THIS is How the Upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready for another sensual and delicious Full Moon? A time when our emotions, our gratitude, and our intuition are overflowing like the illuminating light of the Moon, guiding us through the darkness of night.

This time around, that Full Moon that shines a light on hidden emotions or issues in our lives is in the mysterious sign of Scorpio, bringing intrigue and a connection to the deeper meaning of life’s experiences.

Scorpio is a sign nearly spilling over with secrets and depth, and those hidden secrets are ready to reveal themselves under the glowing light of the Full Moon. This particular Full Moon can also amplify feelings of emotionality and romance.

If you’re ready to find out exactly what this Scorpio Full Moon means for you, keep reading to find out what energy it will bring and how you can take advantage of it to bring more romance and joy into your life.

Scorpio & the Moon

The Moon is the planet that connects to your emotions, your creativity, and your intuition. The Moon moves through the signs every two or three days, and it takes on the energy of the sign that it’s in, bringing that energy down here to our collective consciousness.

That means that the current lunar phase and the sign that it is in can greatly affect your emotional well-being and state of mind. A Full Moon is always a time of increased emotions, as it sheds light on those hidden feelings that you may have been hiding even from yourself.

Scorpio is a Water sign, ruled by the element associated with creativity, emotions, and intuition – much like the Moon.

Scorpio is also a Fixed sign, making it trustworthy and easily attached to certain feelings, relationships, or ideas. This energy can make it harder for us to let go of grudges, yet the Full Moon invites us to release those emotions and focus on forgiveness and healing.

Finally, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, transformation, and rebirth. This planet is connected to the psyche and encourages us to take a deeper look into our own internal reality – to poke our head in and see what’s going on within those deeper parts of our being, our spirit.

Scorpio Full Moon Dates

This Scorpio Full Moon takes place on April 23rd, 2024.

Still, it’s important to remember that the energy of a Full Moon can typically be felt for about 48 hours before and after the event occurs – meaning that you have almost a week to soak in this healing energy and allow it to help you release any emotions, relationships, or habits that are no longer serving you.

The Moon is constantly waxing and waning, moving from the pitch black of the New Moon through to the juicy, luminous, and plump Full Moon.

What Does the Full Moon in Scorpio Mean?

While we experience at least one Full Moon each month, the Moon moves through a new sign every few days, meaning that each Full Moon we experience brings a different energy. A Full Moon always represents the end of a cycle and the releasing of that which no longer serves us, and when the Full Moon occurs in Scorpio, there’s an inherent theme of mystery and emotion.

As a Water sign, Scorpio is a sign full of emotional depth and a nuanced understanding of life’s mysteries. This sign gravitates toward spirituality and metaphysical activities, making this Full Moon a particularly beneficial one for ritual and healing work.

A Scorpio Full Moon is also an important time to pay attention to signs, dreams, or visions you might receive from the Universe. Your unconscious realm, along with the wisdom of the Universe, might be trying to tell you something important – and it’s easier than ever to hear those messages during this transit.

While New Moons represent beginnings, a Full Moon signals the end of a cycle, a time to reflect on the experiences you’ve had over the past month, the connections you’ve made, and the emotions you’ve felt.

There’s also a heightened sense of revealing hidden information – something that always comes up during the illuminating Full Moon.

However, coupled with the energy of Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto, the focus on mysteries and secrets is even more intense right now. Whether you’re a Water sign, this Full Moon will help you connect to any feelings that may have been lingering under the surface recently.

How This Full Moon in Scorpio Affects Each Sign


This Full Moon brings exactly the energy you need to foster transformation and rebirth, Aries, and this is a rebirth that can infuse your spirit with more livelihood and vigor than ever – especially if you’re ready to let go of things from the past. If you’ve been clinging to any old emotions, ways of thinking, or past grudges, this is the time to release them and move on.

Addressing these issues is especially crucial if you’re looking to manifest love or romance right now. This energy can help you move forward in current relationships and break free from any ruts you may have been experiencing.


You don’t always love to wade in the waters of emotions, Taurus, but this Full Moon is urging you to step outside of your comfort zone and do just that. It’s time to explore any emotions you may have been trying to avoid, as releasing them will help you make room for more magical experiences in your life.

It’s also important that you keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities right now, as there may be surprising encounters in store for you. Staying positive and optimistic about what the future holds is the best way to manifest wonderful experiences.


This Scorpio Full Moon is all about the release – the release that makes room for magic.

And what do you suppose the best, most effective way to attract magic into your life is, Gemini? If you said, “practicing gratitude,” you’re right. An attitude of gratitude is remarkably beneficial for manifestation work.

It’s time to let go of obsessive thoughts and worries and instead focus on the blessings and relationships in your life that bring you joy. Choosing to shift your focus in a positive direction will lift your spirit and give you a much-needed boost of confidence.


You’re so great at helping those around you through their issues, Cancer, but have you been taking the time out to take care of yourself?

This Full Moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to get back in touch with your mind, your heart, and your body, addressing any needs that may have been denied in the past month.

Make time for self-care to encourage your spirit to flourish and shine brilliantly. When you nourish your heart and soul with self-love and self-care rituals, your entire aura brightens up, and your field of energy lights up like a blazing star.


You love to have fun, Leo – but there’s also a time and a place for facing those darker or more hidden feelings.

When we acknowledge those feelings, it makes it easier for our bodies and minds to release them – giving us the space we need to breathe and move on. What issues have been weighing heavy on your heart lately?

Try to give them the attention they seek right now, the acknowledgment they deserve. This is a great time to make a Full Moon list of everything you’d like to release from your heart and mind, allowing the energy of the Moon to wash away any negative energy.


It’s not always easy for you to talk about your feelings, Virgo, but it’s time to give it a shot.

Being open and honest about what you’re going through emotionally can seem scary or overwhelming. Still, the healing and connection that result from this kind of communication can be miraculous and bring you closer together than ever.

Have you been avoiding certain discussions with friends, loved ones, or even a partner? Try to sit down, gather your thoughts, and let yourself open up to them in trust and love. Reaching out might be exactly the kind of healing activity you need right now.


This Full Moon in Scorpio tugs at your creative spirit and urges you to find fun, interesting new ways to express yourself, Libra.

This can be especially useful if you’ve hit a creative block recently or feel stuck in any way – trying a new approach may shake things up just enough to help you step back into the artistic groove.

Try letting your inner child explore new creative mediums and techniques – and remember that there is no right or wrong approach here. Grab your art supplies, open your heart, and let the expression flow from within.


This Full Moon occurs in your own deep, mysterious, and emotional sign, Scorpio, increasing your need to explore your own emotional depths. You’re so mysterious, in fact, that some of your own feelings might lie hidden beneath the surface, and it’s time to let them come forward and make themselves known.

Don’t be afraid to find big or intense emotions, but rather, embrace them and allow them to express themselves. This is the kind of self-love and understanding that you need right now; don’t force anything. Embrace who you are.


Yours is a truth-seeking sign, Sagittarius, and this Full Moon in Scorpio triggers your spiritual side and asks you to explore that part of your being right now. It’s time to engage your metaphysical tools and practices, like Tarot reading, astrology, crystal healing, and energy work, to lift your vibrations and help you feel connected with the world around you.

This is a time to explore your more deeply held beliefs, asking yourself whether they still align with your spirit. Exploring these ideas and emotions will help you discover more about yourself and the Universe.


This Full Moon in Scorpio brings out your loving side and urges you to seek deeper, more meaningful connections right now.

This is an excellent time to looks for creative new ways to reach out and connect with loved ones, exploring the methods that make you feel most engaged and comfortable. Don’t isolate yourself and your emotions, but rather try to find a way to share them.

While your success is important to you, try not to forget how important the relationships we foster in this life are. Meditate on the idea of love and welcome these connections into your heart.


While you may appear quite the social butterfly, Aquarius, you too struggle with self-esteem from time to time.

This Full Moon in Scorpio encourages you to take some time to appreciate yourself right now, to soak in your unique, mesmerizing personality and palpable charm. When you practice self-love, you help your energy align with that of the Universe.

Self-love also improves our relationships with others. Practice positive affirmations, meditations, and mantras right now to remind yourself how loveable and wonderful you really are. Your enhanced confidence will shine all over yourself and others.


As Scorpio is a fellow Water sign, you can expect some big emotions to pop up during this Full Moon. However, you’re encouraged to step outside of these emotions for the moment, Pisces, and focus on the big picture. Big emotions might be trying to tell you that there’s another path you should be taking right now.

Creative self-expression is one of the best ways to acknowledge these feelings from a more objective perspective. Try turning your emotions into timeless works of art to be appreciated during the Full Moons to come.

Dig Deep into the Full Moon in Scorpio Vibes

This Full Moon is sure to bring some intense emotions, and there’s no point in trying to escape them. Rather, the mission here is to embrace them, acknowledge them, and let them go. Allowing yourself to heal from these past hurts and old grudges will help you move forward into the very life you’re trying to manifest.

So, sink into these Full Moon vibes to soak up all the healing energy they have to offer!

How will you let your emotions flow this Full Moon?

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