs are loyal yet often reserved, sharing the deepest part of themselves only with their closest loved one. A relationship between two Earth signs will be built on a strong, grounded foundation full of devotion and sensuality.

While there is a chance that you could both be stubborn at times, if you try to see things objectively, you should be able to reach a practical middle ground fairly easily. Your relationship may even be rooted in a collective appreciation for Mother Nature.


Water is the element of fluidity and emotion, and those ruled by Water are sensitive, complex, and creative. Those ruled by Water are best suited for the compassionate nature of another Water sign. While you may think that two emotional signs would clash – and sometimes there may be misinterpreted feelings, sure – the ability that you two will have to communicate those feelings to each other cannot be ignored.

You know how to ride each other’s waves, so to speak, and you enjoy going with the flow together. The energy of two Water signs together also has the potential to amplify creativity within each of you.


Fire signs are passionate, feisty, and energetic. Your flames increase and thrive when met with the burning passion of a fellow Fire sign. You two will enjoy adventures, embracing one another’s spontaneity and zest for life. Two Fire signs know how to keep maintain the spark and possess the confidence to do so. While things may get overheated every once in a while, you let go of your anger almost as quickly as it built.

You will appreciate the direct nature of another Fire sign, as it matches your own straightforward energy. The buoyant, energetic approach to life that each of you possess will make for new, exciting experiences that you share together.

Elemental Pattern

You’ll notice a pattern in the compatibility between elements and that is because elements tend to get along or vibe with their counterparts. Air is at home in the company of Air, while Water flows smoothly with its own fluid kind. Earth appreciates the cooling and grounding energy of more Earth, and Fire feeds the passionate flames of other Fire signs.

Despite this pattern, there is no reason to panic if your crush or partner does not share the same elemental ruler as you do. There are many different factors that go into astrological compatibility, and the elements are but one. To truly understand the level of compatibility you share with someone else you may wish to seek out an experienced astrologer and have them compare your charts together to create what is called a synastry report.

Nevertheless, understanding the elements that rule our signs can help us discover more about ourselves and others, and that is a great place to start.

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