Get It Done With Mars Sextile Saturn

Feeling extra productive right now? Give thanks to Mars sextile Saturn today!

This aspect positions energetic Mars in Water sign Scorpio at a positive angle to disciplined Saturn in Earth sign Capricorn. This is actually the first and only time these two will form this aspect in their respective signs during this Saturn in Capricorn transit.

While Saturn has been in Capricorn, a sextile to Mars only occurred once before, on November 27, 2018. Mars was in Pisces for that aspect, a Water sign like Scorpio, but more flowy, easy, imaginative energy. Scorpio is a lot more focused, and the sextile between Mars and Saturn this time is likely to be much more productive.

What is Mars Sextile Saturn?

Let’s dissect each part of this aspect so you can better understand how it works. Mars as a planet rules energy and drive, pushing you to take action, and in your natal chart, Mars shows how you use your energy and what motivates you to act. Mars brings energy and drive for the moment to the areas of life ruled by the parts of your chart it’s touching in transit. Mars is a fiery planet who stirs everything up.

Saturn is the disciplinarian, the hard worker, the practical and focused planet. In your natal chart, Saturn shows areas where you have lessons to learn and responsibilities to manage, where you may feel restricted, and where you may have to work harder. In transit, Saturn can limit focus, which can be confining and frustrating at times, but can also be very helpful for making progress since you’re not scattered.

Mars sextile Saturn in your natal chart can show you’re someone who knows what to do, how to do it, and will work hard until you make it happen. You’re incredibly productive and hard-working. In transit, we all get a dose of this hyper-productive energy to get anything done we set our minds to.

Mars is in zodiac sign Scorpio, which can be intense, passionate energy. Saturn is in zodiac sign Capricorn, which it naturally rules, so it’s at home here. This amplifies the Saturn energy of hard work, focus, and discipline.

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Sextile Meaning in Astrology

In astrology, a sextile is an aspect that puts two planets or points exactly two signs apart. Sextiles are considered beneficial aspects (along with trines). Other aspects like to bring challenges and test you, but sextiles don’t work like that. They want you to succeed!

Sextiles do require some work from you though. In that way, trines are much easier (but trines can also bring out laziness as a result of not needing to do much work, so sometimes they get passed by). If you want to make use of the positive energy, you do need to take action, make decisions, put together plans, and be conscious in your efforts.

With this Mars in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn transit, this is pretty much the ultimate use of a sextile. Mars pushes you to act, Saturn makes you productive and disciplined, and that makes the sextile happy. Which translates to you making the absolute most of this aspect!

Key Takeaways for Mars Sextile Saturn:

Focus on the things that require concentration and take a little longer.

Focus is excellent under this transit, and you can stick to whatever you set out to do. If there’s something that you know won’t be done right away, that demands more attention and a careful eye, this would be the transit to work on it under. It may feel like the more you have to deal with, the more you push through.

Don’t expect instant results.

This isn’t the kind of aspect that produces results quickly, and is instead the kind of aspect that is great for progress as opposed to the end result. Impatience isn’t really a part of this aspect though, so you should be okay with that fact. You know that what you’re doing now will lead to something great later.

Don’t be lazy!

If you avoid taking action and working hard with anything, you won’t see the positives. Get out there, get moving, be disciplined, and put your heart in it.

One Final Note:

If you want to get clearer with how to use this aspect personally, find which houses transit Mars and transit Saturn are located in your natal chart for this aspect, and see if they’re making any close aspects to your natal planets. This aspect occurs with Mars at 19 degrees Scorpio and Saturn at 19 degrees Capricorn.

Mars is going to make the same aspect, a sextile to Pluto in the same sign, Capricorn, in 3 days as well, so there is extra passionate energy that can be used right now too. Passion, productivity, energy and drive – a potent, powerful combination! Mars will be at 22 degrees Scorpio with Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn, so if you have any planets between 19 and 22 degrees, they’re getting both aspects strong! Focus on what that planet rules.

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Also, in spite of this great energy, there is one challenging aspect to contend with today, and that’s Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. This normally creates such an active imagination that focus is completely lacking, and daydreams and fantasies reign. Mars sextile Saturn and Pluto tries to control that though, and instead of being lost in imagination, you can work to use that imaginative energy productively. But mental energy may be easily drained, so do try to give your mind some breaks from the hard work and determined focus to keep yourself on track.

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