All About Love Asteroids in Astrology

It’s time for some love asteroid fun! There are thousands of asteroids in astrology, and a little chunk of those are linked to love and relationships in some way.

Asteroids can be used in astrology in pretty much the same way the planets are used. You can look up the asteroids in your birth chart and see how they impact you and your life, and you can track the transit asteroids as they move through the zodiac signs and what they’re doing to you at the moment.

Their natal locations can have an impact on your relationships, your approach to love and dating and commitment, and more. In transit, they can show how you may meet someone, when you may be more focused on love and relationships, and more.

Asteroids can also be used in synastry readings when you compare two natal charts to one another to gauge compatibility. A lot of focus is put on the planets, but the asteroids can also give you extra information about your relationship with another person.

Exciting right?

We’re going to touch on seven different asteroids that can impact love and relationships. There are many important asteroids in astrology, but we’ll cover a few of them!

Love Asteroids in Astrology

1. June Love: Marriage & Commitment

Starting with asteroid Juno, this asteroid rules marriage and commitment.

In mythology, Juno was married to Jupiter, and was incredibly loyal to him—TOO loyal, really! He cheated like no one’s business, and Juno stuck by his side through it all.

Your natal asteroid Juno can show your own attitude toward commitment and loyalty. The house placement can show where this comes out most, and aspects made to your natal Juno by your other natal planets can impact your ability to be committed (and your risks of being with someone like Jupiter!).

Transit asteroid Juno can impact commitment for you in the here and now. When transit Juno is making beneficial aspects (sextile and trine), you can find it easier to be committed and loyal and get that in return. When transit Juno is making challenging aspects (squares and oppositions), this can be harder to achieve.

When transit Juno is conjunct a personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or Jupiter, you can be much more in demand of commitment. Conjunct Saturn, it has to be approached in the right way. Otherwise, it can evaporate.

Conjunct Uranus, commitment may mean something totally different, while with Neptune, it can be focused on your spiritual connection. With Pluto, you can be fiercely loyal.

This can also apply with the transit planets aspecting your natal asteroid Juno.

In synastry, when you have a Juno connection with someone, you may find that loyalty comes easier between you, but you do have to make sure that it’s not the kind Juno and Jupiter had where one of you is taking advantage of the other.

When you can avoid that, a Juno connection can be a soul mate identifier.

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2. Eros Love: Sex

Eros is the asteroid that rules sex. Pretty plain and simple! It shows what you’re into sexually, your approach to sexual relationships and sex itself, and how you connect sexually.

This is most seen with the sign and house placement of your natal Eros. Aspects made to your natal Eros can also have some impact on what turns you on most.

Transit asteroid Eros impacts sexual desire for you at the moment. When transit Eros is making beneficial aspects, you can enjoy sexual connections without overdoing it too much. When it’s making challenging aspects, you may be sexually frustrated or have difficulty controlling it.

When transit Eros is conjunct a personal planet or Jupiter, your sexual desire can be much stronger than usual. You’ll need someone to use it up with, or you’ll be mighty irritated!

Conjunct Saturn, and you may not have much of a sex drive to speak of, while conjunct Uranus, you may be interested in experimentation with something or someone new. Conjunct Neptune, sex is taken to a spiritual level, while conjunct Pluto, it’s passionate and all-consuming.

This also applies with the transit planets to your natal asteroid Eros.

In synastry, when you have an Eros connection with someone, you can be incredibly sexually attracted to one another – but will it be more than that?

Another important point about Eros – in synastry, Eros is often looked at in conjunction with Psyche. Eros and Psyche have a grand love story in mythology, so having an Eros-Psyche connection with someone can show a big love that goes beyond just sex.

This is most often seen with one person’s Eros conjunct the other person’s Psyche, but it can also be seen with conjunctions to the personal planets or the angles.

3. Cupido Love: Infatuation

You can almost say that Cupido is the asteroid of crushes – ha! Cupido likes the pursuit of romance and the initial period of courting, but there needs to be other stuff involved to get to the next level beyond infatuation.

Your natal Cupido’s sign and house placement can show your abilities to get others to be enthralled with you and how you are when you’re the one enthralled. Aspects can add in more flavor, though know that conjunctions to the personal planets or the angles can make you someone who other people fall for constantly and/or easily (and it can get pretty annoying!).

Transit asteroid Cupido can impact what you can become infatuated with or who may be with you. When transit asteroid Cupido is making beneficial aspects, this can be easier to deal with (or even use to your advantage). When transit asteroid Cupido is making challenging aspects, this can be obsessive (and more of that annoying-ness!).

When transit Cupido is conjunct a personal planet or Jupiter, this can trigger infatuation in you for someone, or vice versa. When conjunct Saturn, it can be nowhere to find!

When conjunct Uranus, this can occur unexpectedly or with someone completely different from usual, and with Pluto, obsession can ramp up. With Neptune, it may be purely imagination.

This can also apply to the transit planets aspecting your natal asteroid Cupido.

In synastry, when you have an asteroid Cupido connection with someone, there can be a great chase, great infatuation, and a lot of romance, but at some point, you have to be caught. There may be major hurdles to overcome to be together, but it can lead to great love if you can do that.

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4. Amor Love: True Love

Asteroid Amor, like pure love. It’s our approach to true, unconventional love and the feelings we have toward it with others and with ourselves.

The sign, house placement, and aspects of your natal asteroid Amor can show where and how love is expressed and what we learned about love from others. It can also show what blocks there may be for you to find real true love in your life.

Transit asteroid Amor can impact your ability to love and be in love. When transit asteroid Amor is making beneficial aspects, you can find this easier to express; when Amor is making challenging aspects, this can be more difficult, and you may hold yourself back.

When transit Amor is conjunct a personal planet or Jupiter, you may feel a strong need to love and bring love into your life. When conjunct Saturn, it may be very challenging to embrace love, and you may have love issues to work on.

When conjunct Uranus, love may take on a different tone, meaning, and mode of expression, while conjunct Neptune, love can be focused on a spiritual, karmic connection, though it may also be in your head. Conjunct Pluto, love can be more intense and passionate.

All of this can also apply when the transit planets aspect your natal asteroid Amor.

In synastry, when you have an asteroid Amor connection with someone, this can show a very loving relationship and connection. However, if Amor is being met with hard aspects, this may challenge the way love is expressed between you.


5. Aphrodite Love: Seduction

Asteroid Aphrodite is a super flirt and very seductive. In mythology, she had a ton of affairs and wasn’t the monogamous type.

The sign, house placements, and aspects of your natal Aphrodite can show if you’re someone who doesn’t want to be tied down at all and is very casual about relationships. A strong Aphrodite can also make you someone who is highly seductive, almost irresistible to others (a real Aphrodite!).

Transit asteroid Aphrodite can impact your attitude and abilities to have casual entanglements right now. When transit asteroid Aphrodite is making beneficial aspects, you can be loose without being inconsiderate and coolly seductive. When Aphrodite is making challenging aspects, you may experience consequences.

When transit Aphrodite is conjunct a personal planet or Jupiter, your sexiness can get cranked up, and you can be interested in anyone and everyone. When conjunct Saturn, you may not be interested in anything!

When conjunct Uranus, your tastes can be different from usual, and you may be seen as seductive in unexpected ways. When conjunct Neptune, you can be highly charismatic, and when conjunct Pluto, passion can be strong and obsessive but may not last.

This can also apply with the transit planets aspecting your natal asteroid Aphrodite.

In synastry, when you have an asteroid Aphrodite connection with someone, this may be an illicit affair or relationship in some way, and it runs the risk of being purely sexual and without reason if there aren’t other connections to ground the energy.

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6. Ceres Love: Familial Love

Ceres is technically now a dwarf planet, but we still put this as an asteroid! Ceres is more connected to family love than romantic love, especially the love of a parent for a child.

In mythology, the daughter of Ceres was Persephone, and Pluto took her. Ceres was overcome with grief, and it was the job of Ceres to make sure the lands and such were plentiful with food (Ceres rules grains and agriculture), but she wasn’t doing that, so this put everyone in danger. A deal was struck, so Persephone spent part of her time with Ceres and part of her time with Pluto.

Ceres is the dutiful mother, caring and nurturing, supportive, and grounding. Some argue it should be the ruler of Taurus instead of Venus (makes some sense given how much Taurus loves food! Ha, sorry, Taurus).

The sign and house placements and aspects of your natal Ceres can show your connection with your parents (especially your mother), with those who supported you and raised you (like a parent), and with your own parental abilities. A strong natal Ceres can make you someone that others look to like a parent.

Transit Ceres can impact your ability to nurture and be nurtured. When transit Ceres is making beneficial aspects, this can make it easier, while when Ceres is making challenging aspects, this can be more difficult, and the effects can be far-reaching.

When transit Ceres is conjunct a personal planet or Jupiter, you can be more caring and supportive or may seek that from someone else. When conjunct Saturn, support may be limited, and you may struggle with nurturing or put conditions on it.

When conjunct Uranus, this may be shown in an unconventional way, and when conjunct Neptune, this may be shown through spiritual nurturing. When conjunct Pluto, there may be an intense need to nurture and support, and you may need to transform the way you give and receive nurturing.

This can also apply for the transit planets aspecting your natal Ceres.

In synastry, when you have a Ceres connection with someone, this can be a very nurturing relationship. But, one may also “mother” the other, so it can be a parent-child dynamic. This is good if it’s an actual parent-child relationship but presents major challenges when it’s a romantic one.

7. Sappho Love: Sexuality & Friendship

Our last asteroid is Sappho, and this asteroid is not named after a mythological person, but an actual person! Sappho was a poet, intelligent and attractive; unfortunately, a lot of her work got burned (you know the zealots never liked smart outspoken women!).

Sappho was passionate, a poet of love, and while some link her to homosexuality, it’s really more just being true to yourself sexually, whatever that may be. Asteroid Sappho can also be strong in friendships.

The sign and house placements and aspects to your natal Sappho can show how you are with expressing your true sexual self, along with how devoted you may be to your friends. A strong natal Sappho can mean you’re someone who attracts many people to you and is fairly comfortable in your own skin.

Transit Sappho can impact your ability to express your sexuality, as well as your dealings with friends. When transit Sappho is making beneficial aspects, this can be easier for you, and you can express yourself pretty fully. When transit Sappho is making challenging aspects, this can be an issue.

When transit Sappho is conjunct a personal planet or Jupiter, you may feel it’s important to be free with your sexual expression and may give more attention to your friendships. Conjunct Saturn, you may be quieter and on your own.

When conjunct Uranus, you can be much more open and much more engaged with friends, while conjunct Neptune, you may be more evasive. When conjunct Pluto, you may be more intense in your expression.

This can also apply to the transit planets aspecting your natal asteroid Sappho.

In synastry, when you have a Sappho connection with someone, you may inspire one another with your feelings, especially artistically. You can have a strong bond of respect and as friends.

Where Are Love Asteroids in Your Birth Chart?

There are seven love asteroids to get you started!

To look them up in your birth chart, I recommend using Click on “My Astro” and submit your birth information, then click on “Extended Chart Selection,” and in “Additional Objects,” type into the manual entry box these numbers:

3 (Juno), 433 (Eros), 16 (Psyche), 763 (Cupido), 1221 (Amor), 1388 (Aphrodite), 1 (Ceres), 80 (Sappho)

Have fun!

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