How to Manifest Luck in the Last Month of Jupiter in Sagittarius

We are in the last two months of the year, and along with the advent of the holiday season, this time of year we also see a little change in direction when it comes to luck. That is because this time of year is the time that Jupiter comes out to play. Jupiter is the planet of luck and optimism, and journeys through one zodiac sign every 12 or 13 months or so. So when Jupiter changes signs, it changes the landscape of your luck for the year ahead, as Jupiter enters your houses and determines where to wave that magical and lucky wand.

These are the areas you are also going to feel most confident and optimistic about when Jupiter changes signs. Right now we are in that last month of Jupiter’s journey in lucky and adventurous Sagittarius. On December 2, Jupiter will leave the Mutable sign of the Fire signs Sagittarius and enter the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn. So your luck will take on a new tone next month. As we work our way through November, soak up the last of this Jupiter in Sagittarius energy with these tips right here.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Themes

The themes of Jupiter in Sagittarius are exciting, adventurous, and a lot of happy optimism. Sagittarius is that friend you love to have around. They are always ready for a good time, and they don’t plan it. As the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, Sagittarius is all about being the flexible and fun friend, always up for a good adventure.

Jupiter is the big planet, the god of all gods, and known to be the happy and lucky planet. When you see Jupiter transits in your Daily Horoscopes, you’re going to be having a good day, most likely. It’s the “on top of the world” energy that makes you go shopping, go out to eat, or just play and have some fun. Or it sends you some vibes that good things are coming. Jupiter is also directly tied to karma. So that is why good days are “most likely.”

But Jupiter can also be a planet of excess on the other side of things. You might overeat, overspend, or go overboard on something because you feel just that carefree. You might sleep in, for example. Or spend too much time binging television.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we have picked up some luck in the adventurous side of life. It makes us feel good to be flexible and adventurous. You’ve probably picked up luck without having to do very much to get it. But that’s not Jupiter luck. That is your karma. Jupiter luck works when you work it. You have to work that good karma angle to reap the god Jupiter’s rewards.

Next month, on December 3, Jupiter will enter Capricorn and the lucky energy will take on a more serious tone. A hard-working one when Jupiter takes over in the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn. But we aren’t there yet.

We have a few weeks left of this magical fiery lucky Jupiter transit, that is at home in the sign it rules, Sagittarius.

So how can you kick up some of that lucky magic for yourself before Jupiter changes signs? We’re so glad you asked.

Lucky Tips for Jupiter in Sagittarius

To harvest the last wisps of luck with Jupiter in Sagittarius over the next few weeks, check off a few of the things on this checklist. Remember, Jupiter luck only works if you work it, and you need to be following the Law of Attraction. Do that with these 5 tips and your next few weeks are going to feel magical.

• Try something new.

Whether that is a new restaurant or bungee jumping is up to you. Find that inner child spirit and just try something new. Anything. The key to making that Jupiter optimism multiply is to find that happy flow, but you have to jump-start the engine. Try something new.

• Connect today, to tomorrow.

What you are doing in your life matters. Find a way to connect what you are doing in your life now, to your dreams. And if your dreams don’t match what you are doing now, then add something to your daily routine, however small, to connect your today with tomorrow. Jupiter in Sagittarius optimism can extend past tomorrow when you do that.

• Dream.

Think big or go home. Have a dream to connect to today with. If you can see it, they will come. No dream is too big. Just dream. See it. See the success you want to be in this world. Jupiter is listening!

• Learn something.

Never ever think you know it all, as that is when complacency sets in. And when complacency sets in, you don’t grow. That is the definition of complacency. Learn something that is connected to one of your dreams.

• Stay open-minded.

Mutable sign Sagittarius rolls with it in all things. Flexibility and adaptability are key to this lucky tip. Roll with it. In all things. From politics at the water cooler to your lunch sandwich. It’s important to follow the laws of compassion and humanity in order to reach Jupiter’s magical luck. Sagittarius is well-loved because Sagittarius is generally not judgemental and open-minded. Be prepared to face the world without prejudice and accepting of all humans and their perspectives. That is when you grow, and when Jupiter gets very excited for you. You could be this close to your soul mate and not even know it. Be open-minded and you may see them better!

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Final Thoughts…

Jupiter in Sagittarius is always an exciting transit, as Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is home here. So you get a little bit of extra luck in this transit. It will be sad to see Jupiter leave, but next month when Jupiter enters Earth sign Capricorn, your luck isn’t going to go away. It’s just going to change tone.

We’ll cover that in your Daily Horoscopes next month. Until then, use these Jupiter in Sagittarius tips to weave that one last kick of magical luck before the energy changes. That and, a Free Love Tarot Reading after you read your horoscopes will help you make decisions too. Be open-minded, learn something new, do something new, dream, and do something every day to connect what you do to those dreams. What luck are you hoping for this month?

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