How Your Zodiac Sign Can Get the Best Sleep Ever

​Tossing and turning all night?

You may not realize it, but the key to getting the best sleep possible is often determined by your bedtime ritual. Sleep is an essential part of overall health.

We know that not getting enough sleep can have a huge impact on our overall mental, physical and emotional health, causing stress and affecting your performance during the day.

Each sign of the zodiac holds different, inherent personality traits. Thus, adjusting your bedtime ritual to feed your zodiac personality may lead to a more peaceful and calm rest!

Let’s Take a Look at Each Zodiac Sign’s Best Options for a Good Night’s Sleep!


As Aries is a powerful Fire sign, their minds are constantly on overdrive. Thus, a calming nighttime routine is essential to prevent bouts of insomnia or tossing and turning. Aries will benefit from turning off all electronic devices and distractions and engaging in some pre-sleep meditation.

Freeing the mind of all the to-do’s and worries of the day allows the Aries mind to unwind, leading to a wonderful night of rest.


Taurus loves a reliable routine and anything that breaks their tried and true schedule can lead to distress. Taurus does best when setting- and sticking to- a solid bedtime. Making sure the Taurus bedroom is sleep-ready is essential to a peaceful night of rest!

Comfortable pillows and soft sheets are a must. Some sprays of lavender oil on bedding can help sensual Taurus fall asleep quickly and to catch an uninterrupted night of sleep.


Mercury-ruled Geminis have restless minds that can lead to sleepless nights. To fall asleep effectively, the sign of the Twins will have to quiet those voices.

As Gemini is the ruler of the respiratory system, some calming breathing techniques before bed can soothe the restless Gemini, lulling them into a peaceful night of slumber.


Cancers are known for their comforting nature and high sensitivity when it comes to their emotions. For a Cancer to have the most fulfilling night’s sleep, they must feel secure in their environment. Thus, their bedroom should be reflective of their favorite things that make them feel relaxed and at peace.

For some Cancers, this may mean a favorite blanket or sleep-inducing crystals, like amethyst, which purifies the aura.


Passionate Leo thrives in an environment that feeds their colorful dreams. A hot shower or bath paired with aromatherapy is a great way for Leo to fall asleep and welcome those creative and insightful thoughts that come while they are in slumber!

Many times, Leo’s insight in life is fed by those vivid dreams, so allowing them the right environment to enter is imperative.


Virgo is detail-oriented and requires an organized space to sleep soundly. Therefore, a cluttered bedroom may lead to many sleepless nights for the fussy Virgo – who requires things to be just so.

Taking time to de-clutter, hanging up clothes and clearing any clutter from the bedroom can do amazing things for a Virgo’s peace of mind. After getting organized, burning some candles with their favorite scents can lead to a peaceful night for the sign of the Virgin.


Libras are ruled by beauty, love, and balance in all aspects of their lives. Anything that interrupts those key elements can lead to a stressful bedtime. This is true especially if a Libra has had a falling out with someone close to their heart.

Playing peace-maker may be necessary just for the Libra to fall-and remain-asleep. They need to know that all is right in their world. Allowing yourself to do a 5-minute meditation may help calm your mind enough to catch some zzz’s as well.


As the detectives of the zodiac, the keenly tuned senses of Scorpios are constantly on high alert for clues, information and strange body language. You might not have time to decipher it all during the day, so nighttime is when you try to put it all together.

If you can’t clear up any outstanding issues before you head to bed, write it down in your journal and let it go in exchange for a few hours of shuteye.


Sagittarius is adventurous, carefree and fun. They are always looking for the next fun thing to do and many times, they are inspired by their dreams.

Sagittarius does best when they fall asleep in a great mood. Whether it be watching some comedy before bed, talking to a bestie on the phone or reading a great book – feeling satisfied and happy will lead to the best night of rest for the sign of the Archer.


Capricorns are focused and diligent creatures that are consistently thinking. They may struggle to fall asleep and even wake mid-rest, leading to poor performance the next day. Capricorns should avoid all electronics before bed, which may keep their minds in overdrive.

Instead, peaceful music, candles, and meditation will help to slow down overactive Capricorn’s mind, allowing them to relax and ease into a restful sleep.


Aquarians love being innovators and having the newest of everything – especially when it comes to technology.

The sign of the Water Bearer may benefit from meditative sleep apps and other sleep aids and monitors that help them fall asleep, understand their sleep schedule and get recommendations on how to improve it.


Pisces is empathic, so toxic and stressful environments affect them more than most. After a rough day, they must fully unwind to enjoy a good night of slumber. Thus, watching the news or deep, thought-provoking shows on causes they care about before bed is a big no-no.

The best dreams will be induced by some therapeutic yoga or meditation before bed, along with a quiet surrounding. Pisces may also benefit from journaling their more stressful days, allowing them to get their thoughts out, releasing frustration so peace may enter.

Final Thoughts

How did we do? What have you found to be your best get-to-sleep tips? While using the zodiac sign’s innate characteristics is a fun way to look at this issue, if you are suffering from sleep issues on the regular, you should speak to a health professional!

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