A Juno Retrograde Tarot Spread

When we begin to explore the ways that asteroids influence and impact our natal charts, there tends to be a handful that are the most popular and the most written about.

Sometimes called the goddess asteroids, most of these asteroids are traditionally connected to either love or femininity, and are associated with well-known goddesses from the Greek and Roman pantheons.

There are a number of ways to interpret and work with these asteroids, and while many modern astrologers are challenging some of the more traditional lenses that we view these asteroids through, today we’ll be focusing on Juno, what this asteroid can teach us about ourselves, and how its shift into retrograde changes this asteroid’s influence.

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All About Juno

Named after the Roman goddess Juno and also often known as the Greek goddess Hera, this asteroid is most associated with marriage, partnerships, commitment, tradition, women, protection, and fidelity.

While the goddess Juno has a rich history of her own, she is often generalized as a jealous, vindictive wife, acting particularly vicious toward the women that her husband Zeus abused and raped. The stories that we most frequently remember about this figure are unsettling, usually depicting her as chasing down her husband’s often unwilling lovers and further humiliating them.

Rather than focusing on these more difficult stories, in astrological charts we tend to view Juno through this lens of long-term relationships, honoring her loyalty and fidelity in marriage in spite of what it cost her to do so.

And while many people use their Juno placement in their natal charts to explore compatibility and love connections with partners, we can also use this asteroid to find insights into our own patterns for commitment and to more deeply understand our own needs.

What do we look for in partnerships, both business or romantic? How do we treat our committed partners, and how do we behave when insecurity or challenges arise? What are we willing to wait for, and how does our sense of patience manifest in relationships?

Juno Retrograde

When direct, Juno can help us understand our personal sense of devotion, and consider what it is that we need in order to feel secure and stable in partnerships of all kinds.

But on April 12th this asteroid goes retrograde, which may bring up insecurities or fears, pushing us to ask ourselves important questions around jealousy, control, faithfulness, and attention.

When a planet or asteroid is retrograde, that simply means that it appears like it is moving backward. And while asteroids tend to act in more subtle ways than the larger and more influential planets, it can still be interesting to consider where Juno lands in your chart, and what impact it may have on your commitments, relationships, and attachment patterns.

You may find it helpful to look at the major arcana Tarot card that corresponds to whatever zodiac sign Juno is in, for additional insights on viewing Juno through a Tarot lens.

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A Tarot Spread for Juno Retrograde

In addition to looking at where Juno lives in your natal chart, the following Tarot spread can help you dig more deeply into your own needs, and to make space for exploring your relationship with and understanding of commitment.

What does partnership really mean to you, whether it’s in business, romance, or something else? What do you look for from others, and what creates a sense of trust and respect for you?

juno retrograde tarot spread

Card One: A truth about how you approach partnerships

Card Two: A fear pattern or insecurity to be aware of

Card Three: Something to remember when you feel anxious

Retrogrades may seem scary or foreboding, but when we approach them with compassion for the self and awareness of what they have to teach us, these transits can actually help us discover new truths about ourselves and release old habits, beliefs, or patterns that are holding us back.

As you use this spread to consider your own partnerships and connections more carefully, treat both your reading and your heart with grace.

What are the cards teaching you about what you need in relationships, and how can you show yourself the same respect and devotion that you would show a potential partner? What do fidelity and commitment really mean to you?

And how can you take these ideas of loyalty and generosity and bring them into areas of your life beyond relationships?

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