Medical Astrology: Which Body Parts Do Each Planet & Zodiac Sign Rule?

At first glance, you might not see a correlation between astrology and medicine, but it was the ancient Greek astrologers who first developed the concept of medical astrology. Doctors in the Middle Ages throughout the Renaissance relied upon these theories when diagnosing and treating patients. In assigning associations, medical astrologers began at the head and worked downward toward the feet.

Astrologers believe each zodiac sign and planet are connected to the body’s parts and functions. By understanding the basic concepts of medical astrology, you could potentially achieve better health outcomes. First, though, you will need to consult your natal chart as well as study the effects of the transiting planets.

Let’s take a look at what the zodiac signs and planets can tell us about our health!

Zodiac Signs & Parts of the Body


The first sign, Aries, rules the head, eyes, face, brain, adrenal and suprarenal glands, and the pineal gland, or “third eye,” tucked deep inside the brain. Aries natives are particularly susceptible to bumps on the head and headaches. Relaxing head massages can reduce tension and stress.


The neck, ears, mouth, teeth and vocal cords fall under Taurus. Taureans — like the bulls that represent them — often have sturdy, thick necks and mellifluous voices, but might be prone to sore throats and neck strains.


The sign of the Twins rules over the upper body, including shoulders, nervous system, airway, lungs, arms, and hands. Gemini natives can be jumpy and restless and must guard against nervousness.


Crabs are connected to the eternal Mother and rule the breasts, alimentary canal, stomach, and upper liver. Intuitive, emotional Cancers are susceptible to the Moon’s energy and can cycle quickly through rapid emotions.


Gregarious and generous Leo governs the heart, spinal cord, and back. Big-hearted Lions are prone to cardiovascular conditions and back pain, especially with overexertion. You want to be active and on the move, but don’t forget to listen to your body!


With rulership of the pancreas and intestines, Virgos are often inclined to “go with their gut” when it comes to making snap decisions. They can be quite picky about food and follow trendy weight-loss diets. They should be mindful of dietary restrictions to ward off a tendency to develop Type II diabetes.


The scales rule over the kidneys, and not unsurprisingly, the equilibrium. Kidneys filter waste from the body, and that’s the role of many Libras — eliminating negative energy to promote beauty and positivity. Libra’s fondness for anti-aging creams and facial lotions can help them remain youthful far longer than many other Sun signs.


The genitals and sex organs are ruled by Scorpio, as is the blood. This is why Scorpio’s often get a bad wrap of being sexually promiscuous. This intuitive sign is known for its ability to transform and regenerate over and over throughout the course of a lifetime. Scorpio also rules over the nose, the organ that senses the pheromones involved in the mystery of attraction.


This sign rules over the sciatic nerve, hips, thighs and lower liver. The energetic archer loves to take off on exploratory jaunts but should be wary of sports injuries that can limit these happy rovers. Make sure to engage in lower body stretching before heading out into your beloved nature – and limit sugary drinks and alcohol which can be hard on your liver.


The Sea-Goat has rulership of the skin, teeth, knees and skeletal system. Capricorns typically love hierarchical organizations, which corresponds with their association to the bony framework that protects the vulnerable visceral organs. They must take care to avoid fractures and knee injuries. Getting enough calcium will be important for this sign as well.


The Water Bearer presides over the body’s joints, circulatory system, calves and ankles. They risk injuries to their lower extremities due to over-usage. The Achilles tendon is particularly vulnerable to injury, so make sure to properly warm-up before dancing and exercising. Glucosamine, turmeric and fish oil supplements can keep your joints well lubricated.


Closing out the zodiac, the Fish rules the feet. Pisceans should always try to wear supportive shoes, as wearing improperly-fitted footwear can cause them to develop painful bunions and callouses. Pisces also govern body fat and the lymphatic system. Especially as they age, Pisces may need to guard against obesity, which can limit their mobility.

The Planets & Parts of the Body

When the planets transit through the signs, dependent upon the angles made, it can be either a good (or bad) time to treat certain body parts — except in emergencies when prompt treatment is vital. Let’s look at the planets associated with various body parts and conditions.


The Sun governs the heart and is tasked with oversight of the body in general. Watch out for inflammatory disorders when the Sun is in the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


The Moon holds sway over the breasts and womb. When transiting the houses, its position can affect the body parts ruled by those signs. Since this is a very short transit, in many cases when there’s a negative transiting aspect, it’s advisable to wait until a more favourable time for elective surgeries on these body parts to avoid the risk of hemorrhaging.


Co-ruling Gemini and Virgo, Mercury, the planet of communication’s focus is on the mental and linguistic functions of the body.


Venus co-rules both Taurus and Libra. As Venus moves through the signs and houses, it can affect skin conditions and kidney functions.


The planet Mars rules Aries and is associated with bile ducts, musculature structure and contagious conditions.


The planet of luck and wisdom rules optimistic Sagittarius and affects the arteries, veins, blood and phlegm production. Strokes and pleurisy are both associated with Jupiter.


The disciplined sign of Capricorn is ruled over by Saturn. As this planet is associated with restriction, during unfavourable transits, constipation may be problematic.

The three most distant planets that were discovered last — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — are considered to be generational planets tied to health trends. Uranus can also affect asthma, while Neptune exerts influence over the glandular system. Pluto is associated with the immune system and regeneration of cellular functions.


No one should ever let medical astrology concepts overrule their doctor’s advice or good common sense. However, by using ancient wisdom in conjunction with modern knowledge and today’s medical breakthroughs, you can use astrological transits to enhance the outcome of any medical procedures and avoid unnecessary complications.

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